Dr. Stone: Here Is What Happened to Tsukasa


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Dr. Stone‘s story tells how humanity is looking to bounce back after the entire human population was turned to stone 3,700 years ago. In that regard, scientific genius Senku ended up using his intelligence to try to bring civilization back while reviving different people in the process of doing so. But he clashed with Tsukasa during the earlier part of the storyline because they had different beliefs. So, what happened to Tsukasa?

Tsukasa allied with Senku after the latter told him they could bring his sister back to full health. However, he was betrayed by Hyoga, who stabbed him with a fatal spear attack while attempting to kill Tsukasa’s sister. Tsukasa was placed in cryosleep to prevent him from dying until they found a way to heal him.

The story of Tsukasa in Dr. Stone allows us to see a former villain developing into an ally. In that regard, his redemption arc proved that even a villain could become a good guy. Of course, Tsukasa’s story is far from over because Senku found a way to heal his wounds. Now, let’s look at what we know about Tsukasa and his story in Dr. Stone.

Why Did Tsukasa Leave Senku?

During the early part of Dr. Stone, Senku and Taiju were two of the first people revived from petrification 3,700 years after a mysterious event caused the entire human population to turn into stone. In that regard, it is now up to them to try to find a way to bring the world back to the way it was while also trying to find a way to revive the human population from the petrification event.

Of course, the problem was that neither Senku nor Taiju were capable fighters in a world that had become savage. Dangerous animals lurked around after nature had taken the world back over 3,700 years. In that regard, they needed someone to defend them, and that was when they decided to revive Tsukasa Shishio, a known MMA prodigy dubbed the strongest teenager in the world, as their protector.


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While Tsukasa promised Senku and Taiju that he would never let harm come their way, it became apparent that he had different ideals. Tsukasa had a sad childhood where an adult physically assaulted him and his sister Mirai while he was only trying to make a seashell necklace for his sister. Mirai became clinically brain dead due to an illness, which forced Tsukasa to live a life of violence as an internationally renowned MMA fighter to support his sister’s medical bills.

Tsukasa’s history made him think that power was the only thing that mattered in the world and that this new world they lived in no longer had a place for greedy adults. That was why he and Senku ended up disagreeing on many different matters. Senku needed to fake his death to start the Kingdom of Science without getting harassed by the stronger force that Tsukasa had created for his Tsukasa Empire.

Senku Death

As such, the earlier part of the Dr. Stone storyline involved a war between the Kingdom of Science and the Tsukasa Empire. Senku, who had weaker fighters, focused more on creating scientific contraptions that could give them the tactical advantage over Tsukasa, who was able to revive some of the strongest teenagers to aid him in his war. And while Tsukasa had the advantage in terms of his forces’ raw power, especially after reviving Hyoga, who was known to be almost as strong as him, he had the initial advantage in the war against the Kingdom of Science.

What Happened to Tsukasa?

Thanks to Senku’s scientific knowledge and Ishigami Village’s efforts, the Kingdom of Science was able to stalemate the Tsukasa Empire. But it was clear that the war was going nowhere, and that was when Senku decided to find a way to end the war without shedding any more blood on either side. That was when he theorized that those undergoing the petrification and de-petrification process would have all their wounds and illnesses healed.

Due to this theory, Senku formed a ceasefire pact with Tsukasa. In exchange for an alliance, Senku would bring Tsukasa’s sister back with his stone formula. And when he successfully brought Mirai back all healthy and alive, Senku earned the trust and loyalty of Tsukasa, who pledged to protect him with his life to bring back the one person he loved the most.

However, Hyoga decided to betray Tsukasa because he had secretly plotted to overthrow him and establish a true empire where only the strong could live and survive. Tsukasa used his spear to attempt to kill Mirai, only for Tsukasa to protect his sister by taking the attack. While Tsukasa and Senku were able to defeat Hyoga, Tsukasa was left fatally injured and was going to die from his wounds.

hyoga betrays tsukasa

That was when Senku came up with the idea to put Tsukasa in cryogenic sleep until they could find a way to heal his wounds. At that point, they didn’t have the medical knowledge and expertise to help him, and that was why the best way to keep Tsukasa alive was to freeze him until Senku could find a way to help him sometime in the future. As such, Tsukasa was placed in cryogenic sleep at the end of Dr. Stone season 2.

Does Tsukasa Come Back?

While Tsukasa may have been placed in cryogenic sleep, Senku found a way to bring him back. During the Treasure Island arc in the manga, Senku and his friend discovered that there were Petrification Devices that fell from the sky and were being used as weapons by the Petrification Kingdom. These devices were the same ones that turned the entire human population into stone. However, a larger petrification ray was used on the world to simultaneously turn everyone into stone.


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Senku returned to Ishigami Village, where he used the Petrification Device to turn a frozen Tsukasa into stone. He then used his formula to de-petrify him. As such, the process of petrification and de-petrification healed all of Tsukasa’s fatal wounds as he happily reunited with his sister while learning that Senku was planning to go to the moon so that he and the others could confront the “Why-Man” that was planning to turn the entire human population into stone once more.

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