Dr.STONE: Does Senku Actually Die? Revealing the Hero’s Fate!

Dr.STONE: Does Senku Actually Die? Revealing the Hero's Fate!

As far as Dr.STONE is concerned, the protagonist, Senku Ishigami, is, believe it or not, also the most popular character in the series. This, of course, makes complete sense, as the protagonist of an anime is rarely not the most popular character in the series. Throughout the series’ run, Senku Ishigami has proven himself to be a pillar of the series, which is why fans always want to know more about him. With the series currently airing, many fans are, of course, wondering about Senku Ishigami’s fate in the series, and in this article, we have decided to tell you what happens to him in the series, i.e., whether he dies or not in Dr.STONE.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Senku was petrified in 2019 and was able to keep his consciousness due to counting the seconds since his petrification. He eventually woke up by himself 3,719 years and 249 days after his petrification.
  • Although he has had many dangerous adventures and was later in the series petrified again on more than one occasion, Senku Ishigami survived the events of Dr.STONE and is alive and well.

Senku’s origins tell the story of a true genius

Senku first appears when Taiju declares that he is going to confess his feelings to Yuzuriha. Senku offers Taiju a “potion” that will give him a 300 percent chance of success. Taiju refuses, saying he wants to receive a real answer from Yuzuriha.

Senku then reveals to the other classmate that the potion is the essence and would kill Taiju if he drank it. However, he was ten billion percent sure that Taiju would have refused him. When her classmates start betting on how Yuzuriha will react to Taiju’s confession, all believing she will reject him, Senku bets ten thousand yen on Yuzuriha having feelings for Taiju.

Subsequently, all of the others undergo petrification, turning Senku into stone. Senku started timing the duration of his petrification while he was still aware. His statue got stuck in a cave at one point until drips broke free of his stone form. Senku measured up to 117,354,893,870 seconds after depetrification, which indicates that he was petrified for 3,719 years and 249 days. Senku, liberated from his captivity, starts organizing and constructing in order to support himself.


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He made the decision to unpetrify the others after discovering a petrified Taiju at that point. When he goes back to the location where he was depetrified, he finds that his release was caused by nitric acid. He thus started putting his theory to the test by dousing humans and birds with nitric acid, but to no avail. He surmises that the addition of alcohol, which contains ethanol, will convert nitric acid to nital and may facilitate depetrification.

He’s stuck though, since he didn’t have any alcohol and couldn’t afford to buy any. At that moment, Taiju managed to overcome his fear of Senku. Senku was the worker, and Taiju was the thinker, so they started collaborating to both live and figure out how to terrify other people. At that point, Taiju discovers wild grapes in the forest and proposes using them to make alcohol.

Senku is prepared to put his theory on nitric acid and ethanol to the test on the petrified birds after producing alcohol from these. They were shocked to learn that nital is the deterrent compound. Thus, the depetrification formula has finally been discovered. Furthermore, Taiju determines that Yuzuriha should be the first to depetrify as she was the one who discovered the wild grapes. And the rest is – history!

Senku has been petrified more than once, but he is alive and well

As you can see, Senku was a true genius. When he was petrified, he realized what was happening and kept himself conscious by counting the seconds since his petrification, which was a genius move that eventually saved his life. In total, he has been petrified and depetrified as follows:

  • Year 2019 (petrified by Why-man)
  • April 1st Year 5738 (awoke by himself)
  • Year 5739 (depetrified by Taiju & Yuzuriha)
  • Year 5741 (petrified by Ibara)
  • Year 5741 (depetrified by using nitric acid on himself)
  • Year 5742 (petrified by Why-man)
  • Year 5749 (depetrified by Suika)
  • Year 5753+ (petrified by himself)
  • Year 5753+ (depetrified by Xeno, indirectly)

As you can see, Senku was petrified a total of four times in the series, which is a solid number, and is notable in Senku’s case because even he, as the protagonist, was not spared of being petrified by the author duo, which is a good thing that did wonders for the authenticity of the plot of Dr.STONE. Of course, he was depetrified each time and using his skills and his intellect, Senku was able to help his allies and friends defeat Why-Man and… well, not recreate the world as it was, but create a new world using the foundations of the old world.


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But, on top of that, he has had many other dangerous missions and was, more than once, targeted by the villains of Dr.STONE. He was almost killed more than once, and his life was hanging by a thread more than once in the series. This also makes sense from a narrative standpoint, as it made the series more exciting and thrilling, providing us with numerous great moments.

So, having said all of this, does Senku survive? Yes, he does. As the protagonist of the series, Senku Ishigami does survive in the series, and he continues his research of the new world in the future, showing how great he is and why we all love him so much.

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