Dr.STONE: What Happened to Taiju and Yuzuriha? How Did They Survive?

Dr.STONE: What Happened to Taiju and Yuzuriha? How Did They Survive?

The characters of Dr.STONE are a truly intriguing lot, and they offer a lot of entertainment for fans of the series. Some of them are more important, and some are less, but each character – in general – has at least one specific aspect that deserves your attention. In this article, we are going to talk about the series’ best-known couple – Taiju Ōki and Yuzuriha Ogawa. We are going to tell you what exactly happened to them and how they managed to survive.

Taiju and Yuzuriha were both petrified at the same time when the ray of light reached them. This happened moments before Taiju actually planned to confess his feelings to Yuzuriha. Millennia later, Taiju was able to retain his consciousness while being petrified and was eventually revived thanks to that fact. Yuzuriha was found and revived by Taiju and Senku, who used the Revival Fluid on her.

The remainder of this article is going to focus on the characters of Taiju and Yuzuriha in Dr.STONE. You are going to find out who they are, why they are important for the story, what happened to them, and how they managed to survive throughout the story. If you don’t know the whole plot of Dr.STONE, there might be some spoilers here.

Taiju and Yuzuriha have a shared history

Taiju is Senku’s best friend and the second person to break free from petrification. While he is nowhere near as intelligent as Senku, he is fiercely loyal and makes up for his lackluster intellect with his strength and stamina. He is in love with Yuzuriha and does everything to take care of her, especially when she is in danger. Senku has him and Yuzuriha join Tsukasa’s Empire of Might as part of his plan before reuniting with Senku in the Ishigami Village. As a member of the power group, Taiju leads the agriculture division while being assisted by Yo and Magma.

Yuzuriha is Senku’s and Taiju’s childhood friend, and the girl Taiju has always been in love with. She is revived soon after Taiju and Tsukasa. She joins her high school’s craft club to pursue her goal of becoming a fashion designer and is exceptionally talented in arts such as stitching and dressmaking. Along with Taiju, she was Senku’s spy in the Empire of Might. Yuzuriha later opens a clothing store by becoming a part of the craft and development team.


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When Taiju was a child, his parents passed away. Taiju made friends with Yuzuriha and Senku Ishigami. As they assisted Senku with his experiments, their bond got closer. One of their efforts involved using a self-learning rocket to launch small items into orbit. Knitted plushies created by Yuzuriha represented all three. The toys were sent into orbit even though the rocket could not reach space. Taiju assisted Senku in creating a costume that enabled Byakuya Ishigami, Senku’s father, to pass his swimming exam.

Taiju has a strong capacity for endurance and hasn’t hit anyone since high school. Taiju claims that he will eventually tell Senku the feelings he has had for Yuzuriha for the past five years. Then, Taiju cynically declares that he will assist him from the chemistry lab at the school, to which Taiju eagerly and gratefully responds. Senku interrupts him and admonishes him for burying his sentiments all this time, calling it illogical, adding that he does not want to play a part in any of that. Senku doesn’t support him; instead, he provides him with a “love potion” that he claims will increase the likelihood that his sentiments will be shared.

But Taiju declines the invitation and assures Senku that he will reveal his feelings without lying. After Taiju has left, Senku is questioned about if the love potion actually existed. Senku replies that it was gasoline and is certain that Taiju would reject the offer since he is fair and honest up to a certain extent. In front of a large group of students, Taiju extends an invitation to Yuzuriha to meet him in the schoolyard. The majority of the students are betting on Taiju’s rejection, but Senku is, much to everyone’s astonishment, wagering the highest amount on getting his feelings returned.

Just as Taiju is about to confess, a tremendous source of light can be seen behind them. He makes the decision to protect Yuzuriha from the approaching light beams since he and the remainder of the planet are all terrified. While petrified, Taiju declares that he is alive and warns that he must maintain his composure or he will probably lose consciousness. He realizes that his body is motionless, like the body of a stone statue, and recalls an earlier experience with a petrified bird. He wonders if the two incidents are related and remembers how he and Yuzuriha once brought two stone birds in for treatment.

Taiju helped revive Yuzuriha

The story of Taiju’s de-petrification and revival is an intriguing one. Namely, at an unknown time in the future, a conscious Taiju wonder long has elapsed since the petrification incident at an unspecified point in the future. He expresses concern for Yuzuriha but ensures that a girl with her determination cannot perish, claiming that he will also live. Once more, after some more time has passed, and Taiju is left wondering how long he was held captive before being let free. He looks around and bemoans the fact that all the people have been scared and are still in that same petrified state. At a later point in time, after Senku’s experiments failed, he simply broke out of his petrification and revived himself.

He was astonished to see Tsukasa Shishio’s statue when he came upon it. He finally chooses to go back to the camphor tree to look for Yuzuriha. When he gets to the tree, he praises it for keeping his beloved’s statue from being harmed and assures Yuzuriha that he is going to revive her. He discovers a note on a tree while conversing with the statue that says Senku has been de-petrified and is awaiting his arrival.


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It is now known how exactly Taiju managed to revive himself, as Senku’s initial experiments were a failure. In that aspect, Taiju’s revival is as specific and as miraculous as Senku’s. From a scientific point of view, it is assumed that they were revived due to the presence of nitric acid in the Guano Cave, as it took some time for the acid to build up and revive them. But nevertheless, both of these revivals were much quicker than similar processes that revived the birds and some other living beings. It is assumed that this is due to the fact that both Taiju and Senku managed to remain conscious while in their petrified states, being able to think and perceive things around them. This is what supposedly helped them survive.

As for Yuzuriha, her statue was found by Senku and Taiju, and they both planned on reviving her. After they managed to create a successful Revival Fluid, Senku, and Taiju went to Yuzuriha’s statue and revived her successfully so that she could reunite with her high school love. The two of them remained together for the remainder of the series and even ended up marrying when the manga ended. And this is the whole story of what happened to Taiju as well as Yuzuriha in the story of Dr.STONE.

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