Dr. Stone: Is Tsukasa Going to Die? Here’s What Happened to Him

tsukasa injured

The storyline of Dr. Stone was initially a battle between brains and brawns because of how Senku had to contend with the mentality of Tsukasa, who thought that only the young and powerful deserved to inherit the planet more than 3,700 years after everyone on Earth was turned to stone. In that regard, there was an all-out battle between the Kingdom of Science and the Tsukasa Empire, as Tsukasa was the first antagonist of the storyline. But what happened to Tsukasa, and did he die?

Tsukasa survived after getting fatally injured by Hyoga during their fight. Because Senku didn’t have the medical equipment and knowledge to save Tsukasa from his wound, they placed him in cryosleep. After Senku acquired a petrification device, they used it on Tsukasa to heal him.

Tsukasa was the very definition of a reformed man with a good reason to change his ways, especially when he realized that what he did during the earlier part of the storyline was wrong. As such, Senku was determined to save him because he knew that Tsukasa was a changed man who deserved a second chance at life. Now, let’s look at what happens to Tsukasa.

Tsukasa’s Fate Explained

Introduced early in the storyline of Dr. Stone, Tsukasa immediately became one of the most important characters that allowed the plot to progress. He was a teenage MMA fighter that Senku and Taiju revived during the early part of the story because they needed someone to protect them from the planet’s dangers 3,700 years after everyone on Earth was turned into stone. Because he was dubbed the strongest teenager on the planet, Tsukasa was the perfect choice for Senku and Taiju while they understood what happened to the world.


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However, Tsukasa had a troubled past involving adults treating him and his sister poorly. As such, he decided to make the planet into one that only the young and the strong were deserving of. That was why he wanted to destroy all of the petrified statues of adults in the hopes of reviving only those he deemed strong enough to live in the new world he wanted to build. And because of that, there was a clash of ideals involving him and Senku, who wanted fair and equal opportunity for everyone.

Senku faked his death so that he could operate secretly as he was building the Kingdom of Science to prepare to fight the Tsukasa Empire, which had all of the strongest teenagers and young people. So, when Tsukasa learned that Senku had survived what should have been a fatal attack, that was when the Kingdom of Science clashed with the Tsukasa Empire. While Tsukasa had the stronger force and was aided by Hyoga, one of the strongest young people in the old world, Senku had science and teamwork on his side.

The war between the two factions was a stalemate, and that was when Senku decided to end the war. He told Tsukasa that they could revive Tsukasa’s sister Mirai, who was suffering from a fatal illness before everyone became stone. Senku understood that the de-petrification formula would also heal Mirai’s illness. So, when Senku de-petrified Mirai and proved that her illness was gone, Tsukasa agreed to a ceasefire and pledged his loyalty to Senku out of gratitude.

However, Hyoga didn’t want to end the war because he wanted to fulfill Tsukasa’s vision of a world where only the strong and young deserved to live. That was when he threatened to kill Mirai. Tsukasa and Senku both fought Hyoga and defeated him. However, Tsukasa was fatally wounded by Hyoga, who was a master spearman.

tsukasa and hyoga

As strong as he was, Tsukasa wouldn’t survive his wound because Senku didn’t have the equipment and medical expertise that would have allowed him to save the reformed man. However, because he was thankful for what Tsukasa did, even though he initially tried to kill him, Senku thought of a plan that allowed him to preserve Tsukasa’s life.

How Does Tsukasa Survive?

We mentioned that Senku could find a way to preserve Tsukasa’s life even though they didn’t have the means of saving him from the fatal wound that he suffered at the hands of Hyoga. The least that Senku could do was to devise a way to put Tsukasa in cryogenic sleep so that he wouldn’t die. But at the same time, he is in suspended animation. The goal was for Senku to prolong Tsukasa’s life to the best of his abilities while he was searching for a way to save his life.

tsukasa frozen

Of course, the only possible way for them to save Tsukasa was to petrify him and de-petrify him because the petrification process heals all wounds and illnesses. However, Senku and the others didn’t know a way to petrify someone at will. And this is where the Treasure Island arc of the storyline came in.

Basically, during the Treasure Island arc, Senku and the others discovered that a certain faction of humans was able to discover petrification devices that landed on the planet centuries ago. These petrification devices were still functional enough to turn people into stone. So, when Senku and the others got their hands on one of the devices, they returned to Ishigami Village.


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Using the petrification device, Senku turned Tsukasa’s frozen and suspended body into stone again and then used the de-petrification formula to de-petrify him. It worked because Tsukasa’s fatal wound was gone, and he reunited with his sister again. Grateful for what Senku did for him, Tsukasa became one of Senku’s greatest allies throughout the storyline and was even chosen to participate in the Moon Mission before he gave his seat to Kohaku.

As such, Tsukasa was the perfect example of a man who could redeem himself after initially antagonizing Senku and the Kingdom of Science. He never became a threat to Senku ever again because he was already happy enough that he had his sister with him.

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