Doctor Doom vs. Galactus: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Doctor Doom VS Galactus Who Would Win In a Fight

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Let’s set a stage. On one side, we have Victor von Doom, also known as Doctor Doom, an opponent of the Fantastic Four and one of the most notable villains of the Marvel Universe. On the other side, we have Galactus, an entity that wielded such power for it to devour planets to keep itself alive and one of the most important Marvel villains of all time. These two characters already had a few encounters in the comics, in the current timeline and the alternate one, but all the Fantastic Four and X-Men talk prompted us to test the villain’s powers and skills again. In this article, we will oppose Doctor Doom and Galactus against each other and discuss who would win in a fight. 

Galactus would win most of the fights against Doctor Doom. Officially, Doctor defeated Galactus in the comics two times – once in the Marvel Two-In-One comic book story and the Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars storyline. Galactus had beaten Doom in the comics, even before the esteemed Doctor managed to manipulate him. Earth-616 Galactus beats Earth-616 Doctor Doom most of the time, but the Latverian ruler, if prepared, could take on Galactus.

From the answer, you can see that this battle will be really hard, so we will try to include all important parts of the battle, their powers, abilities, and greatest feats, to determine the ultimate winner. We will use the best of seven metrics, and the villain who first goes up to four points will win the battle. Remember, comic book narratives change non-stop, including the power level of the characters, so we will try to be as accurate as possible. If you are interested, stay with us until the end of the article.

Psychology and intelligence

Doctor Doom VS Galactus: Who Would Win In a Fight?
Doom is an extremely intelligent individual, who bailed out superheroes multiple times in the comics.

Let’s start this section by discussing Doctor Doom and Galactus’s mental strength and knowledge. Doctor Doom is an extremely intelligent man. His genius-level intelligence prompted him to do amazing feats, like curing Ben Grimm and his Thing form, which even Reed Richards could not do. He invented so-called Doombots, an artificial intelligence that easily replicates everything Doctor Doom does and is.

Besides robotics and technology, Victor von Doom makes him a polymath and a knowledgeable man in every sense of the word. That also includes cosmic intelligence and is close to DC’s Metron and his desire to gain knowledge about absolutely everything. 

Of course, intelligence is closely connected to the psychological part of the character, and Doom uses it solely for his gain. His motivation is unmatched, and his will to be the ruler of the whole world is genuine with the protection of the people of Earth.

More specifically, he cares for the well-being of the people, but only if he can help them, which makes him extremely selfish and jealous when someone else “does a better job” than him. Doom is an extremely manipulative person and a man that managed to trick Reed Richards and Galactus, which is a great feat. 

On the other hand, Galactus’s intelligence is powered by the Power Cosmic, which grants him immense power, including intelligence. Scientific knowledge is off the charts because Galactus is the oldest living entity in the universe. 


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When it comes to psychology, it is quite simple – if he is hungry, he will eat the planet and consequently destroy whole civilizations, which will open up space for new worlds. Galactus is the oldest entity in the universe, and it has experience in manipulation (Silver Surfer).

Still, Doctor Doom is the perfect specimen of a character whose psychological manipulation and strength are his biggest advantage and opposite. We need to give him a point in that section – Doom did trick Galactus twice in the comics. Galactus gets the points for his eternal intelligence.

Doctor Doom (1) : (1) Galactus

Strength and durability

Doctor Doom VS Galactus: Who Would Win In a Fight?

Let’s talk about strength and Doctor Doom first. Victor von Doom is an exceptional inventor, and his powered exoskeleton makes his strength up to superhuman levels. The same goes for his durability. If we need to compare his power level while wearing his armor, Doom is on a similar level to Spider-Man, the Hulk, and even the Thing in combat.

The durability of his exoskeleton is on another level, and it protects Doom from superhuman hits of fore mentioned opponents and some cosmic-powered beings.

Galactus is a literal cosmic entity, and his strength is rarely matched. Being the literal cosmic entity that devours planets and its gigantic size makes it extremely durable in combat. For example, one Reddit user listed his durability feats in the comics, and a few of them included taking hits from Mjolnir, Doctor Strange’s spells, hits from The Thing, and taking all Avengers attacks at the same time. 

Also, Galactus entered the Black Hole, accidentally destroyed it, and survived entering the galaxy’s core. Yeah, Galactus takes both points.

Doctor Doom 1 : (3) Galactus

Power and combat

Doctor Doom VS Galactus: Who Would Win In a Fight?
Galactus oneshot the Celestial in the comics.

Let’s talk power. As we already mentioned, Doctor Doom and Galactus met in the comics multiple times. The villains are actually quite close in their battles, with Doom defeating Galactus twice in the comics, while the Planet Eater destroyed Doom with his cosmic powers – he even swatted him once like a fly.

Now, if we look into their power levels, Galactus’s pure power is barely unmatched by anyone, which involves Doctor Doom. For the sake of the article and my sanity, we won’t include “the full-powered, insane moments where the villainous duo had that power for one comic book story.” because of those fall in the “greatest feats category.” If they were consistently happening for multiple comic book storylines, I would mention those facts. 

Galan is once again the oldest entity in the universe, being the last survivor before the Big Bang and merging with the Sentience of the Universe, ultimately becoming Galactus, an entity that possesses Power Cosmic. 

Galactus needs to maintain that power by devouring planets and satisfying his hunger. Power Cosmic includes these next abilities:

  • Immortality
  • Godlike Strength
  • Godlike Stamina
  • Godlike Speed
  • Invulnerability
  • Energy Projection 
  • Telepathy
  • Teleportation
  • Cosmic Awareness
  • Resurrection
  • Life-Creation

And so on. There are so many abilities and powers that Galactus possesses, and Doom, in the end, is only a human. Frankly, Doctor Doom is really powerful if you take into account that he was a Sorcerer Supreme at one point in the comics and that his Dark Magic, which included some deals with the demon Memphisto, is really powerful. 

Now, Doctor Doom has one great power that he actually used against Galactus once and defeated him. In the Marvel Two-In-One comic book, the alternate version of Doom transfers his mind into Galactus and devours all of the planets except the Earth. This event prompted The Thing and The Human Torch, with the help of Doctor Doom, to go to the alternate universe and stop Doom, The Planet Eater.


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In combat, these two are quite similar, with Doom relying on magic and the usage of science. On the other hand, Galactus is versatile as Doctor Doom and arguably stronger in combat. Doom might be more exciting when fighting, but Galactus is just too devastating for most of the characters in the Marvel universe.

Because of that, both points go to Galactus and conclude this fight.

Doctor Doom 1 : (5) Galactus

Doctor Doom Vs. Galactus: who wins

Doctor Doom VS Galactus: Who Would Win In a Fight?

After analyzing these two notable villains of Marvel comics, we concluded that Galactus would win most of the fights. This analysis is based on the powers that are usually used by the duo without including separate comic book stories where each character went “super Saiyan” and managed to destroy the whole universe. 

Comic books are strange fictional media, and when there is a different writer for every new storyline event, one can expect different power levels and feats of the characters. 

Galactus and Doom were mostly consistent and unbelievably important for the Marvel comics mythos, making their battle and comparisons hard. However, Galactus is a cosmic godlike entity that devours planets, warps reality, and is, ultimately, in the top 10 strongest Marvel characters ever.

His powers are mostly unmatched, and his greatest weakness is himself – The Ultimate Nullifier. On the other hand, Doctor Doom is an extremely powerful man with countless feats, but his powers cannot match the oldest entity in the universe we know. 

He is a genius sorcerer and scientist whose knowledge transcends what Earth knows, making him an extremely dangerous opponent. In conclusion, Galactus is more powerful, but Doom’s preparation, intelligence in combat, and pure ability to manipulate others for his gain can trick even the godlike Galactus. That is why he is so important in the Marvel comics.

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