Does Sasuke Become Evil in Naruto? (& Why)

Does Sasuke Become Evil in Naruto? (& Why)

Uchiha Sasuke went through a lot – his brother killed his clan, was left alone, everybody in the Konoha village looked at him oddly, he got attacked by Orochimaru, defected Konoha, used by Orochimaru, used by Akatsuki, found out the devastating truth about his brother, and lost his friends. He is essentially one of the biggest tragic stories in the Naruto series, but thankfully we now know he got through everything with help of his friends and deceased brother. In this article, we will discuss does Sasuke become evil in Naruto, and if he does, why?

For most of the series, Uchiha Sasuke was regarded as an antihero who sought the truth and revenge for the tragedies he endured. We can now say, that Uchiha Sasuke became evil in the Naruto series for multiple different reasons. The truth about Itachi, multiple situations where he used his allies and almost killed his friends, make him the villain of Naruto anime and manga.

We will explain Uchiha Sasuke’s path deeper and list a few reasons why he did the things he did to his friends and allies. Explain further how he went against his Village, and conclude the article with our finishing thoughts. Let’s start!

Does Sasuke Become Evil in Naruto?

As we already mentioned, Sasuke went through a lot in his life. His wish to revenge on his family and the rest of the clan propelled his hate even further. In our previous articles discussing Sasuke’s life and his motivations during the Naruto series, as viewers, we see Sasuke fall down the evil, villain rabbit hole. Some would argue that is not true, since he in the end gets pardoned and comes back to the village.

However, what some viewers do not understand is that Sasuke’s actions cannot be classified as something an antihero does. There aren’t those antihero shenanigans like for example, what Red Hood does in DC Comics – yes, he kills criminals, he is a vigilante, but also helps Batman and the rest of the Bat-family when they need it.

Does Sasuke Become Evil in Naruto? (& Why)

Uchiha Sasuke was a true villain and his actions ruined almost everyone’s lives and destroyed the whole Ninja world. Some fans argue he should’ve never gotten pardoned by Konoha Village at the end of the series, regardless of his regrets and consequent travel through the world to fix his mistakes.

At one point, he was the biggest villain in the Naruto series. So yes, we safely say that Sasuke becomes evil in the Naruto series.

Why Does Sasuke Become Evil In Naruto?

There are a lot of reasons why Sasuke became evil in Naruto. The first reason and the most obvious one is definitely the Uchiha massacre, which scarred him for life. It also propelled him on getting stronger and eventually killing his brother in revenge. The second reason is the attack on Konoha Leaf Village or more specifically, an attack during Chunin Exams, where Orochimaru marked Sasuke and offered his services as a mentor to make him a better ninja and ultimately kill Itachi.


Why Does Sasuke Want to Destroy the Hidden Leaf?

After realizing that Naruto is progressing faster than him, Sasuke defected the village. Orochimaru used him, filled him with more hate, and even mentored him. Over the years (during time skip in Naruto anime), Sasuke’s seeking vengeance and his actions of isolating himself from anyone, made him an international criminal. He was branded the same as his brother Itachi.

However, the straw that broke the camel’s back came with the faithful fight with his brother Itachi. After finding out the truth that Konoga Village used his brother who essentially saved his life because he loved him so much, Sasuke also finds out that Danzo Shimura is behind the ultimatum and blackmail he bestowed upon Itachi in the village’s name.

Tobi also tells him that Konoha leaders knew what was going on, and have not stopped one of the biggest tragedies Konoha Village suffered in its history. Sasuke feels betrayed and promises he will kill everyone responsible.

True villain Sasuke was born during the fight with Danzo. After intercepting Danzo and his crew on the road, Sasuke with Tobi started fighting Danzo. The fight became a 1v1 between Danzo and Sasuke, who wanted to know more about what happened that faithful day. Danzo reveals it is all true and attacks Sasuke, who crushes him at once. Danzo then reveals Sharingan’s he harvested and sealed in his arm for years, which made him really powerful. Sasuke loses it there and in his rage even sacrifices Karin to strike down Danzo.

Does Sasuke Become Evil in Naruto? (& Why)

After killing Danzo, Sasuke goes insane and wows he is going to destroy all of the Konoha Leaf Village. This is when Team 7 encounter’s him, and even they think at that moment that he is so far gone. Even Sakura wanted to kill him, a guy she is in love with! Naruto, who never gave up on him, started to falter in his convictions and that says a lot.


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Sasuke became a villain the moment he attacked his only friends, Team Taka and Team 7, and almost made them give up on him. To conclude, Sasuke was not a full-blown antihero, he was an ally, antihero, villain, and antihero, and in the end, an ally and a friend to his Village.

Thank you for reading our article. Hopefully, you enjoyed it and motivated you to check out our other Naruto-themed articles. Until the next time!

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