‘Dr.STONE’ Season 3 Schedule: Episode 10 Release Date

Crunchyroll Announces Third Series of Dr.STONE!

Dr.STONE is one of those shonen anime series that never became as popular as the “Big Three” or even the new “Big Three,” but it still has a devoted fandom and has received critical acclaim over the years. The manga has just recently been completed – on March 7, 2022 – after five years and 25 volumes, so that means that fans know that the anime is also going toward its ending. We know that Dr.STONE is getting a third season of the anime, and we have decided to help you prepare for it in this article. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed release guide for the upcoming third season of the Dr.STONE anime episodes and what you can expect regarding their release schedule.

Dr.STONE Season 3, Episode 10 release date

Episode 10 of the third season of the Dr.STONE anime series will, as we have confirmed, air on Thursday, June 8, 2023. The series generally follows a regular weekly schedule and airs every Thursday, but there might be some shorter or longer pauses in the future. The title of Episode 10 of the anime is still unknown at this moment. As we have said, Episode 10 is going to air on June 8, 2023, according to the following timelines (worldwide):

  • Pacific Standard Time: Saturday, June 8, 6:30 am
  • Central Standard Time: Saturday, June 8, 8:30 am
  • Eastern Standard Time: Saturday, June 8, 9:30 am
  • Greenwich Mean Time: Saturday, June 8, 1:30 pm
  • Indian Standard Time: Saturday, June 8, 8 pm
  • Central European Time: Saturday, June 8, 1.30 pm
  • Australian Central Daylight Time: Sunday, June 8, 11 pm
  • Philippines time: Saturday, June 8, 9:30 pm
  • Brazil Time: June 8, 10:30 am


Dr.STONE Watch Order: Including Season 3

Dr.STONE anime series’ upcoming episodes release schedule

As of the time of writing, the official episode count of the third season of the Dr.STONE anime adaptation, has not been revealed. It is assumed that the series will have at least 10 to 13 episodes, based on how many chapters it is going to adapt, but we’ll just have to wait and see. In this section, we are going to bring you a general overview of the whole season of Dr.STONE so that you can follow the series easily:

  1. Dr.STONE, Season 3, Episode 1, “New World Map” – April 6, 2023
  2. Dr.STONE, Season 3, Episode 2, “Desire Is Noble” – April 13, 2023
  3. Dr.STONE, Season 3, Episode 3, “First Contact” – April 20, 2023
  4. Dr.STONE, Season 3, Episode 4, “Eye of Science” – April 27, 2023
  5. Dr.STONE, Season 3, Episode 5, “Science Ship Perseus” – May 4, 2023
  6. Dr.STONE, Season 3, Episode 6, “Treasure Box” – May 11, 2023
  7. Dr.STONE, Season 3, Episode 7, “Ray of Despair, Ray of Hope” – May 18, 2023
  8. Dr.STONE, Season 3, Episode 8, “The Trump Card Aboard the Science Vessel” – May 25, 2023
  9. Dr.STONE, Season 3, Episode 9, “Beautiful Science” – June 1, 2023
  10. Dr.STONE, Season 3, Episode 10, “TBD” – June 8, 2023
  11. Dr.STONE, Season 3, Episode 11, “TBD” – TBC
  12. Dr.STONE, Season 3, Episode 12, “TBD” – TBC

Where to watch the latest Dr.STONE episodes?

The only place where you can watch Dr.STONE regularly is Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll offers the series regularly through simulcast, but you’ll have to watch it in Japanese, with English subtitles. Other streaming services might also offer Dr. STONE, but the episodes are not updated regularly, so you won’t be able to watch the latest ones.