All 33 Female Characters in ‘Dr.STONE’, Ranked by Importance

all female dr stone characters ranked

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Dr.STONE, is a shōnen manga written by Riichirō Inagaki and drawn by Boichi. It was published in Shūeisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from March 6, 2017, to March 7, 2022. An anime television series adaptation by TMS Entertainment aired between July 5 and December 13, 2019. A second season aired between January 14, 2021, and March 25, 2021. A third premiered in 2023 and is still airing. Now, while we’re waiting for new episodes of the series to air, we are going to introduce you to the characters of Dr.STONE. What we are about to tell you is a list of the most important Dr.STONE female characters, ranked by importance.

33. Sulfurina


Sulfurina, also known as Ryu-san, is actually the embodiment of the dangerous Emerald Green Spring, which emits poisonous gas consisting of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. She does not exist but simply embodies a location, so we start this list with her.

32. Shirogane

Shirogane Anime Infobox edited

Shirogane is a resident of the Kingdom of Science and Ishigami Village. She is Tetsuken’s wife and gives birth to the protectors Kinro and Ginro. She comes across as a serene, sympathetic woman. She undoubtedly has personality features in common with her son Ginro. Shirogane only appears during Ginro’s battle with Senku in the second round of the village tournament. She is seen agreeing with numerous other villagers that Ginro shouldn’t be in charge after hearing her describe her nefarious ambitions to run the community.

31. Alumi

Alumi Portrait

Alumi is a woman from the Kingdom of Science and Ishigami Village. She is the mother of Carb and is married to Natori. Sweet and somewhat reflective, Arumi adopts a similar laid-back attitude as Natori. She first remarks on the potential losses over the winter, then inquires as to whether anyone perished following the battle with Tsukasa’s Empire, and finally declares that they will never have to lose anyone to starvation, which seems wise.

Over the years, she has probably lost a lot of friends and family members. When assisting the kids in creating the gold thread required for the cell phone, Alumi appears to be in excellent health.

30. En

En Portrait

En belongs to the Kingdom of Science and the Ishigami Village. She is the mother of Ganen and Sagan’s wife. She is a contented and amiable woman. She is also depicted as being absorbed with the issues in Hamlet, giving the impression that she is untrustworthy.

She may have certain simple and common tasks to complete in the community, even though she gives the impression of being a weak lady in terms of strength or resistance.


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29. Chelsea Childe

Chelsea is ok with leading Luns 29

Chelsea Childe is a geographer. She traveled alone and explored North America when the main characters first found her. She is a very happy and energetic girl who does not shy away from showing her emotions, which is why she is such a peculiar and interesting character in the series.

28. Sango

Sango Anime edited

Sango is a resident of the Science Kingdom and Ishigami Village. She is Shou’s wife. Sango is never heard speaking in manga or anime. Therefore, she only acts as a generic background character who reacts the same as the others.

27. Sapphire

Sapphire 0 edited

Sapphire belongs to the Science Kingdom and the Ishigami Village. Sapphire is one of the sisters who frequently discuss males. Although her function in the community is unknown, she might assist the woman with several simple household tasks. Like her sisters, Sapphire appears to have given her perfect boyfriend much thought.

She seems to be extremely open about her preferences and is frequently preoccupied with her thoughts. She makes it clear that she wants an extremely attractive partner or husband. Sapphire seems to be a weak woman in terms of strength, but she might have several fundamental and commonplace skills to use in the village.

26. Azura

Azura Portrait

Azura belongs to the Kingdom of Science and the Ishigami Village. She is (probably) Kujaku’s daughter. She assists the town with laundry duties. She accepted Senku’s food as payment and labor, and as soon as she ate it, she joined the Kingdom of Science.

Azura is a young girl with brown hair pulled back into two pigtails and secured with a tight rope. Her eyes are red, and she wears clothing that resembles her mother’s. Azura seems to be a cheerful and reserved young lady who distrusts things she is unfamiliar with.

25. Beryl

Beryl portrait

Ishigami Village and the Science Kingdom are both home to Beryl. She is married to Carb. She has not been seen in any interactions with the other characters. Beryl is only seen once in the manga, while Suika seeks individuals to help Chrome and Senku with their work.

She can be seen holding seven distinct bundles, which are presumed to be substantial panels of cloth. Beryl is seen in the anime as conversing and working with the mushrooms with the other women before watching the village competition in the distance.

24. Shovel

Shovel Portrait

Shovel is a young girl who lives in the Kingdom of Science’s Ishigami Village. Although little is known about Shovel, she shows to be a very enthusiastic and hyperactive girl who works very hard when given tasks. Shovel has proven effective on the power team despite being a girl because of her stamina. Thanks to her manual dexterity, she was a girl with various skills and was helpful in the artisan team.

23. Dia

Dia portrait

Dia is a resident of the Kingdom of Science and Ishigami Village. She is known for being the mother of the sisters Ruby, Garnet, Sapphire and Alabaster’s spouse. She never speaks or responds to anything. Thus, her personality remains a mystery. Dia’s assistance in sorting the mushrooms with the other women in the anime implied that she might possess some foraging skills.

Dia first appears with Beryl, Kujaku, and Shirogane sorting mushrooms when the villagers are introduced in the anime series. She suddenly reappears in the front, watching the participants in the fight. Later, once the battle is finished, she is shown conversing with Titan while sitting next to him by the bonfire.

22. Maya Biggs

Maya Biggs

A citizen of the American Colony named Maya Biggs is one of the few individuals who can actually self-destruct. After undergoing a second petrification, she assists the Kingdom of Science in building a rocket for space travel. Maya is a vivacious woman who frequently has a smile on her face while engaged in combat. Despite her horrible singing, she appears to enjoy it.

Maya is a somewhat gluttonous person who is frequently pictured devouring huge chicken wings or turkey legs. Maya is extremely thrilled about the battle because she is the US Women’s MMA Champion.

21. Garnet

Garnet edited

Living in Ishigami Village is Garnet. She is Ruby and Sapphire’s sister. Garnet is a young woman who looks much like her ancestor, Lillian Weinberg, and has blonde hair and crimson eyes. Along with her sisters, in Kohaku’s opinion, she is the most attractive female in the community. Garnet frequently talks about guys, implying that she is like her sisters in that aspect. She usually prefers those men who are physically dominant.


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20. Suzu


Suzu is a resident of the Kingdom of Science and Ishigami Village. Suzu is a girl with short hair and blunt, curved bangs that frame her face. Her hair’s ends protrude just a little. She has thin, arched eyebrows and adorable, wide eyes. Her lips are tiny, and she has a very little nose. The noose of the town is tied around her neck, and she is wearing a short green dress. Being a girl, her personality might resemble Suika’s, though this is unknown due to her lack of presence.

19. Charlotte Bony

Charlotte Infobox edited

One of the few individuals in the entire globe who can self-destruct is Charlotte Bony, a resident of the American Colony. After undergoing a second petrification, she assists the Kingdom of Science in building a rocket for space travel. Particularly when it comes to Stanley, Charlotte is a devoted and fiercely loyal individual.

She generally presents a serious persona and abides by the law but also enjoys a good laugh. However, it is demonstrated that even she has her moments of frustration when she realizes that the enemy defeated her in an air battle. Charlotte is not wholly apathetic, in contrast to her allies. Charlotte begins to question her ability to fight the Kingdom of Science after being saved by Suika.

18. Namari

Namari Portrait

Namari belongs to the Kingdom of Science and the Ishigami Village. Being an artist, she can be seen working on crafts. Namari has bangs that conceal her right eye and short hair. She has thick eyebrows and large, lifeless eyes. Her mouth typically looks like a three, with one tooth sticking out. Compared to most characters, Namari is still a short character.

She is dressed in a dark green and green dress knotted at the waist with ink pots all over it. The distinctive rope of the community is worn around Namari’s neck. When Namari is asked to sketch something, she always cooperates, especially considering that she is frequently made to do it herself.

17. Connie Lee

Dr Stone Episode 16 Internation Space Station Connie Lee and Darya Nikitina 1024x575 1

Connie Lee was an American astronaut who lived on the International Space Station (ISS) along with cosmonauts Darya Nikitina and Yakov Nikitin. She witnessed the total petrification of humanity from the ISS. Connie was a very sweet, calm, and sentimental woman. In moments of her life, she brought charisma and hope to her group of survivors.

Connie was a slender woman with fair skin, reddish eyes, and brown hair in two characteristic pigtails. She was wearing a purple blouse with gray shorts. Training as an astronaut, Connie must have had high physical and mental fitness. She is an intelligent and skillful woman.

16. Kujaku


Kujaku is a member of the Ishigami Village and the Kingdom of Science. She is always accompanied by her (presumably) young daughter Azura. Once she tasted the bowl of ramen prepared by Senku, she became part of her working team. Kujaku is a fairly young woman, tall and thin, with short blonde hair, two protruding locks on her face, and green eyes.

She normally wears a one-piece dress. Kujaku appears to be a calm, kind, and cheerful woman. She is always seen wearing a polite smile. She has also been shown to be one of the few people that she trusted Senku from the beginning, attributing to him a selfless and trusting personality.

15. Ruby


Ruby is a member of the Ishigami Village and the Kingdom of Science. She belongs to a trio of sisters who are always talking about men. Her role in the village is unknown. However, she could be supportive of various basic household chores for her. Ruby is a girl with fair skin, blue-black hair in two pigtails, and very striking pink eyes.

According to Kohaku, Ruby, and her sisters are the most beautiful women in the village. Not much is known about her personality, but she shows interest in a man who can provide her with food, which is her ideal vision for her boyfriend or partner. Ruby has a more practical desire than her sisters, attributing her a simple and not at all ambitious personality. Ruby appears to be a weak woman in terms of strength. However, she could have various basic and routine skills to perform in the village.

14. Minami Hokutozai

Minami Hokutozai

Before her petrification, Minami worked as a reporter and was familiar with prominent individuals. Minami feeds Tsukasa after escaping from her petrification, and the two of them are in agreement about the fact that the world they lived in before the petrification was horrible.


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She Minami is one of those characters who join the Kingdom of Science, where she joins their Information Team after Hyoga is beaten and Tsukasa enters cryo slumber.

13. Amaryllis


Amaryllis is a girl who lives in the realm of petrification. She sides with Senku when she learns of his plans to overthrow Ibara, only to be petrified by him. After being restored after Senku defeats Ibara, Amaryllis helps Soyuz restore the people of the Petrification Realm.

12. Turquoise

Turquoise watching the bout

Turquoise is a villager from Ishigami Village and the Kingdom of Science. She is married to Jasper and fulfills the role of Ruri’s guard. Turquoise is a most serious and cautious woman. She takes the motherly role of Kokuyo’s daughters, especially Ruri, since he was seen overprotecting her from her on several occasions.

Turquoise is a slim woman with fair skin, green eyes, and dark hair. She wears a thick rope tied around her neck, accessorizing her with blue one-piece clothing. It is presumed that she is one of the village’s most skilled and strong women since she fulfills the role of protector of their main inheritance.

11. Darya Nikitina

Darya Nikitina

Darya Kikitina is a Russian cosmonaut and doctor and one of the astronauts on the International Space Station at the time when the people of the Earth were petrified. She is known to be quite aggressive at times, mostly because she is very close to her research, which she considers to be her children. This is why she is ready to go to lengths to protect her research and attack anyone who tries to harm it.

10. Kirisame


Kirisame is a denizen of the Petrification Realm and is one of its strongest warriors. In her first appearance, she was responsible for petrifying the crew of the Perseus. Kirisame is later among those petrified by Ibara. After Senku defeats Ibara, Kirisame is, along with many others, revived and recognizes Soyuz as the new ruler of the island. She later joined Senku’s Kingdom of Science.

9. Nikki Hanada

Nikki crying over Lillian27s death

An army sentry for Tsukasa, Nikki tries to trash Senku’s phone after finding it but is stopped by the voice of Lilian Weinberg, one of her favorite musicians. Nikki is one among those who enter the Kingdom of Science after Hyoga and Tsukasa are defeated, where she joins the Power Team. When Magma and Y do anything ridiculous, she is typically the one to put them in check.

8. Luna Wright

Luna unamused

Luna Wright was introduced later in the story as a girl from the American Colony. Her life goal is to find a smart and highly intelligent boyfriend, which is why she is so fascinated by the story’s protagonist; although she can be quite vocal, she is actually very timid on the inside. In order to get a chance to date Senku, she even switched loyalties and became a part of his Kingdom of Science.

7. Lillian Weinberg

Lillian Weinberg is an American singer and one of the astronauts on the International Space Station at the time when the people of the Earth were petrified. Years later, she and Byakuya were married, and both had children. They are actually revealed to be the relatives of the villagers of Ishigami.


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6. Homura Momiji

Homura Momiji

A young woman in Tsukasa’s army and a former acrobat. She acts as Hyoga’s right-hand man and acts as a scout-spy outside of combat, keeping an eye on Ishigami’s village from the trees. Sometime after Hyoga’s defeat, she tries to sabotage the radio tower, but Magma, Kinrou, and Kohaku capture her. Senku later forces her to join the crew of the Perseus.

5. Mirai Shishiō

Mirai Shishio

Mirai Shishiō is Tsukasa’s younger sister. Before being petrified, Mirai was in a deep state of coma (basically brain dead) due to a car accident. After the fight with Tsukasa, Senku revived her Mirai, and the formula also healed her. She would remain by Tsukasa’s side up until Senku heals him.

4. Ruri

Ruri blushing

Kohaku’s older sister and high priestess of Ishigami village is responsible for preserving the 100 Tales for posterity. She suffers from a disease that weakens her and will probably kill her before adulthood; finding a cure for the latter becomes the primary objective of Senku’s Kingdom of Science.

3. Yuzuriha Ogawa

Yuzuriha Ogawa

Senku and Taiju’s childhood friend and the girl Taiju has always been in love with. She is revived soon after Taiju and Tsukasa. She joins her high school’s craft club to pursue her goal of becoming a fashion designer and is exceptionally talented in arts such as stitching and dressmaking.

Senku has her and Taiju join Tsukasa’s Empire of the Force as part of her plan before reuniting with Senku in the Ishigami village. Yuzuriha later opened a clothing store by joining the craft and development team.

2. Suika

Suika Anime Infobox edited

A village girl who wears a watermelon mask (her name is Japanese for “watermelon”) ends up being one of Senku’s allies since the boy is one of the few people who doesn’t consider her strange. She wears her mask because she focuses the light so she can perceive it better since she is very nearsighted. Knowing this, Senku makes her glasses. She often offers her help to Senku by carrying out missions as a spy or scout.


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Suika joins the espionage squad as a result of the union of the Science Kingdom and the Tsukasa Empire. Suika is the sole human released during the second petrification world event as part of a plan set in place by the Science Realm; for the following seven years, she develops into a teenager as she works alone to replicate the awakening fluid, ultimately reviving Senku and the others.

1. Kohaku


One of the fighters and guardians of the Ishigami village and sister of Ruri. She is also the strongest fighter in the whole series, possessing great strength, agility, and keen eyesight. Kohaku starts liking Senku after seeing him confront Tsukasa and then coming to her help when she was almost killed by a tree, and becomes Senku’s first ally in the Stone World as part of the Science Realm power group (although she is often annoyed by her personality and mannerisms). Her name is Japanese for amber.

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