Does Nagatoro Like Senpai? Relationship Explained

does nagatoro like senpai

Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro features fascinating yet relatable characters, with fans finding plenty of nostalgic moments in these high schoolers’ lives. Still, the relationship between Nagatoro and Senpai has been pretty ambiguous for many anime lovers, with many fans still wondering if Nagatoro really likes Senpai.

Nagatoro does have romantic feelings for her senpai, Naoto, and Naoto appears to have feelings for Nagatoro as well. However, since the premise of Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro involves these two characters struggling to express their emotions in healthy ways, fans are unsure when these characters will confess their true feelings.

Although one could assume that Nagatoro has simply been teasing Senpai due to him being an easy target, there’s substantial evidence to show that Nagatoro has some strong feelings for him deep down. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about the relationship between Nagatoro and her Senpai, as well as why most Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro fans believe they might just end up together.

What is the Relationship Between Nagatoro and Senpai?

There are quite a few unique characters throughout the Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro storyline, each of which flaunt some notable yet oddly relatable traits. From getting bullied for being an introvert to expressing new emotions in odd and often toxic ways, there are quite a lot of behavioral traits to wrap our heads around – seen in the images thanks to fans on Quora.

nagatoro naoto tease

Nagatoro is an incredibly extroverted 15-year-old girl, the star protagonist of this popular manga web series alongside her introverted and nerdy senpai, Naoto. Upon first glance, their relationship appears to be a rollercoaster ride – although, even this is quite relatable for teenage emotions.


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She teases her senpai quite often, going as far as to bully him and call him some really mean names – which is greatly contrasted by her being super possessive over him at the same time. But, on the other hand, the two do seem to really care about each other and make each other happy, meaning that their relationship could be much simpler without the adolescent angst.

Does Nagatoro Like Naoto?

Throughout the manga and anime series, it’s pretty clear that Nagatoro does actually have unprofessed feelings for Naoto. She seems genuinely attracted to his love for all things artistic, as well as his nerdy, introverted, and gentle personality. Although, she has been seen as a mix between a Tsundere and a Yandere due to her partially toxic and playful personality – which would naturally come with some unwanted or misunderstood attributes.

nagatoro bully

She has shown her affection for him in odd ways, however, and most fans believe that she chose to start bullying and teasing him as a means to gain his attention (even though this resulted in making Naoto cry on numerous occasions). Naoto is her first crush, and she has no idea how to flirt or express her emotions at the time – the main reason for many of her odd and bizarre antics.

dont toy with me

There are many scenes that clearly show how much she cares about Naoto, however, including when she helps him save the Art Club from disbanding, as well as when she defends him against others who bully him and call him mean names. She is also shown apologizing for mocking him on some occasions, which shows that she may not actually mean many of the toxic comments that she makes toward him.

However, the most obvious sign of Nagatoro being interested in Naoto is that she is extremely possessive of him. She is also portrayed as bored whenever she is around other boys, contrasted to how happy she is whenever she is with her senpai, Naoto.


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Does Naoto Like Nagatoro?

Naoto does seem to have some feelings toward Nagatoro, although it’s pretty clear that he’s less aware of them compared to her. He is also quite clueless whenever Nagatoro shows affection towards him, and he doesn’t seem to overthink or interpret any of her more romantic comments.

naoto nagatoro

That being said, even this may be relatable for many young guys in high school, as Naoto still shows affection towards Nagatoro in other ways – Naoto protects her from boys, walks her home from school, carries her on his back, models for her, and much more. He even says that repeating the year all over again wouldn’t be bad since he would be with her.

naoto jealous
nagatoro cat

What’s interesting is that, although odd, it seems that Naoto may actually enjoy some of the teasings that he gets from Nagatoro as well – at least, to an extent, minus the crying. Toward the end of the available anime episodes, Naoto is seen getting jealous when Nagatoro has to act out a cosplay bullying scene (in which he is not the main target of her attention).

Who is Nagatoro Dating?

Nagatoro is not dating anyone in the manga or anime series, and she seems to be most interested in spending time with Naoto. She seems to enjoy being around him far more than any of the other boys she is friends with, and she goes out of her way to spend more time with her senpai out of school as well.

Does Nagatoro Date Senpai?

Nagatoro and Naoto are not officially dating at the time of writing, although they seem to be closer than ever before. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that these two could be approaching an official or at least a blossoming romance, but there are no signs of either confessing their feelings anytime soon.

Does Nagatoro Kiss Senpai?

Nagatoro does kiss Naoto’s cheek in the manga and anime series. However, there are differences in the placement of the kiss, as the kiss took place in Chapter 8 of the manga, which would have been around episode 4 of the anime series.

nagatoro naoto kiss

The kiss took place towards the end of the anime series, which did change the storyline slightly. However, the majority of fans actually appreciated the change as it made for a more climactic end – with significantly more closure concerning the budding romance between Nagatoro and Naoto.

Do Nagatoro and Naoto End Up Together?

The relationship between Nagatoro and Naoto may have seemed pretty toxic at first, as she has been mean to him for absolutely no reason. But, she has also defended him against other ‘genuine’ bullying and much more, sticking by his side no matter what.

nagatoro senpai

In fact, Nagatoro actually ends up really helping Naoto boost his confidence and come out of his shell as their relationship progresses. Nagatoro also invites Naoto to the beach as well as to her house, and her more toxic tendencies seem to wane as she starts learning how to express her feelings in more affectionate and positive ways.


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Naoto has also shown some genuine romantic interest in Nagatoro as well, doing whatever she wants in order to keep her happy – although, it’s safe to say that both of these amazing anime characters have trouble expressing their emotions. To top it off, the two both blush whenever Nagatoro’s friends tease them about their relationship.

Considering that Nagatoro and Naoto’s relationship has predominantly been based on teasing and joking around, most fans expect the official confession to come in the form of an accident or tease as well. While this may not be the healthiest and most mature romantic relationship, the premise is relatable and quite common within the anime world.

naoto nagatoro hold hands

When opposites attract, there’s often bound to be some type of clash or unpleasant aftermath. But, this type of setup can also lead to some long-lasting relationships and deeply rooted love over time as well. Topped off with the kiss, most fans believe that Nagatoro and Naoto do eventually end up together – although, this is not official as of yet, as the manga is still ongoing.

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