Dororo: Main Characters’ Ages, Heights, Weights & More

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The Dororo manga and anime series features a range of fun adventures and entertainment for its fans, alongside a blend of fascinating characters that flaunt unique yet complex backgrounds and ancestry. From heroic humans with tragic origins to otherworldly creatures, age-old demons, and even characters who fall somewhere in between, there’s quite a lot for anticipating anime lovers to wrap their heads around.

Even though mythical anime series already have tons of twists and turns to keep up with, it hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from wanting to get to know their favorite characters better. Below is everything you need to know about the Dororo main characters’ ages, heights, weights, and more, as well as how certain stats and details have changed as the Dororo storyline progresses.

Dororo Main CharacterApproximate AgeHeight
(Ft & Inches/ cm)
(lbs/ kg)
Hyakkimaru16 years old5’2”/ 160 cm74 lbs/ 34 kg
Dororo11 years oldUnknownUnknown
Kagemitsu Daigo“Middle-aged”UnknownUnknown
Tahomaru15 years old5’5”/ 170 cm143 lbs/ 65 kg
Nui No Kata“Middle-aged”UnknownUnknown
Mio“Young Girl”UnknownUnknown

What Do We Know About the Dororo Main Characters’ Ages?

The main characters throughout the series are all classified as humans in terms of their species. Although, the saga does feature a spread of other characters and notable figures that are classified as demons (specifically Deiki, Bandai, Nihil, Arjigoku, Kyubi, Maimai-onba, Nue, and the Shark Demons) alongside a few figures who are classified as something entirely different.

dororo ghost

Based on their very nature, it would be impossible to determine exactly how old any of the demons or otherworldy creatures are throughout the Dororo saga. However, all of the main human characters seem to age along a fairly linear and uniform timeline, much like humans would age in the real world.


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Hyakkimaru, the main character and leading protagonist of the entire Dororo storyline, is believed to be around 16 years old around the time the series began, according to studio MAPPA. However, there is a chance that this figure could be slightly different overall when considering the original Dororo manga series that was released way back in 1967, as he could be anywhere between 14 and 16 years old overall.

Hyakkimaru 1

Even though he is half demon, he seems to age the same way as most humans would, along with the other main Dororo characters who identify as human. However, he does age by between 15 and 20 years after the 1/2 decade time-skip – meaning he ends up being somewhere in his 30s at some point later down in the Dororo timeline.

There are still quite a few questions regarding Dororo, who is the infamous side-kick of Hyakkimaru as well as the deuteragonist of the entire series. Dororo’s official age was never confirmed by the creators or by the animation studio that produced the Dororo anime series – but most fans believe that Dororo is still quite young when the story begins, possibly between 9 and 11 years old, taking into account both the manga series and the anime series (he is around five years younger than Hyakkimaru).

dororo 1

Most of the characters’ birthdays and ages have not been specified in particular. Instead, ages are either described with a general maturity phase or only portrayed as certain ages using visual cues such as facial features and other physical attributes. Characters like Kagemitsu Daigo, Jukai, and Nui No Kata are presumed to be middle-aged throughout the Dororo storyline. At the same time, Mao is described as a young girl and Biwamaru is portrayed as a senior.

What Do We Know About the Dororo Main Characters’ Heights?

Hyakkimaru measures up to around 5’2”/ 160 cm in height daily. Still, there are some inconsistencies as he has been recorded as being around 5’7”/ 175 cm in height as well (Dororo to Hyakkimaru den). This would place Hyakkimaru within this range overall, although most fans believe he is closer to 5’2”/ 160 cm in height.


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The only other height recorded for the Dororo main characters is Tahomaru, who is reportedly around 5’5”/ 170 cm tall. This would make Tahomaru slightly taller than Hyakkimaru under most fans’ belief, although Tahomaru is Hyakkimaru’s younger brother.

What Do We Know About the Dororo Main Characters’ Weights?

Only Hyakkimaru and Tahomaru have recorded weights out of all the main Dororo characters, with Hyakkimaru weighing only 74 lbs/ 34 kg – a shockingly low weight for someone his age. While this could be at least partially due to Hyakkimaru being quite pale and skinny, having lived a rough and challenging life alongside Dororo, it’s possibly due to him missing so many body parts.

dororo hyakkimaru

He has quite a lot of prosthetic body parts and limbs as he travels around searching for the body parts that were stolen by demons – the total reported weight may only reflect the weight of his remaining body mass, excluding the weight of his weaponized prosthetic limbs. Tahomaru has a reported weight of around 143 lbs/ 65 kg, which could reflect a general average of how much Hyakkimaru could have weighed under different circumstances.

Main Dororo Characters’ Genders and Aliases/ Nicknames

The only main area of confusion here has been the infamous Dororo, as many fans of the series actually believed that Dororo is a young girl. Despite Dororo having a relatively feminine appearance, he is reported as being a male at the very beginning of the Dororo anime series (as far as Dororo knows) primarily based on how he was raised and treated as a child – but, there are some points that could alter this stance later on in the saga.

dororo teenager

With that being said, each of the main Dororo characters has a pretty standard gender depiction apart from Dororo – along with a handful of nicknames that they gained over the course of the Dororo storyline’s progression. Below are all of the main Dororo characters’ genders and aliases or nicknames.

Dororo Main CharacterGenderAlias/ Nickname
HyakkimaruMaleBig Bro & Bro, Half-Demon Child, Daigo’s Heir, Elder Brother
Kagemitsu DaigoMaleDaigo, Poop snake
BiwamaruMaleBiwa Hoshi, Priest
Nui No KataFemaleOku, Her Ladyship

That’s everything there is to know about the Dororo main characters’ ages, heights, weights, genders, and aliases, with images thanks to the Dororo Wiki. While many stats and details have been omitted so far, such as the main Dororo characters’ birthdays and relative Zodiac signs, fans still have access to their favorite characters’ more fundamental figures for the time being.

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