Do You Know How Much Money Disney Spends On Their Content?

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Disney is one of the biggest, maybe even the biggest company in Hollywood. When late Walt Disney founded the company back in 1923, if someone told him back then where would his company be almost 100 years later, we’re pretty certain he wouldn’t believe them.

“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”

Walt Disney, 1954

Although the company was formally founded a few years before Mickey Mouse debuted, it’s still almost unbelievable that Disney, the media conglomerate that it is today, started with a simple drawing of a mouse that Walt Disney drew in the train. Today, his company owns the biggest movie franchise of all time – Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as legendary franchises like Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Following Disney’s acquisition of Fox in 2019, Disney also brought Avatar, Alien, and several more franchises under their umbrella. Not to mention all the animated movies in which the global audience has been enjoying since 1937 when the first animated movie – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs first appeared.

Disney is spending billions of dollars on their content and marketing every year, but it’s a good thing for them that every dime they throw in turns out to be worth it. In 2019, Disney launched their own streaming service Disney+, which counts around 120 million users globally, and there are still countries where the service is not available yet.

Did you ever wonder how much money Disney throws in for everything they offer us? Well, according to The Wrap, Disney is planning to spend $33 billion in the actual fiscal year, which started on October 1st. That’s $8 billion more than they spent in the last fiscal year. Disney’s plan reportedly includes 50 titles to be released, covering both theatrical and streaming releases.

Disney is more powerful than ever, and the amount of content has never been bigger. That can be said only by looking at Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars, which have numerous upcoming projects in development, both movies and tv shows.

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