‘Dr.STONE’ Anime Filler List (All 3 Seasons & the Movie)

Dr.STONE Anime Filler List (All 3 Seasons & the Movie)

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Dr.STONE is a shōnen manga written by Riichirō Inagaki and drawn by Boichi. It was published in Shūeisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from March 6, 2017, to March 7, 2022. An anime television series adaptation by TMS Entertainment aired between July 5 and December 13, 2019. A second season aired between January 14, 2021, and March 25, 2021. A two-part third season premiered on April 6, 2023, and is currently ongoing.

As fans will know, long-running anime series, especially manga adaptations, tend to add so-called filler episodes or arcs during their initial run. Filler episodes were popular throughout the 90s and early 00s, but they’ve become a relic since then. While the phenomenon is rare in modern anime series, we have still decided to tell you whether there are any filler episodes in Dr.STONE.

Are there any filler episodes in Dr.STONE?

As we have said above, fillers are quite rare in modern anime. They were common during the ’90s and early ’00s, when many series – practically all of them – had filler content, and some anime adaptations even completely changed the original manga and had a non-canon filler ending. Most of the fillers were not canon, although some have retroactively been made canon (Bleach is a good example, as the Can’t Fear Your Own World light novel made some of the filler arcs canon, at least partially).

As far as Dr.STONE is concerned, we can confirm that the series has 0 canon episodes, i.e., no filler content at all. This is not uncommon for contemporary anime series, and in that aspect, we can simply confirm that Dr.STONE is in line with modern trends. This doesn’t mean that the anime has no original content, but that content is limited to some scenes or dialogues and nothing else.

This doesn’t mean the series won’t have filler content later, but this is the current state.


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Is Dr.STONE: Ryūsui canon?

One question fans often ask is the canon status of the Dr.STONE: Ryūsui special episode, which premiered on July 10, 2022. But, from this standpoint, we can actually confirm that even this special movie-format episode is canon.

The Dr.STONE: Ryūsui television special is canon and is integral to the Dr.STONE anime series. The special adapted manga Chapters 84 to 89, thus definitely confirming that it is canon. If you’re a fan of the Dr.STONE anime series, this special is a must-watch and something you cannot skip out on, as it continues the plot and bridges two seasons.

Dr.STONE is definitely special in this aspect, as most special episodes and similar contents are traditionally not canon and are filler works. Still, in the case of Dr.STONE, even this special one-off episode was canon and is an essential narrative moment, as skipping it will leave you pretty confused once you continue with the anime.

List of all Dr.STONE episodes (canon and filler)

As we have said, Dr.STONE currently doesn’t have any filler episodes, but we will still bring you a list of all the series’ episodes and their status. Of course, this list reflects current data and will be updated once more information is available:

Season 1

No.TitleAir DateStatus
1“Stone World”July 5, 2019CANON
2“King of the Stone World”July 12, 2019CANON
3“Weapons of Science”July 19, 2019CANON
4“Fire the Smoke Signal”July 26, 2019CANON
5“Stone World The Beginning”August 2, 2019CANON
6“Two Nations of the Stone World”August 9, 2019CANON
7“Where Two Million Years Have Gone”August 16, 2019CANON
8“Stone Road”August 23, 2019CANON
9“Let There Be the Light of Science”August 30, 2019CANON
10“A Flimsy Alliance”September 6, 2019CANON
11“Clear World”September 13, 2019CANON
12“Buddies Back to Back”September 20, 2019CANON
13“Masked Warrior”September 27, 2019CANON
14“Master of Flame”October 4, 2019CANON
15“The Culmination of Two Million Years”October 11, 2019CANON
16“A Tale for the Ages”October 18, 2019CANON
17“A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies”October 25, 2019CANON
18“Stone Wars”November 1, 2019CANON
19“To Modernity”November 8, 2019CANON
20“The Age of Energy”November 15, 2019CANON
21“Spartan Crafts Club”November 22, 2019CANON
22“The Treasure”November 29, 2019CANON
23“Wave of Science”December 6, 2019CANON
24“Voices Over Infinite Distance”December 13, 2019CANON


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Season 2

No.TitleAir DateStatus
25“Stone Wars Beginning”January 14, 2021CANON
26“Hot Line”January 21, 2021CANON
27“Call from the Dead”January 28, 2021CANON
28“Full Assault”February 4, 2021CANON
29“Steam Gorilla”February 11, 2021CANON
30“Prison Break”February 18, 2021CANON
31“Secret Mission”February 25, 2021CANON
32“Final Battle”March 4, 2021CANON
33“To Destroy and to Save”March 11, 2021CANON
34“Humanity’s Strongest Tag Team”March 18, 2021CANON
35“Prologue of Dr. Stone”March 25, 2021CANON

Dr.STONE: Ryūsui (Special)

No.TitleAir DateStatus
35.5“Dr. Stone: Ryusui”July 10, 2022CANON

Season 3 (ongoing)

No.TitleAir DateStatus
Part 1
36“New World Map”April 6, 2023CANON
37“Greed Equals Justice”April 13, 2023CANON
38“First Contact”April 20, 2023CANON
39“Eyes of Science”April 27, 2023CANON
40“Science Vessel Perseus”May 4, 2023CANON
41“Treasure Box”May 11, 2023CANON
42“Ray of Despair, Ray of Hope”May 18, 2023CANON
43“The Trump Card Aboard the Science Vessel”May 25, 2023CANON
44“Beautiful Science”June 1, 2023CANON
45“Science Wars”June 8, 2023CANON
46“With This Fist, A Miracle”June 15, 2023CANON
Part 2
47“The Kingdom of Science Strikes Back”October 12, 2023CANON
48“TBA”October 19, 2023TBC

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