What Are Those Cosmic Statues in the Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer? Explained

One of the best things about the MCU is that every movie is made to give out easter eggs that are meant to connect the greater MCU to the comics or to the other Marvel Studios movies that are going to come in the future. In that regard, the trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder is already giving out a cool easter egg in the form of the statues of certain Marvel cosmic entities. But what are those cosmic statues in the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer?

The statues in the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer are those of cosmic entities that are known to be the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. The statues include Death, the Living Tribunal, Infinity, Eon, and the Watcher. The purpose of these statues is to reveal that these cosmic beings exist in the MCU.

As we get deeper and deeper into Marvel lore in the MCU, more and more powerful beings are introduced. These entities are some of the most powerful godlike beings in the entire lore of Marvel Comics. As such, it would be interesting to see how the MCU is going to incorporate them into the larger scheme of things in the movies and the series.

What Are Those Statues We See In Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer?

It has always been a tradition for Marvel Studios to include different easter eggs in their movies, as we have seen time and time again that there have been plenty of different new information and references made in every new film released. And the thing about Thor: Love and Thunder, the newest Thor movie in the MCU’s slate, is that there has been a cool easter egg revealed as early as the trailer.

We are talking about the fact that, around the 1:47 mark of the new trailer, there are statues of different characters in the background of Jane Foster calling thunder by using Mjolnir. The heads of the different characters are seen in the background, and there are five of them. So, who are these statues in the trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder?

The statues in the background in that Thor: Love and Thunder trailer are known as cosmic beings in the Marvel universe. They don’t belong in any particular group, but they are some of the most powerful cosmic beings in Marvel lore, as they are treated as entities that are way above the levels of the different godlike characters (Thor, for example) in the MCU.

All five of these characters are powerful in their own right, as they are capable of some of the most amazing cosmic feats. And some of these characters are even multiversal in terms of how powerful they are. Now, let’s get to know the cosmic beings these statues were dedicated to.


Death is a nigh-omnipotent cosmic entity in Marvel lore as she is the very personification of death and entropy itself. She is a fundamental force in the multiverse because of how she is responsible for death itself. Of course, her abilities when it comes to who and how she kills are almost limitless in the sense that she is capable of achieving almost anything she desires.

As an amortal being, Death cannot die because she doesn’t even live at all. She is a fundamental force that neither lives nor dies. On top of that, she has powers that are capable of affecting time and space.

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In the comics, Thanos is actually in love and obsessed with Death as he tries his best to please her by causing entropy at the highest possible level. That’s why Thanos went on a mission of death and destruction, as a good part of his childhood was affected by how he was allured by Death’s beauty.

The Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal is said to be one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Comics lore. In fact, the official Marvel website describes that the only being superior to the Living Tribunal is the One-Above-All, who is regarded as the omnipotent god of the entire Marvel lore and is said to be an entity that is way beyond anything imaginable in Marvel.

In fact, the Living Tribunal is actually the representative of the One-Above-All and is the one who is in charge of multiversal law in Marvel lore. In that regard, his only duty in Marvel is to maintain the integrity of the Marvel multiverse because he is the very embodiment of the entire multiverse itself.

As powerful as the Living Tribunal is, in the comics, he was slain by powerful entities called the Beyonders, who themselves are just as strong as any cosmic entity and belong to a place well beyond the Marvel multiverse. However, the One-Above-All replaced him with a new one that was just as powerful or even more powerful than the original one.


Infinity is another cosmic entity that exists alongside Death because she is the sister of Eternity, who was created to be the counterpart of Death herself. Her counterpart is Oblivion, another incredibly powerful cosmic entity in Marvel lore. As such, Infinity is also an incredibly powerful cosmic entity with powers that are nigh-omnipotent.

It is unclear what Infinity’s powers really are, but the fact that she is a nigh-omnipotent cosmic being means that she has unlimited control over time and space. She is also capable of manipulating matter and energy as well as controlling reality and magic at levels that are nearly unlimited. As such, she is just as powerful as any of the other cosmic entities and is just a tad weaker than the Living Tribunal.

In the comic, Infinity is powerful enough that she is the source of Quasar’s Quantum Bands. However, she hasn’t been as heavily featured in the comics as Death, who plays an important role in Thanos’ early beginnings.


Eon is another cosmic entity that exists in Marvel lore and has been around since the Big Bang. That means that he has been around for eight billion years and is one of the first sentient beings that awakened during the beginning of the universe. He observes the universe from his own pocket universe.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Eon is his immense size. He is one of the largest entities in the entire Marvel lore, and that makes him one of the most imposing and powerful figures in the universe. 

Eon is connected and associated with time itself, considering that he has been around for as long as the universe has existed. He is the universal Keeper of Cosmic Awareness, and that means that he knows anything and everything that is happening all over the universe at any given moment. He could also give his Awareness to other people so that they could also be aware of what’s happening in the universe at any given moment.

Uatu The Watcher

Uatu, also known as the Watcher, is a cosmic entity that exists beyond time and space and the multiverse itself, as he has the ability to observe what is happening in the multiverse at any given time and moment. He made his MCU debut during the animated Marvel What If…? series on Disney+.

In What If…?, the Watcher served as the narrator and observer of what was happening throughout the multiverse. However, he never interfered in the things that were happening in the multiverse until Ultron was able to get to Uatu’s pocket universe through the use of the Infinity Stones. As powerful as the Watcher may be, he could not defeat an Infinity-powered Ultron. 

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Utau’s powers are also nearly limitless because he does have a certain level of control over time and space. Still, he has his limits because he couldn’t defeat an Ultron that had all of the Infinity Stones. As such, he had to recruit different MCU characters from the multiverse to defeat Ultron.

Why Are Those Statues In Thor: Love And Thunder Movie?

As of this moment, we don’t know why the statues of those cosmic beings are in the Thor: Love and Thunder movie because, except for Uatu, none of them have been seen in the MCU. But we can speculate a bit on what the significance of those statues is.

We all know that the Watcher exists in the MCU, and that means that those statues in the trailer of Love and Thunder also hint at the possibility of the existence of the other cosmic beings in the MCU. And this becomes even more important in the greater scheme of things as the MCU is on its way to a multiversal plot that could very well force the cosmic entities to appear.

In that regard, it might be possible that these characters would eventually make their way to the MCU as these statues merely suggest the possibility that they exist. And it might happen sooner or later when the plot of the MCU reaches multiversal levels that could affect the entire Marvel multiverse.

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