‘Demon Slayer’: When Does Nezuko Become Human Again?

nezuko becomes human

Alongside her brother Tanjiro, Nezuko Kamado is probably the most important character in the Demon Slayer franchise. A deeply caring and benevolent character, Nezuko was turned into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji, and Tanjiro made it his goal to find a way to return Nezuko to her human form. This was the central premise of the Demon Slayer manga and anime. Now, in the anime, Nezuko is still a demon, but does she remain one until the end? In this article, we are going to tell you whether Nezuko becomes a human again or not.

Nezuko was turned into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji at the very beginning of the Demon Slayer manga and anime. Tanjiro made it his goal to protect her and find a way to cure her; along the way, she was conditioned by Urokodaki to not harm humans. Urokodaki would eventually return to give Nezuko Tamayo’s medicine and would care for her until she finally transformed back into her human form.

The rest of this article will elaborate further on the events surrounding Nezuko becoming a demon and returning to her human form. These events did not happen in quick succession and were stretched through several larger narratives, which is why we will bring you as many details as possible so you can connect the whole story.

Does Nezuko become a human again?

As we all know very well, Nezuko turns into a demon at the very beginning of the story, and her transformation is the chief plot element of the Demon Slayer manga and anime. Now, Tanjiro overcomes the tragedy that had struck him and decides to keep Nezuko safe until he finds a way to revert her back to normal. Does he do it? He does, with substantial help from Tamayo, who had agreed to help him early in the story. In this section, we are going to revise the details surrounding Nezuko’s transformation into a demon.

nezuko becomes human

Nezuko grew up on a mountain alongside her older brother, Tanjiro, and the rest of her siblings and their mother, as the eldest daughter of the Kamado family. She presumably cared for her younger siblings as her mother’s helper, as was briefly seen before her family’s death. Unlike Tanjiro, who was in charge of selling firewood in town, Nezuko usually helped around the family home.

The family was somewhat poor, so Nezuko sometimes had to go without things like new clothes to ensure that the rest of her siblings had enough food to eat. She didn’t consider it a burden and was content to help her family. After Muzan Kibutsuji nearly kills her entire family, Nezuko is turned into a demon by him.


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At first, she is wild and even attacks her only remaining brother, Tanjiro. However, she regains her senses and quickly jumps in front of him to protect him from Giyu Tomioka when the Hashira tries to hurt him. After this short fight, she falls asleep, and Giyu orders Tanjiro to find a man called Sakonji Urokodaki. Nezuko and Tanjiro are taken by Sakonji, who thus taught Tanjiro the Water Breathing Style, preparing him to become a Demon Slayer.

Nezuko then sleeps for the two years that Tanjiro spends training, not even waking up when he leaves for the Final Selection. Sakonji takes care of her during this time until Tanjiro returns victorious from the selection, as his sister finally wakes up. She welcomes Tanjiro, kissing him and allowing him to release his fears about her. In the meantime, Sakonji had submitted Nezuko to a form of conditioning that made her protect humans and inhibit her demonic urges, which made her less dangerous and helped her survive.

Did Nezuko become human at the end of the Swordsmith Village Arc?

Well, now you know that Nezuko did become human once again in the story, but when did this happen? We are going to provide you with a full answer to that question in our final section, but in this one, we’ve decided to address a hot topic that is related to the finale of Season 3 of the anime series, i.e., the ending of the Swordsmith Village Arc.


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Long story short, Muichiro managed to kill Gyokko, and Tanjiro, Nezuko, Genya, and Mitsuri were able to subdue Hantengu. As Tanjiro was looking for the Upper-Rank Four’s original body to kill it once and for all, the sun started rising. This would’ve been a good thing, as it would make Hantengu’s death certain, but Nezuko was also still on the battlefield, helping Tanjiro with Hantengu. Now, as a Demon, Nezuko was supposed to be weak to sunlight, and while Tanjiro urged her to run away, she did not do it, and she came into contact with the sunlight.

Nezuko was, of course, burned, and she seemingly died, which, after Tanjiro successfully killed Hantengu, caused a lot of sorrow for everyone. But, at one point, Nezuko Kamado simply rose up to her feet and greeted her brother by saying: “Good morning.” This was a shocking moment, not because we’ve actually seen Nezuko “die” but because she was supposed to have died by all accounts, as Demons are weak to sunlight, and they are immediately killed when exposed to it. But Nezuko managed to survive, thus proving that she had conquered the Sun.

Now, since Nezuko not only survived but also talked, Tanjiro thought that she might have reverted back to her human form, but when Neuzko simply started repeating his words, everyone realized that she wasn’t human yet. Still, they were all overjoyed that she survived, so they did not care about that. But, as we’ve said, Nezuko would, of course, revert back to her human form, and the final section of this article will provide you with all the details you need to understand how and when it happened.

When does Nezuko become a human again?

Now, Nezuko’s transformation back into a human was a long one, and it did not last as briefly as Tanjiro’s, for example. It all began during the Infinity Castle Arc, in Chapter 147, when we learn that Sakonji Urokodaki returned to Nezuko to care for her after he had given her Tanayo’s medicine, which would turn her back into a human again. But, Nezuko didn’t take the medicine that well and became ill, which is why Sakonji took care of her.


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Nezuko suddenly woke up in Chapter 185 and ran away to find Tanjiro. At that moment, it seemed that Tamayo’s medicine didn’t work. This was seemingly confirmed in Chapter 189, but in Chapter 195, we saw one of Nezuko’s eyes returning to normal, thus confirming that Tamayo’s medicine had, in fact, worked but that the process was a slow one. Nezuko fully returned to her human form in Chapter 196.

How does Nezuko become a human again?

So, how did the whole process work? We’ll give you the details from all the relevant chapters to tell you what exactly Nezuko went through to finally revert to her human form in Demon Slayer. Now, as for the background story, we know that Tanjiro sought a way to make Nezuko human again and that Lady Tamayo promised to help him with her medicine, which is why Tanjiro collected Muzan’s blood from the demons he had killed, as Tamayo suspected that with enough of Muzan’s blood, she could work on an antidote. She eventually succeeded and formulated a medicine, which was administered to Nezuko.

During the Infinity Castle Arc, Sakonji returns to the Butterfly Estate and is seen caring for an ill Nezuko. He reveals that he had given Nezuko Tamayo’s medication to revert her back to a human, but he had doubts about if it was actually taking any effect. As it turned out, Nezuko continued to sleep for a while, until later, when Sakonji Urokodaki looked on in shock as Nezuko Kamado suddenly woke up, and seeing her alarmed, he asked her what was wrong.

Nezuko turning back to a human

Outside, Tengen Uzui and Senjuro Rengoku look on in shock as Nezuko starts to run away with Sakonji chasing after her. Uzui screams after he asks where she is going as Sendduro informs Kiriya Ubuyashiki that the girl has started running away, asking what his orders are. Kiriya is worried and fearful of her being influenced by Muzan Kibutsuji, but he calms down as he feels his father’s hand on his shoulder and hears his voice reassure him that everything will be alright, so he lets Nezuko do as she pleases.


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Kiriya orders them not to follow her to the point of initial horror, as if a demon caught her they couldn’t find, but he tearfully tells them that his father told him everything would be alright. Nezuko proves to be much faster than Sakonji, and he loses her when she jumps off a cliff.

As she lands safely and continues her run, Sakonji is shocked to see that Tamayo’s cure to make her human again doesn’t work. Later, Nezuko Kamado is seen as she continues to run towards the site of the battle between Tanjiro, the Demon Slayers, and Muzan, as the Kakushi try to keep the battle site clear of civilians and redirect any approaching people to evacuate, informing them that they are a rescue team sent by the local police.

In a later chapter, Muzan begins to get really worried when Nezuko Kamado reaches the edge of the city where the battle is going on, and one of her eyes had returned to what it was when she was human. This ultimately proved that Tamayo’s medicine had indeed worked, but the process of reversion was slow. Nezuko Kamado slowly makes her way to the city, where the battle with Muzan Kibutsuji is in progress.


She suddenly remembers the memories of Muzan’s attack on the Kamado family. After attacking all of the family members and seeing that they all apparently died due to his attacks, the demon remarks that even with the small dose of his blood he held in his attacks, none of them could become Demons, commenting that it would be difficult for him to create a demon that could resist the sun. Muzan left the Kamado house, unaware that Nezuko had survived.

More memories fill Nezuko’s mind as she sees visions of the people and events she and her brother Tanjiro Kamado encountered during their journey. She falls to the ground, unable to continue walking, and new memories of the Hashira Conference and Sanemi Shinazugawa trying to lure her into attacking him flash through her mind. She recalls spending time at the Butterfly Estate and meeting its residents, including Shinobu Kocho, who once, during her stay, offered her a closer look at a goldfish next to her.


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Nezuko reminisces about their adventures with Kyojuro Rengoku, Tengen Uzui, and their time in the Swordsmith Village. Finding her footing, Nezuko stands up, her hand transforming back into a human hand as she stands up. With another memory of her brother’s hand when he told her that he would save her no matter what, Nezuko holds her head, sweats, and grumbles, and she turns into a human, declaring that she is Nezuko Kamado whose family was killed by a demon. At this moment, Nezuko finally returned to her human form.

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