Dr.STONE Season 1 & 2 Recap: Get Ready for Season 3!

Dr.STONE Season 1 & 2 Recap: Get Ready for Season 3!

Dr.STONE is one of those shonen anime series that never became as popular as the “Big Three” or even the new “Big Three,” but it still has a devoted fandom and has received critical acclaim over the years. The manga has just recently been completed – on March 7, 2022 – after five years and 25 volumes, so that means that fans know that the anime is also going toward its ending. We know that Dr.STONE is getting a third season of the anime, and we have decided to help you prepare for it in this article.

We know that the third season of Dr.STONE is going to premiere on April 6, 2023, so while we’re waiting for the new episodes to start airing, here’s our summary of Seasons 1 and 2 to prepare you for what’s coming.

Dr.STONE Season 1 recap

Taiju, a robust and kind but not very intelligent student, is about to declare his love to Yuzuriha when a gigantic beam of light invades the whole Earth, instantly petrifying all of humanity. Senku, Taiju’s best friend, is a very rational boy and manages not to lose his temper by remaining conscious and counting the seconds that pass in view of a hypothetical awakening from petrification. This happens after 3,700 years, thanks to the dripping of nitric acid from the ceiling of a cave. In almost four millennia, nature has destroyed every artificial invention, but Senku, who possesses a lot of scientific knowledge, wants to revive human civilization based on science.

To have physical support, Senku awakens Taiju, and after a year of experimenting on petrified birds, they find together the correct solution to revive living beings. Senku has Taiju choose the next person to awaken, who decides it will be Yuzuriha, but the two boys find themselves being chased by a small pride of lions. Given the emergency, instead of Yuzuriha, they decide to awaken Tsukasa Shishio, a boy of their age endowed with extraordinary physical strength, which saves them from the lions. Senku asks Taiju to collect shells from which to obtain calcium carbonate, but he does not reveal all the fields in which he can be useful.

As Senku suspected, Tsukasa is not an individual who can be trusted blindly. In fact, he intends to destroy the statues of the people he does not deem worthy of being awakened, consequently making an arbitrary selection contrary to the pure principles of Senku. Senku wants to hinder Tsukasa’s primitive plan and would like to keep the existence of the awakening liquid hidden (the solution that cancels petrification). Still, Taiju blurts out this information at the first opportunity.

While Senku and Taiju awaken Yuzuriha, Tsukasa goes to see for himself the source of the miraculous water (nitric acid). Senku offers his two friends to escape to a safe place from the war between him and Tsukasa, but they decide to stay with Senku. Tsukasa has no intention of harming them but demands that they not interfere with his destruction of the statues of people he deems not worthy of being brought back to life, and Senku believes he will forcefully take over the monopoly of the miraculous water.

The only way Senku and his friends have to stop him is to build science weapons: making them believe they are running away, they go to the hot springs of Hakone, orienting themselves with a sextant and the bronze Buddha of Kamakura, to collect the sulfur needed to make gunpowder. Senku prepares gunpowder with sulfur, charcoal, potassium nitrate, and glucose; Taiju detonates it by mistake.


Dr.STONE Watch Order: Including Season 3

Immediately they think they have to put out the fire caused in order not to signal their presence to Tsukasa who could be on their trail, but before doing so, they notice a smoke signal in the middle of the forest. This means that there are other people alive nearby, and Senku decides to confirm their presence (since a single explosion could be mistaken for volcanic activity) by sending another smoke signal, even if there is a risk of revealing to Tsukasa their position…

Dr.STONE Season 2 recap

The most important vantage point in a war is a good supply. Senku fills this need by introducing the process of freeze-drying food (presenting the final product as “space food”), giving it more lightness, a reduced volume, and the possibility of being eaten hot. Gen comes up with an idea to end the war even before starting it: with a phone call, they could make believe that the singer Lillian is still alive and is in America, where civilization would have already restarted, and at that point, the majority of followers of Tsukasa would abandon him to join her.

Gen would imitate Lillian’s voice, and the disturbances due to the analog transmission will not give rise to any doubts to the enemies, who will also be able to listen to his own record to compare her voice. Senku, Gen, and Chrome take full responsibility for their lie without mentioning it to the other villagers and divert Homura’s attention by exploding deer bladders with thunder gas.

In this way, Chrome, Magma, and Gen can carry the telephone terminal without being seen. Homura, as expected, reaches the Ishigami village and is blinded by a burning of magnesium caused by Senku, who takes the opportunity to cover her with tungsten powder.

The lookout notices the absence of three villagers and deduces their plan, so she immediately sets off in pursuit. Senku and the others go after her, and with a Wood lamp, they manage to illuminate the traces left by Homura thanks to the fluorescence property of the metal.

With a strategy based exclusively on the exchange of information, the two groups surround Homura and capture her, and manage to bury the phone near Senku’s fake grave. The place is very strategic because whoever hears someone talking from there wouldn’t harbor suspicions, and finally, Taiju and Yuzuriha can get back to communicating with Senku.

Ukyo, an archer with acute hearing, targets Magma, Chrome, and Gen. Chrome causes a fire and then a rise of smoke, heating a battery with his short circuit and also starting to scream, allowing Gen to escape without being seen or heard by Ukyo. The next step in the plan is for Taiju and Yuzuriha to get someone from Tsukasa’s army on the phone, and Gen returns to the village just in time to mimic Lillian’s voice. Bad luck would have it that Nikki, the sentinel of the two boys chosen by them as a witness, is an avid fan of Lillian, and to make sure she is talking to the real singer, she asks her questions, to which Senku replies with Fermi’s estimates.


Where to Watch Dr.STONE? (Is it on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Disney+, HBO or Amazon?)

Nikki doesn’t buy it, but she is moved by the song, reproduced even more faithfully with the constant rotation speed of a ribbon spring, and decides to join Senku’s team to protect that one remaining disc. Chrome and Magma are under attack by Ukyo’s arrows, and realizing that he has no intention of killing them, Chrome raises the white flag and is captured.

Magma returns to the village with the news and decides to approach Tsukasa’s empire to save Chrome altogether. Having to transport a large quantity of scientific material, the need arises for an oscillating cylinder steam engine, which Senku builds by assembling the lost wax cast brass pieces. Chrome meets Tsukasa, who asks him why he is near his territory.

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