How Powerful Is Lifebringer Galactus?

How Powerful Is Lifebringer Galactus?

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Several years ago, Marvel made a big change to one of its most famous characters – Galactus. The gigantic villain had been known as the devourer of planets ever since his debut and has been a threat to the whole universe ever since we saw him devour his first planet. But, after the major Secret Wars event that caused a lot of chaos in the Multiverse, Marvel decided to introduce us to a new Galactus and shocked us completely (and it’s not just the coloring). In today’s article, we are going to talk about that change.

Lifebringer Galactus was one of Marvel’s most powerful characters, just like the “regular” Galactus. This is due to the fact that he retained all of his basic powers and strengths but lost his hunger and instead got the ability to create, rather than destroy planets.

In today’s article, you are going to find out everything you need about Galactus the Lifebringer in one place. We are going to explain how he came to be and how powerful he is, comparing him to some other powerful characters from the Marvel Universe. We’ve prepared a variety of interesting facts for you so keep reading!

Who is Lifebringer Galactus?

As we all know quite well, the Multiverse was in shambles after the Secret Wars storyline and a group of very powerful characters, known as the Ultimates, began working on issues of a cosmic scale to restore the balance in the universe. One of the first major issues they had to face was Galactus’ insatiable hunger, since him devouring the already chaotic universe would bring even more problems.

So, the Ultimates took our beloved Galactus and lured him into the incubator that actually created him in the first place, but they decided to reverse the process this time. So, Galactus was actually exposed to a process that was completely opposite from the one that created him, but still very similar. This meant that the new Galactus would not destroy planets, but rather restore them, thus becoming Galactus the Lifebringer!

The first planet the new Galactus restored was Archeopia; this is somewhat ironic, as Archeopia was the very first planet he ever devoured. What happened after?

Galactus 28Earth 61629 from Ultimates Vol 2 2 001

When the Ultimates attempted to leave the Multiverse to assess the complete damage caused by time travel, Galactus was hired by Eternity to stop them. After interrupting the Ultimates’ journey and sending them back to Earth, Galactus was beyond the reach of the multiversal incarnation of Eternity and discovered the truth that Eternity wanted to prevent the Ultimate from finding out he was was chained.

Now tasked with finding the cosmic jailer of Eternity, Galactus enlists the help of the Anti-Man in recruiting the Ultimates and transforming them into his Heralds of Life. When the Anti-Man gathered the Ultimates and asked Galactus for their help, the Lifebringer was called to Superflow to be brought to justice at the behest of Lord Chaos and Master Order, two cosmic entities who were appalled by what Galactus had been turned into, as they considered it a perversion of the long-standing cosmic hierarchy.

The Living Tribunal, who was tasked with ruling whether Galactus’ transformation was valid or not, ruled in Galactus’ favor and allowed him to remain as his new self, claiming that the cosmic hierarchy was still being formed in this new reality, so it was not established. Lord Chaos and Master Order took this advice to heart and attacked and killed the Living Tribunal.


Chaos and Order then attempted to turn Galactus back. However, the same principle that allowed them to assassinate the Tribunal, that there was no hierarchy yet, meant that they could not impose their will on Galactus as he was on the same level as Order and Chaos. Order and Chaos have left the Superflow, leaving a weakened Galactus and merging into a new, more powerful being, Logos.

They eventually returned and returned Galactus to his old form, which made him hungry again. Fortunately, the reversal was short-lived as the Anti-Man sacrificed his powers and his life to turn Galactus into the Lifebringer.

This is Galactus’ transformation in short. Of course, he would eventually return to his old form and start devouring planets but this was a very welcome and interesting change.

How strong is Lifebringer Galactus?

Galactus, when he was “reprogrammed” as the Lifebringer, retained all of his basic powers and abilities, thereby retaining his usual strength. Galactus was created during the union of the Sensitivity of the Universe (the previous universe) and Galan de Taa. He is described as “the physical, metamorphosed embodiment of a cosmos”.

Although not an abstract, non-corporeal being, Galactus is a living force of Nature who works to correct the imbalances between the conceptual entities Eternity and Death. Its true form cannot be perceived by most living things; each species sees it in a form it can understand, specific to its race, beliefs, or religion. For example, Galactus appeared to the eyes of the Korbinites in the form of a humanoid star named Ashta. His true appearance is totally unknown, although it was possible that the Silver Surfer had glimpsed it on one occasion: that of a humanoid being shimmering with energy, yellowish in color, and luminous.


Galactus uses the cosmic energy known as Power Cosmic, which gives him the ability to control all the forces that keep the universe together, such as gravity, magnetism, or energy. He can thus create and manipulate all forms of energy, and therefore all types of matter.

With the Power Cosmic, Galactus can perform feats, including universal “cosmic awareness”, telepathy, telekinesis, energy projection, change in size or strength, transmutation of matter. , the teleportation of himself, other people or objects through space, the creation of virtually impenetrable force fields or interdimensional portals, the creation of life or the resurrection of dead individuals, including totally disintegrated people, the manipulation of souls, memories or emotions, the manipulation of stellar objects, such as recreating dead worlds in great detail (including the illusions of their entire populations) or causing cosmic catastrophes (such as destroying simultaneously multiple solar systems), and finally to confer or increase the powers of other individuals.

With his psionic powers, including telepathy, Galactus can probe the thoughts of virtually any being or entity, regardless of his mental defenses.

Now, the only difference between this Galactus and the Lifebringer was in the hunger. Namely, Lifebringer Galactus was freed from his hunger, thus losing the need to devour planets. He received the ability to create planets again, including life on them, and his new Lifebringer form was so powerful that he could even withstand the attacks of Lord Chaos and Master Order.

Who can beat Lifebringer Galactus?

Now that we have concluded our introductory part, let us see how Lifebringer Galactus stands against other cosmic beings in order to determine the true value of his powers and abilities. Now, Lifebringer Galactus didn’t do much fighting during his “lifespan” but he has demonstrated enough powers for us to evaluate whether he could (or could not) defeat some of Marvel’s other powerful characters.

Lifebringer Galactus vs the Living Tribunal

Before we actually continue, you have to understand that Lifebringer Galactus wasn’t all that more powerful than the regular Galactus; he lost his hunger and thus one major weakness, but aside from that, he was pretty much the same guy, for better or for worse. One major issue is that he was written by an author who did not have much of a sense for power scaling, so things might seem imbalanced at one point, but we’ll try to approach each clash objectively. This applies to all three subsections.

We all know that the Living Tribunal is one of the most powerful beings in Marvel’s fictional universe, a being so special that it is the “herald” of the One-Above-All. Aside from him, it seems that the Beyonder is the only character stronger than the Living Tribunal.

LBGalactus LTribunal

Lifebringer Galactus did meet the Living Tribunal, who judged in his favor when Lord Chaos and Master Order wanted to revert him back to his old, planet-devouring form. The Living Tribunal thus seemed more powerful than Galactus, but he was soon defeated by Master Order and Lord Chaos, who, in turn, could not defeat Lifebringer Galactus; in fact, they lost to him.

From this perspective, Lifebringer Galactus seems to be stronger than the Living Tribunal, but this is a narrative fact; we know better than to assume that Lifebringer Galactus could defeat one of Marvel’s most powerful characters, whatever this one narrative states.

Lifebringer Galactus vs Thanos

Thanos is a very interesting character and a fight between Galactus and him would be truly epic. Now, a regular Thanos without any enhancements couldn’t really do much against Galactus, be it a regular iteration of the character or Lifebringer Galactus. Galactus is far more powerful than him and would easily defeat him in battle (which has, indeed, happened before), although Thanos wouldn’t really give up that easily.


On the other hand, with the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos becomes one of the most powerful characters in Marvel’s universe and he certainly exceeds Galactus’ power levels, whether it is a regular Galactus or the Lifebringer iteration. This is why we are certain that a Gauntlet-enhanced Thanos would certainly defeat Lifebringer Galactus.

Lifebringer Galactus vs Eternity

Eternity is also a very powerful entity and we have already established that he is among Marvel’s most powerful characters of all time. Eternity would easily wipe out Galactus’ regular form, not only because Galactus seems like a dwarf compared to eternity, but because Eternity’s powers are on a completely different level.

Eternity LBGalactus

Lifebringer Galactus and Eternity haven’s fought but they have met in the comics. Lifebringer Galactus found out that someone chained Eternity and was tasked with finding who it was. It was obvious, even here, that Lifebringer Galactus had enormous respect for Eternity and that he acknowledged him as the more powerful being.

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