Dr.STONE: Who Is Moz & What Happens to Him?

Dr.STONE: Who Is Moz & What Happens to Him?

Dr.STONE has never achieved the fame that some other shonen titles have over the years, but this fantasy work has nevertheless become a modern classic and has a very solid fandom. Dr.STONE is a truly beautiful tale filled with various fantastic elements and moments, so, understandably, fans love it. Of course, another forte of the series are its characters, and this article will be dedicated to one character from the series who played a major role during the Treasure Island Arc. The character in question is Moz, and in this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about him.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Moz is an inhabitant of the Petrification Kingdom and is one of its strongest warriors.
  • He was a powerful warrior and was initially very loyal to Ibara, working closely with Kirisame in the series to stop the issues that would arise in the Petrification Kingdom.
  • Senku and the others took his statue, and he was later petrified, joining Senku’s Science Kingdom.

Moz is a very complex personality with a thrilling story

Moz’s role in the series is quite complex. In short, he is an inhabitant of the Petrification Kingdom and was known as one of its strongest warriors, alongside Kirisame. He is later among those petrified by Ibara’s petrification device. After Ibara’s defeat, Moz is restored by Senku at Hyoga’s suggestion and joins the Science Kingdom until he is once again petrified during the South America Arc. This, as we have said, is his story in short, and we are now going to provide you with more details about Moz’s story in the series.

As far as his history is concerned, we know that Moz stems from a powerful warrior family and was a skilled fighter even before he was younger. He had exceptional talent, and when he was just seven years old, he almost killed his abusive father by slamming him away. This shows how powerful he was, and we can add that he has never lost a battle since that moment, according to his saying. Of course, this was before he lost his first battle later in the series.

Later, we see him in the Petrification Kingdom, patrolling the seas around Treasure Island with Kirisame. While doing that, they intercepted a group of children, among which was Amaryllis, who were trying to escape the island. Kirisame proceeded to petrify them with her weapon, but Moz tricked her into sparing Amaryllis as he wanted to see her reach adulthood; all this happened because he found her cute. He probably had very vile plans with her, but luckily, the series never explored this, and we hope that he never had the chance to do anything to the young girl.


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As far as the Treasure Island Arc is concerned, Moz finally played a major role there. It turned out that he planned to get his hands on the Petrification Weapon, and then he wanted to rule over everything, but that was not something he could do easily, so it required a lot of planning and acting on his side. Of course, he would ultimately fail in this plan, but we will now explore the events that led to his plan crumbling completely.

He was close to Ibara, and while he did pretend to be an intruder for a while, he actually defended Ibara and was by his side, as the two of them wanted to kill Senku. Of course, this plan of theirs also failed, and ultimately, as Ibara fled, Moz was left to fight Hyoga. At this point, Moz was still undefeated, so Hyoga had a tough job against the powerful warrior.

When it seemed that Moz was about to win, Hyoga jumped underwater and showed him new techniques that Moz could not counter. After fighting for a while, Moz was finally defeated, and just at that moment, Ibara activated the petrification weapon and petrified almost the whole island. As he was waiting for that to happen, Moz ironically commented how his first loss in life also happened to be his final battle.

And while he was petrified, he was wrong about the last battle. Namely, Senku and his allies soon took his statue, and Moz was soon depetrified and then joined the Science Kingdom. Although no one was certain how loyal he would be to them, he was seen sparring and training with the fighters of Senku’s group. In the New America City Arc, Moz participated in the fights and was eventually overpowered and heavily injured by Stanley during the final fight of that arc. Still, he managed to survive, proving just how sturdy he was, as his injuries were quite heavy.


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By the time the South America Arc started, he had already been healed and witnessed when Joel completed the Petrification Weapon. When Senku gave the signal to fight, he readily started the fight, stating that he would not be playing nicely anymore. Ultimately, while the fights were quite complex, Moz reached the Petrification Weapon and activated it using Why-Man’s command, which resulted in him and his allies being petrified once again. He was, ultimately, depetrified once again some years later, and with that, his story in Dr.STONE has come to an end.

Is Moz a traitor in Dr.STONE?

Now that you know Moz’s story in Dr.STONE, you might ask whether this intriguing character could be labeled a traitor in the series. Well, seeing how it is certainly an important and interesting question, we wanted to tell you what we know and what we think you need to know about this issue. The question of Moz’s loyalty is certainly important if we want to fully understand his story and his impact on Dr. STONE’s plot.

So, is Moz a traitor? Well, we do know that… Moz wanted to betray Ibara and Senku, and his Science Kingdom Allies couldn’t trust him. Moz was a narcissist, and while he did seem loyal, he was doing most of these things for his gain, as his goal was to get the Petrification Weapon for himself. He was stopped from doing it, but his intentions were quite clear. Yet, later in the series, he loyally fought with Senku and helped them enormously, which causes a bit of confusion: the same character had treacherous plans, yet when working for the “enemy” later, he did not plan any uprising or anything similar. This is why he is such a complex character, but also why he is so interesting.

We couldn’t really label him as a traitor in the literal sense of the word. That is a very hard word, and his situation is much more complex than that. His story is more about… seeing things right than actual treason. Moz has evolved as a character from the beginning, and this issue is one of the most important ones when talking about him and his role in the story. This is why we have cleared this issue up and provided you with this short topic analysis.

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