Is the Dr.STONE: Ryūsui Special Episode Canon? (& Is It Worth Watching?)

Is the Dr.STONE: Ryūsui Special Episode Canon? (& Is It Worth Watching?)

Dr.STONE, is a shōnen manga written by Riichirō Inagaki and drawn by Boichi. It was published in Shūeisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from March 6, 2017, to March 7, 2022. An anime television series adaptation by TMS Entertainment aired between July 5 and December 13, 2019. A second season aired between January 14, 2021, and March 25, 2021, and the third season premiered in 2023. Between the second and third seasons of Dr.STONE, a special episode titled Dr.STONE: Ryūsui was released on July 10, 2022, and in this article, we will focus on that episode and tell you whether it’s canon and whether it’s worth watching.

The Dr.STONE: Ryūsui television special is canon and is integral to the Dr.STONE anime series. The special, which premiered on July 10, 2022, adapted manga Chapters 84 to 89, thus definitely confirming that it is canon. If you’re a fan of the Dr.STONE anime series, this special is a must-watch and something you cannot really skip out on.

In the rest of this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the canon status of Dr.STONE: Ryūsui. You’re going to find out the basic production information so that you know the idea behind the series, as well as how the plot of the series fits into the overall narrative. We’re going to help you resolve this issue swiftly.

Dr.STONE: Ryūsui is definitely canon

Dr.STONE: Ryūsui was released in 2022, and the movie was supposed to bridge the gap between the second and the currently airing third season of the series, introducing the character of Ryūsui Nanami, who would go on to have an important role in the third season of the anime, as well as the rest of the story.

The television special’s story started with Gen organizing an exchange of ideas for a ship design. With the help of Minami, Senku goes to awaken Ryūsui, the young heir of the Nanami financial group and an expert navigator, but with an arrogant and selfish character. Ryūsui says the ship won’t go far without fuel and demands ownership of the oil field they find as payment for his professional help.


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To allow the leaders of the realm of science to buy oil, Ryūsui introduces a currency that bears part of his name, dragon, and in a short time, every object or service offered by the realm of science is priced.

Chrome, Kohaku, and Ukyo, who set off in search of oil near Shizuoka, cannot orient themselves due to the new conformation of the territory and would need a new geographical map. To remedy the problem, Senku decides to observe the landscape from above with a hot air balloon, and Gen extorts the labor necessary for the collection, spinning, and weaving of hemp performed under the guidance of Yuzuriha. The sturdier fabrics are sewn into the ball, and the rest are transformed into clothing.

Senku, Ryūsui, and Chrome board the balloon and use the current of the cyclone to travel west towards Ishigami village, but end up in the middle of a raging cumulonimbus cloud. Unable to free itself from the updraft, Chrome proposes to ride it using all the fuel at its disposal to get out of harm’s way. The balloon arrived successfully and within hours at the Ishigami village, where Kohaku and Ukyo were waiting for it.

Dr.STONE: Ryūsui is a must-see for fans of the series

Dr.STONE: Ryūsui is, as we have established, part of the Dr.STONE canon, and due to that fact, we can only state that Dr.STONE: Ryūsui is not only worth the watch, it is a must-watch. Namely, it is impossible to watch the anime’s third season normally without watching the Dr.STONE: Ryūsui television special. Although such programs are often non-canon in the world of anime, this was a canon special whose main purpose was to bridge the gap between seasons two and three. And Dr.STONE: Ryūsui succeeded in doing that, actually introducing a new character to the lore and also advancing the plot even further.

Long story short, Dr.STONE: Ryūsui is definitely worth watching, and not only that, but it is also a special that you have to watch if you want to grasp the whole story completely. Fans of the Dr.STONE anime series simply cannot skip the Dr.STONE: Ryūsui television special as it contains a lot of important narrative moments, but we do have to praise the overall quality of the special itself.

Sure, there are some standard shonen tropes that people might not like, but you won’t really have too many problems with them. Ultimately, regarding them, Dr.STONE: Ryūsui has a very small amount of such elements (compared to some other isekai shonen works such as, e.g., Overlord or KonoSuba, and these are also some better titles if you know what shonen can contain). They will definitely not bother you while you’re watching.

The story of Dr.STONE: Ryūsui is highly entertaining, and the still-evolving world of Dr.STONE is something that fans of long(er) stories will definitely like and be attracted to. This is a great aspect of Dr.STONE: Ryūsui as it enables fans who like to see a story to stick around and follow the characters in their adventures for a long(er) period of time.

And the characters are also definitely worth it. Be it the globally popular protagonists or some lesser-known supporting characters, everyone in Dr.STONE: Ryūsui has a story to tell, and that story has some impact on the evolution of the plot, which is great in terms of development, but also a sign that the author knew what he was doing.


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The only major downside of Dr.STONE: Ryūsui is that it is not a standalone work, which means that you will have to watch the first two seasons in order to understand it, and if you want to watch the third season, you’ll have to watch Dr.STONE: Ryūsui before that. This is nothing big, but it could be a downside for some.

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