Does Jane Foster Die In Thor: Love And Thunder? (& What Happens To Her)

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One of the things that fans were excited about when Thor: Love and Thunder was announced was the return of Natalie Portman to the MCU, as her last appearance was way back in 2013 after she left Thor due to a misunderstanding with the director handling Dark World. However, with Taika Waititi at the helm of the franchise, Portman’s Jane Foster returned in a big way as she now wielded Mjolnir as the Mighty Thor. But what happens to Jane Foster in Love and Thunder, and does she die in the movie?

Unfortunately, Jane dies in Thor: Love and Thunder. She was able to wield Mjolnir as the hammer wanted to protect her from her cancer by giving her strength and vitality. But wielding Mjolnir took a toll on her body. And in an effort to put a stop to Gorr, Jane used the last of her powers to destroy the Necrosword.

Jane Foster’s sacrifice in Thor: Love and Thunder was the ultimate loss for Thor, who had already lost everyone he held dear in his life. But Jane had one of the most heroic moments when she sacrificed herself for a greater cause. And her sacrifice is something that we are here to talk about in this article.

Does Jane Foster Die In Thor: Love And Thunder?

Back when Thor: Love and Thunder was first announced, it was clear that Natalie Portman was set to return to the MCU to reprise her role as Jane Foster after leaving Thor after the Dark World. But because a new director was now at the helm of the Thor franchise, Portman returned as Jane Foster in what is the biggest part of the character’s arc.

We know for a fact that Jane was introduced as Thor’s love interest and the very same person that changed Thor into someone worthy during the first Thor movie. She played a role in the two Thor movies, but Natalie Portman ended up leaving before Thor: Ragnarök. But Ragnarök was able to properly handle the situation when it was mentioned that Jane broke up with him before the events of the movie.

However, in Love and Thunder, Jane Foster made a return but in a sad way. During her first appearance in the movie, she was being treated for an illness that turned out to be stage 4 cancer. She was already dying, but she wanted to go down on her own terms as she was in her lab trying to find a cure to her disease. She failed in all of her attempts as she realized that the only way for her to get her strength and vitality back was through Asgardian magic.


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That was when the shards of Mjolnir began calling to her all the way from New Asgard. Jane visited New Asgard, which has now become a tourist destination. As she got close to the shards of Mjolnir, they resonated with her.

Then, when Gorr the God Butcher attacked New Asgard, Thor was surprised to see Mjolnir back. However, what was even more surprising was the fact that Mjolnir now had a new owner in the form of Jane Foster, who had assumed the role of the Mighty Thor. And what was even more surprising about Jane was the fact that she was even more headstrong and eager for battle than Thor ever was because she never felt as strong as she ever did.

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But back in her room in New Asgard, Jane returned to her normal state after letting go of the hammer. It was clear that she looked worse than she ever did before she started using the hammer. Her cancer was taking its toll on her as not even Mjolnir was enough to cure her of her disease.

Thor, Jane, and Valkyrie went to the Shadow Realm to rescue the children that Gorr had kidnapped. But they sprung a trap set by Gorr, who wanted Stormbreaker because it could open the gate to Eternity. However, the trio ended up losing to Gorr and was forced to retreat. The moment they got back to New Asgard, Jane reverted to her normal state and was visibly weaker than she ever was.


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That was when Thor found out that wielding Mjolnir took a massive toll on Jane’s body as not even chemotherapy was enough to improve her state. Her body was no longer responding to therapy because it had already become so weak. Thor forbade her from using the hammer, but she still did when she felt that Thor was in danger in his battle with Gorr. So, does Jane Foster die in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Unfortunately, Jane does indeed die in the movie. And her death is one of the most heroic moments we could ever see in the history of the Thor movie franchise because it gave her entire life meaning and purpose.

What Happens To Jane Foster In Thor: Love And Thunder?

As mentioned, Jane had to go to where Thor was when she felt that he was in danger and when Mjolnir itself came to her while she was resting. With her help, Thor was able to focus more on preventing Stormbreaker from opening the gate to Eternity as Jane was focused on battling Gorr.

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After Thor recovered Stormbreaker, he and Jane battled Gorr in an attempt to break the Necrosword, which was what was giving him his powers. Using Zeus’s Lightning Bolt and Mjolnir, both Thor and Jane shattered the sword. But that was not enough because the shards of the sword were beginning to reform the sword once more.


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Jane, however, used the shards of Mjolnir to trap the shards of the Necrosword into the hammer. In her final attempt to destroy the sword once and for all, she used all of her remaining power to call forth Thunder onto the hammer so that the shards would get destroyed. This ultimately destroyed the Necrosword and left Gorr powerless and back to his normal self.

It was that act by Jane that ended up draining all of her remaining life force. Thor, instead of preventing Gorr from making his wish with Eternity, chose to stay with Jane in her final moments because nothing meant more to him than her. It was Jane’s actions and Thor’s love for her that convinced Gorr to make a wish to bring his daughter back instead of killing all of the gods in the universe.

As Gorr was dying after bringing his daughter back, Jane and Thor shared one final moment before she faded and turned into golden dust, similar to what happened to Odin when he died back in Thor: Ragnarök. Jane was commemorated in New Asgard with a statue of her own. Then, in the second post-credit scene, it was revealed that Jane Foster had made her way to Valhalla, the resting place of Asgardian gods and warriors, after dying in battle as the Mighty Thor. 

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