‘Dr.STONE’ Manga Is Over & Here Is How It Ends

Is the Dr.STONE Manga Over and How Does It End?

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Dr.STONE is a shōnen manga written by Riichirō Inagaki and drawn by Boichi. It was published in Shūeisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from March 6, 2017, to March 7, 2022. Now, we have revealed that the manga ended its publication in March 2022, but how did it end?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Dr.STONE manga ended on March 7, 2022, after a total of 26 volumes and a five-year run (almost to the date).
  • There are no plans – as of this moment – related to a potential sequel to the manga, but Dr.STONE fans will still be able to enjoy the ongoing anime series.

How does Dr.STONE end?

Dr.STONE officially ended with Chapter 232, as the astronauts safely return to Earth after having defeated Why-man. The world rejoices, and we see our heroes years later, living in an un-petrified society, with ambitious plans for the future. But, as fans will probably know, a final epilogue chapter, titled “Terraforming”, was released months after the manga ended and showed us a brief scene set after the manga’s ending. We shall now recap it for you and thus tell you how the manga actually ended.

Senku wakes up alone and lonely in the middle of the ocean, with no land or ship in sight and no memory of how he got there. It comes as no surprise to him that he had already covered his body in oil, which acts as a primitive heat insulator and gives him more time before hypothermia sets in. Senku then decides to conduct his own independent research and discovers that he already possesses some resurrection fluid and a homemade earphone modeled after the crystal radio that was originally manufactured on Treasure Island.


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Kohaku is curled up in a ball, terrified, with the sound emanating from the beacon of her life jacket when he inserts the earpiece. He follows the buzzing sound to find her. Senku is then brought back to the memory of what had transpired, namely that Taiju and Yuzuriha’s plane had crashed on the way home from their honeymoon in Norway. Taiju uses the petrifying weapon to petrify them all in order to protect them as they fall. Later, after being struck in the head by a coconut tree, Senku was resurrected when one of his own resuscitation fluid bottles crashed into him.

When Kohaku discovers some debris and chooses to start building a raft, the reunion with Senku is interrupted. Senku pulls Kohaku back to life and is happy to have a companion. Senku realizes that they must have landed there given the abundance of wreckage in the Sargasso Sea and Bermuda Triangle. After bringing back Suika and Chrome, the group fishes so well that they end up having a lot of food, fish oil, and therefore drinking water. They begin fermenting coconut sugar and producing alcohol in order to produce more awakening fluids.

Then Ukyo is discovered, but he is unable to be returned until he locates a source of nitric acid. Suika then recalls that nitric acid can be produced via an arc technique. She wishes she could harness the energy of the regular thunderstorms she now feels. Senku realized they could harness the power of the storm by utilizing a palm tree and Ginro’s spear as a lightning rod after Chrome recounts witnessing a blue fire before the plane crashed.


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As a result of their own error, they begin building the machine that generates nitric acid, collects jars from the ocean floor, and finds a shiny can of Senku’s Corned Beef. The canister used to process molten glass to create glass fiber was converted into a new cotton candy machine. In addition to Ukyo, they are able to revive Tsukasa, Chelsea, Sai, Ryusui, Gen, Taiju, Yuzuriha, Kinro, and Ginro as a result of their system’s ability to produce nitric acid. The crew then works together to make fish skin sails in an effort to elude the ocean currents that have captured them.

However, Stanley’s jet eventually finds them and carries them ashore as rescue teams begin to lose hope of finding any survivors. As they are welcomed by Luna and Xeno as they land, Senku offers them the treasure they originally discovered: ultra-pure metallic silicon used to make semiconductors. Senku goes on to declare that he aims to terraform society and make it even more evolved than it has ever been by using valuable minerals from other solar systems. While everyone is in awe at the sight, Senku tells them to get excited.

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