30 Best Horror Comedy Anime of All Time (Ranked)

30 Best Horror Comedy Anime of All Time (Ranked)

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The world of Japanese animation (anime) is a versatile domain. There are a lot of different stories and genres, most of which usually represent Japan’s unique worldview at some level. And while anime – as well as manga – usually have a different system of categorization than Western standards, including some specific genres, there are a lot of genres present in both the world of anime and the West. Horror is definitely a genre that is present in both traditions, but the Japanese are known for adding a special touch to the genre. Including a lot of interesting combinations.

In this article, we are going to give you a list of the 30 best horror comedy anime of all time. The list is going to include various titles that combine horrible scenarios and/or characters, but that are also toned down with some great anime-style humor. Enjoy!

1. Highschool of the Dead

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: July 5, 2010 – September 20, 2010
Number of Episodes: 12 + OVA

What it’s about: On an ordinary morning, everything happens as normally as on any other day. From the roof, Komuro Takashi, the main character, observes a strange happening at the school gates: a suspicious man is causing trouble. One of the teachers, when trying to expel him, ends up being bitten by the suspicious man and amidst the cries of despair from the other teachers he gets up, but now he is a zombie.

Why you should watch it: We started off this list with Highschool of the Dead because it is a really good blend of shonen tropes – comedy included – and horror. And while it won’t scare you that much, the plot is intriguing and focuses on a zombie apocalypse, so it’s always fun to ponder the possibilities in such scenarios.

2. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

Original Run: January 3, 2008 – March 27, 2008 / October 2, 2008 – December 24, 2008
Number of Episodes: 13 / 13

What it’s about: Due to his poor test results, the average student Tsukune Aono does not succeed in being approved at one of the private high schools. Nevertheless, he is accepted by a school, but it turns out to be a school for supernatural monsters (Yōkai), whose students hate people over everything. Once there, he is hit by a bike by the beautiful Moka Akashiya. The two become friends in an unusual way because Moka is a vampire and she feels drawn to the sweet fragrance of human blood. At the latest now, Tsukune notices his predicament; But there is no back because it was brought to a different dimension by the school bus.


15 Best Vampire Romance Anime of All Time

Why you should watch it: Vampires are always a good source of both fear and fun, which is why Rosario + Vampire landed on this list. It is not the scariest anime on the list, but it has a lot of great humor and we honestly think that you’ll enjoy it thoroughly.

3. Is This a Zombie?

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: January 11, 2011 – June 7, 2012
Number of Episodes: 22 + 3 OVA

What it’s about: Up until the day he is killed by a serial murderer, Aikawa Ayumu is an ordinary high school student. The necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe then uses necromancy to resurrect him as a zombie. Then Aikawa becomes his servant, but unintentionally takes on the abilities of a “mas-shjo” by the name of Haruna and turns into a mas-shjo. The young man will then need to balance his time between his mas-shjo responsibilities, his studies, and the hunt for his assassin while sharing a home with Eucliwood, Haruna, and a vampire ninja named Seraphim.

Why you should watch it: Is This a Zombie? is a classic of its genre that perfectly combines all the necessary elements – horror, humor, and romance – into one balanced-out story that you will definitely love if you’re looking for some scares and laughs at the same time.

4. Soul Eater

the protagonist of soul eater is maka remember that

Original Run: April 7, 2008 – March 30, 2009
Episodes: 51

What it’s about: To fight the evil Kishin, which can “plunge the world into the abyss of madness”, Shinigami-sama creates The Academy is a place where Weapons and Overlords are trained together. The former are the very weapons that will stop the death of the world; the second are those who will hold the weapon. The Scythe of Death will be obtained when the weapon eats 99 evil souls ready to become Kishin, and 1 witch soul, and therefore all overlords are actively competing in creating the Death Scythe.

Why you should watch it: Soul Eater is a shonen title and is thus light enough for you to enjoy it. It has a lot of humor and the story is great in general, which is why we highly recommend it. The grim setting and the dark comedy aspects of the series fit our list perfectly.

5. Jujutsu Kaisen


Original Run: October 3, 2020 – March 27, 2021
Number of Episodes: 24

What it’s about: One of the most famous entries on this list of anime series like Chainsaw Man. The plot of Jujutsu Kaisen takes place in a world where curses are created from the negative emotions of Humans. Thus, to protect places with a high concentration of these emotions such as schools or hospitals, these infrastructures have a relic, a receptacle of a curse, because we can only fight against curses with a more powerful curse. These are invisible to human eyes except for a handful of people, for example, exorcists.

The exorcist’s job is to eliminate the curses and thus protect the people from them, but this is not without risks, because these plagues can be more or less powerful.

Why you should watch it: Aside from the fact that it is a true modern classic, Jujutsu Kaisen is a title that definitely fits this list. It has a lot of humor, especially when Gojo and Itadori are the main characters, but it also has a lot of gore and some really scary demons that you’ll definitely love.

6. High School DxD


Original Run: January 6, 2012 – July 3, 2018
Number of Episodes: 49 (+ 16 OVA)

What it’s about: Issei Hyoudou is a second-year high school student, very sensitive to female forms. Her life is turned upside down during her meeting with Yûma, a charming young girl who turns out to be a fallen angel. At the end of the day, Issei is taken to a small park and Yûma asks him if he wants to make his wish come true. He expects to receive a kiss, but she asks him to die for her by resuming her true appearance.


25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Why you should watch it: High School DxD is in many ways similar to Highschool of the Dead, which is why you can watch it for the same reasons. The main difference is that DxD has more magic than the other one, but the general idea is the same.

7. Date A Live

Date A Live Watch Order The Complete Guide Including Movies 04

Original Run: April 6, 2013 – present
Number of Episodes: 34 + 2 OVAs

What it’s about: Date A Live series begins with a bizarre phenomenon called a “space earthquake” devastating central Eurasia, claiming at least 150 million lives. Over the next 30 years, small space earthquakes swarm the world irregularly. At present, Itsuka Shido is an ordinary high school student not good with girls. On the first day of class, a spacequake destroys the city and a girl with armor appears in front of him.

Why you should watch it: Date A Live might not be your classical horror flick, but it definitely is a great comedy. It is more science fiction than actual horror, but there are some pretty bizarre scenes and characters, which is why we ultimately thought that it would fit on this list.

8. Demon Slayer

demon slayer anime

Original Release: April 6, 2019 – present
Number of Episodes: 34

What it’s about: In Taishō era Japan, Tanjirō is the eldest son of a family of coal merchants whose father has passed away. To meet his needs, he left to sell charcoal in town. Despite the difficulties of life, they manage to find little happiness in their daily life. One day, due to rumors circulating about a man-eating demon hanging around after dark, he is unable to return home and ends up spending the night with a Good Samaritan in the city. Only, everything changes on his return when he finds his family massacred by a demon. Nezuko, one of his younger sisters, is the only survivor but she has been transformed into a demon.

Why you should watch it: Demon Slayer is yet another typical shonen title on this list, which is why you know what to expect when the humor is concerned. On the other hand, the demons in the series can get pretty scary and at times, the scenes can be pretty gory, which is why this classic is definitely something you should check out.

9. Digimon Ghost Game

Digimon Ghost Game

Original Release: October 3, 2021 – present
Number of Episodes: 59 (+ 1 special)

What it’s about: In recent years, an innovative technology, “holograms,” has emerged and unleashed a storm on social networks. Many claims to have had to deal with strange paranormal phenomena, which would be due to “hologram ghosts.” The father of schoolboy Hiro Amanokawa is missing. Rather helpful and serious, the young boy does his best to hold on in everyday life.

One fateful day, Hiro, very curious by nature, is carried on a mysterious artifact left by his father, a “Digivice,” a wristwatch that makes appear to his eyes unknown creatures that cannot be seen by ordinary mortals, the Digimon. A hologram of Hiro’s father appears alongside one of these creatures to tell him that he is alive and well. He meets Gammamon. A mischievous Digimon entrusted to him by his father. Hiro will then find himself confronted with various strange phenomena: like a man with a sewn mouth who steals the life expectancy of humans or even a mummy who wanders every night to sequester its prey.

These “holographic ghosts” are not far from the human beings whom they are targeting. Alongside their friends Kiyoshirō Higashimitarai and Jellymon, and later Ruli Tsukiyono and Angoramon, the protagonists Hiro and Gammamon face this other side of the world of which no Man is really aware.

Why you should watch it: Why Digimon Ghost Game, you wonder? Well, although it is a children’s anime, Digimon Ghost Game is actually filled with horror moments that are combined with the overall lightheartedness of the series that also has a lot of humor, so you definitely don’t want to miss it.

10. Chainsaw Man

chainsaw man denji episode 5 anime

Original Run: October 12, 2022 – present
Number of Episodes: 12

What it’s about: The setting of the story is a realm where people’s worries give birth to devils. Devils are frequently nasty and deadly, and the intensity of their power depends on how deeply they arouse terror in the general human mind. However, people can make agreements with them in order to use their abilities. Demon hunters are those that specialize in using and hunting demons. Devils are creatures that come from Hell and live an eternal life cycle between Earth and Hell. When they die in Hell, they are reborn on Earth, and vice versa. Primal Fears are very powerful Devils that reside in Hell and have never been slain. The Hell Devil appears to be in charge of overseeing the passage between the two worlds.

Why you should watch it: Anyone who has seen Chainsaw Man will know how creepy the Devils from the series can get; the gore is also on a pretty high level, but so is the humor. We honestly think that the “Nut Demon” gag will go down in history so be sure not to miss it.

11. Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga kill

Original Run: July 7, 2014 – December 15, 2014
Number of Episodes: 24

What it’s about: The young swordsman Tatsumi travels to the imperial city together with two comrades. They want to earn money in the imperial city to help their village. But arbitrariness and violence have reigned in the city ever since Minister Honest manipulated the young emperor in his interests. The powerful exploit, torture, and kill the poor for their amusement.

So Tatsumi and his comrades are first separated in a robbery, then Tatsumi is outwitted and loses his money and, like his comrades before, gets caught by one of the rich families. But he escapes with the help of Night Raid, a group of assassins.


Akame ga Kill! Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Characters, And More

Why you should watch it: As a shonen title, Akame ga Kill! definitely fits this category. It has a lot of funny moments, which is effectively combined with monsters and gore, which is why we are certain that you are going to love this modern classic, despite the somewhat underwhelming ending.

12. From the New World


Original Run: October 3, 2012 – March 27, 2013
Number of Episodes: 25

What it’s about: Set in a thousand-year-old Japan, Shinsekai Yori tells the story of Saki, a girl from the 66th district of Kamisu. In this age, all humans possess powerful telekinesis abilities and idyllically live in agrarian villages. Despite her parents’ fear that she could not awaken the power within her, Saki gains her powers at the age of twelve and joins her friends Satoru, Maria, Mamoru, Shun, and Reiko at the academy to develop her powers. But the kids are unaware that the city council monitors and influences the kids through teaching.

Why you should watch it: Both the horror and the humor of Shin Sekai Yori are, as the whole series, subtle, but they are impactful and certainly memorable. This dark and deep story is truly beautiful and we simply had to include it on our list here.

13. Ghost Stories

02821c785616fda5a0fcf6d11ff802125df6bbd9 760x400 1

Original Run: October 22, 2000 – March 25, 2001
Number of Episodes: 20

What it’s about: When Satsuki’s mother dies, she, her father and her little brother, move to the city where her mother grew up. There Satsuki begins to study at the same school that her mother attended in the past (the new school, because her mother went to the old school). What Satsuki doesn’t know is that her maternal family has a special ability to stop evil ghosts, an ability that she inherited.


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Why you should watch it: Ghost Stories is definitely one of the more famous horror titles on this list, but it is not a mainstream title like some other ones. Still, it is a very healthy combination of humor and scares, so you should enjoy it.

14. Made in Abyss

Made in abyss movie social

Original Run: July 7, 2017 – ongoing
Number of Episodes: 25

What it’s about: The story of Made in Abyss centers around an orphan girl named Rico, living in the town of Orse, located in the Beoruska Sea. The city surrounds a strange and immense chasm, commonly called “the Abyss”. The Abyss contains artifacts and remnants of an ancient lost civilization and is in fact a popular place for cavers to excavate such items that can be sold abroad.

Why you should watch it: Well, Made in Abyss might seem like a lighthearted kids’ show, and while it definitely does have its fun and gentle moments, it is nevertheless a very grim and depressing show, whose world will definitely give you the chills.

15. Blue Exorcist


Original Run: April 17, 2011 – March 25, 2017
Number of Episodes: 37 (+ 2 OVA)

What it’s about: Two opposing realms make up the world of the Blue Exorcist anime, mirroring each other like two faces of a mirror. Assiah, the first is the world in which people reside. The other is Gehenna, the home of the devils. Traveling or simply having any kind of touch between the two is normally not possible. Demons, on the other hand, have the ability to enter our realm and take possession of everything in it.

Why you should watch it: Blue Exorcist is definitely a shonen classic and it combines the scary elements of demons and devils in everyday life with a lot of intelligent and lighthearted humor. It is a fun story with great characters that you absolutely need to see.

16. Strike the Blood

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: October 4, 2013 – March 28, 2014
Number of Episodes: 24 + 37 OVA

What it’s about: Strike the Blood follows the story of Kojō Akatsuki, a vampire high school student, and Yukina Himeragi, a young swordsman shaman, living in Japan on the artificial island of Itogami, also nicknamed the Demon District. A treaty was drawn up there in order to establish peace between supernatural creatures and humans; supernatural creatures are forced to remain within the confines of the Demon Districts for experimental purposes.

Yukina Himeragi is sent to the island to monitor Kojō Akatsuki, suspected of being the 4th Primogenitor, the most powerful vampire, who could threaten the balance of this sacred treaty put in place thanks to the collaboration of the first three Primogenitors.

Why you should watch it: As we have said, vampires are always a good pick when such lists are concerned. This one takes its story more seriously than a lot of other vampire titles, but there’s still enough humor for you to enjoy it as per this list.

17. Occult Academy

occult academy wallpaper 19

Original Run: July 6, 2010 – September 27, 2010
Number of Episodes: 13

What it’s about: The focus of the plot is on Maya Kumashiro, the daughter of the recently deceased director of the private Waldstein academy, which is oriented on the study of the occult. It is the year 1999 and agent Fumiaki Uchida, a mysterious young man, has arrived in 2012 through a journey through time, with the aim of destroying the Key of Nostradamus, an unknown element that in a few months will trigger a crisis that will allow an extra-dimensional invasion, leading humanity into a war that threatens to end them in the future.

Why you should watch it: Occult Academy is actually a very short and sweet title that you’ll definitely enjoy thoroughly. It doesn’t have too many episodes, yet it combines humor and horror in a very pragmatic way, which is why it deserved a spot on our list.

18. Kekkai Sensen

Blood Blockade 6

Original Run: April 4, 2015 – December 23, 2017
Number of Episodes: 24

What it’s about: In New York City, a breach between the outside world and Earth first appeared three years ago. New York was completely annihilated and rebuilt during that horrible night, enclosing residents of the city as well as creatures from other dimensions in a bubble. The city, now known as Hellsalem’s Lot, is actually a paranormal melting pot where magic and lunacy coexist with the commonplace and where every kind of human scum works together to control the supernatural.

The mysterious super-agents of Libra are engaged in a fierce battle to stop someone from breaching the Bull and unleashing the horrors of New Jerusalem.

Why you should watch it: Kekkai Sansen is a perfect fit for our list. It is quite creepy and bizarre, but also – at the same time – very funny and lighthearted, which is how the authors actually balance it all out.

19. Interviews with Monster Girls

Interviews with Monster Girls

Original Run: January 7, 2021 – March 25, 2021
Number of Episodes: 12 + ONA

What it’s about: The story takes place at a time when demi-humans, better known as “demis”, slowly began to form part of human society. Tetsuo Takahashi teaches biology and is interested in running backs. He brings together the three running backs of his high school, trying to capture their attention, gain their trust and understand this phenomenon.


25 Best Comedy Anime: Hilarious Anime You Won’t Stop Laughing At

Why you should watch it: Well, this is definitely not the scariest title on our list, but it will offer more than enough bizarre moments for us to consider it a horror, although a lighter one. On the other hand, the humor is more than present so you’ll definitely be able to enjoy it.

20. Tokyo Ghoul

KanekiRootA scaled

Original Run: July 4, 2014 – December 25, 2018
Number of Episodes: 48 (+2 OVA episodes)

What it’s about: The story of Tokyo Ghoul revolves around the student Ken Kaneki, who falls in love with a young woman named Rize Kamishiro. After meeting her, she bites his shoulder in a secluded alley and reveals that she is a ghoul, which shocks Ken. As Rize is about to eat Ken, several large metal poles fall on her from the construction site of a building. Roze dies in the process, while Ken is rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

After recovering, he is released from the hospital. On the day of his release, he finds out that he is no longer human. He looks in the mirror, and shivers run down his spine because he now has one “red eye.” He realizes that Rize’s organs were transplanted into him in the hospital. Since he now owns Rize’s organs, he is a so-called and very rarely occurring “half-ghoul.”

Why you should watch it: Okay, to be honest, seinen titles are not that big on humor, but Tokyo Ghoul is definitely a horror title you need to watch, despite a lack of humor in general. Still, there were some really funny moments over the four seasons of the show so we decided to list them here.

21. Dororon Enma-kun

Dororon Enma kun 1

Original Run: October 4, 1973 – March 28, 1974 / April 8, 2011 – June 24, 2011
Number of Episodes: 25 / 12

What it’s about: Some of the demons on earth do not follow the rules that hell gives them, but plan to overthrow the king of the underworld. He then sends his nephew Enma to solve the problem. Enma teams up with Yukiko, daughter of the Snow Princess, and the Kappa Kapaeru. Together they find shelter with the elementary school student and Mangalan Tsutomu and hunt down the renegade demons. Enma’s magical hat, Chappoji, helps them with this, but he often also gives dangerous advice.

Why you should watch it: Well, Dororon Enma-kun is more of a comedy than a horror, but it does combine these two genres in one fun and relaxing experience that is going to give you a lot of pleasurable moments.

22. School-Live!

school live shovel

Original Run: April 5, 2012 – June 28, 2012
Number of Episodes: 12

What it’s about: In a universe mixing “moe” and “horror”, we follow the tragic daily life of four students named Yuki, Yuuri, Miki and Kurumi in a school. Overnight, an epidemic caused by a biological weapon turns almost the entire population into zombies. The four girls will then have to survive on the school grounds, while the eldest of the group, Yuki, suffers from a mental disorder that makes her see the world differently: for her, the disaster did not happen. spent and continues a normal life as a high school girl, and takes classes with different teachers, including Megumi.

Why you should watch it: Well, School-Live! is definitely a great horror title that examines several aspects of our society, which is why we definitely recommend it. The humor is not abundant, but there is more than enough to satisfy your needs.

23. Black Butler

Anime Black Butler Season 2 Anime Topia

Original Run: October 3, 2008 – September 12, 2014
Number of Episodes: 46 (+9 OVA episodes and a film)

What it’s about: In England, during the reign of Queen Victoria, i.e. during the late 19th century, we start our story. The main character is twelve-year-old Ciel, whose parents die in the fire (Ciel was 10 years old then). Ciel is the only rightful heir to the family company, but he is still a child, and if he wants to keep the company, he must have someone very capable with him.

Why you should watch it: Black Butler is a classic that all real anime fans know about. It is a truly innovative story with a lot of horror elements, but also a lot humor, although the humor is not always straightforward.

24. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

jotaro kujo and josuke higashikata 1634676372498 1

Original Run: October 6, 2012 – present
Number of Episodes: 164 + 17 OVA + 1 film

What it’s about: The plot unfolds around the story of the Joestar bloodline, a powerful family of British origin destined to combat evil supernatural forces using acquired powers; the work covers several generations of said lineage, which are adapted in each part by putting a descendant as the protagonist, starting with Jonathan in the year 1880. Parts 1 to 6 have a continuous and linear story, while parts 7 and 8 take place in an alternate universe.

The name “JoJo” consists of a play on words composed of the name of the protagonists of each part, which can be abbreviated as “Jojo” and used as a nickname.

Why you should watch it: Well, if you ask us, the scariest thing about JoJo’s is the animation, but there is some existential horror in this bizarre festival of whatever this is. This is a cult classic for most and we do not doubt that it will make you laugh.

25. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Original Run: April 8, 2012 – June 24, 2012
Number of Episodes: 12 + OVA

What it’s about: An old legend is about at the Seikyō Private School: 60 years ago, a girl is said to have been left in an old school building and died there. Teiichi Niiya, who has come to the middle school, meets the beautiful Yūko Kanoe in the old school building, which soon turns out to be the spirit of the girl left behind.

But she lost her memories (amnesia) and therefore does not know what happened back then and why she still lives as a spirit in the school. Teiichi wants to educate the events and now starts looking for her memories with her. To do this, they have to ventilate the seven legendary secrets of the school. To do this, they found the club to investigate paranormal phenomena, in which Momoe Okomogi and Kirie Kanoe will soon be at your side.

Why you should watch it: Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is a very nice combination of several genres and subgenres, which is why it is a fitting balance for this list. Sure, it is quite creepy, but it also has some very lighthearted and beautiful moments that you will definitely enjoy.

26. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 4

Original Run: January 11, 2019 – March 26, 2021
Number of Episodes: 23

What it’s about: The Promised Neverland revolves around Emma, ​​Norman, and Ray. They are three 11-year-old orphans who live in a Victorian country orphanage run by a mother figure, Isabella. Their life flows peacefully, between play, rest, and daily aptitude tests, the results of which are used to draw up a ranking of the most intellectually gifted children.


The Promised Neverland: Why Season 3 May Not Happen?

Why you should watch it: The Promised Neverland certainly is a title that has more funny moments than actual horror moments, but if you actually think about the society these kids are living in and their overall situation, it is pretty grim and frightening.

27. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

Original Run: April 17, 2011 – July 3, 2011
Number of Episodes: 12 (+ OVA)

What it’s about: The student Ganta Igarashi lives in Tokyo, which was severely damaged by an earthquake. He is a survivor of the disaster that caused three-quarters of Tokyo to sink under the sea. Still, people try to live normal lives, so Ganta goes to school with his friends. One day, however, a strange man dressed in red appears, floating in front of the classroom windows.

Why you should watch it: The overall weirdness of Deadman Wonderland would certainly allow us to label it as a mild horror series, which is why we decided to put it on this list. As for the humor, like the horror, it is mild, but it is present and we are sure that some scenes will put a smile on your face as you watch it.

28. Sankarea: Undying Love

Sankarea Undying Love1

Original Run: April 5, 2012 – June 28, 2012
Number of Episodes: 12 + 3 OVAs

What it’s about: Son of a priest, the Japanese high school student Chihiro Furuya likes zombies. He avidly collects everything related to these, whether video games, movies, or manga, and he entertains the dream of zombies declaring their love for him. Faced with his cat Babu’s death, he decides to bring him back to life with the help of an old manuscript describing the procedure of creating a potion used for “resurrection”. Around this time, he meets Rea Sanka, a young girl who has run away from her home.

Why you should watch it: Sankarea is a very intriguing blend of comedy and horror, but also romance. We have several similar titles on this list, but Sankarea really has something going for it, and we think you’ll definitely enjoy it.

29. The Testament of Sister New Devil

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: October 9, 2015 – December 11, 2015
Number of Episodes: 10 + 2 OVA

What it’s about: One day, out of the blue, the student Basara Tōjō is informed by his father Jin Tōjō that he will marry again and that his new mother, who is currently abroad, will bring two daughters into the marriage: Mio and Maria Naruse.

They move in with them immediately and after a few initial difficulties, he and she get along quite well. When his father also has to leave due to his photography job and Basara is alone with his two new sisters, both reveal themselves to be demons: Mio is the future demon queen and Maria is a succubus and Mio’s bodyguard.

Why you should watch it: This one also focuses more on the romance and comedy part, like many other titles on this list, but there are demons and devils involved, and that is always scary, even if only a bit. And that is why we have given this title a place on our list.

30. Actually, I Am…


Original Run: July 6, 2015 – September 28, 2015
Number of Episodes: 13

What it’s about: Asahi Kuromine, a high school student unable to keep secrets, surprises one of his classmates, Yoko Shiragami, by deploying a large pair of wings. He then learns that Yōko is a vampire and that her father threatens to change her establishment if her identity comes to light. Since Youko is particularly distracted, she struggles to keep her secret, especially since Mikan, Asahi’s childhood friend, keeps insisting on finding out more about her. Asahi will later discover that other girls in her school also keep heavy secrets, which will make her task as a confidante all the more difficult.

Why you should watch it: Actually, I Am… is actually a complex series and there is a lot to take in, really. There’s a lot going on and a lot of unexpected twists and turns. Most of it is quite lighthearted and we don’t expect you to be too scared, but we do expect you to laugh, and that is why we have chosen this as our last entry on the list.

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