Dr. Stone: What Is Treasure Island? Location & Importance Explained

treasure island

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The Treasure Island arc of Dr. Stone is one of the most important parts of the storyline because this is when Senku and his allies learn more about what happened to the human race thousands of years ago when everyone was turned to stone. In that regard, this location is the first place that Senku and his friends visit to learn more about what’s happening worldwide. But what exactly is Treasure Island?

Treasure Island is the name that Senku gave the island where the astronauts landed thousands of years ago when they returned to Earth after spending some time in the International Space Station. This island is important because this was where Senku acquired the petrification device.

It is important to take note that one of the things that Senku prioritized was finding a way to heal Tsukasa after his valiant sacrifice during the events of the previous arc. In that regard, Treasure Island served as one of the ways for him to finally heal Tsukasa and learn more about the event that turned people into stone. So, with that said, let’s look at what Treasure Island is.

Treasure Island Explained

One of the things that we saw at the end of the entire war against the Tsukasa Empire was that Senku and his friends were now looking to embark on a new adventure after realizing that they needed to learn more about the world. As such, they decided to leave Japan and attempt to travel the seas for scientific advancement. This happened during the Treasure Island arc. But what exactly is the Treasure Island?

We know that Byakuya and a group of astronauts survived the petrification event in the International Space Station 3,700 years ago. After that, they left the station to return to Earth, only for them to land near an unpopulated island except for a petrified man. They didn’t want to return to the mainland due to the risks involved with the petrification, and that was why they stayed on the island while stockpiling metals.


Soon, Byakuya and the astronauts repopulated the island and tried to preserve as much information as possible through the 100 Tales. Meanwhile, some of the population split off and went to mainland Japan to create Ishigami Village. The ones that stayed on the island established the Petrification Kingdom. This very same island was the one that Senku called Treasure Island.

However, 700 years before the story’s events, many petrification devices fell from the sky and landed on the island. To ensure that these devices wouldn’t be used for evil by those who wanted to wield them to pursue more power, they were all destroyed except for one device.

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Meanwhile, 20 years before the story’s events, Soyuz, a member of Ishigami Village, was born as the son of the head of the Petrification Kingdom. However, Ibara used the petrification device on Soyuz’s father and tried to kill him before a woman fought back and took Soyuz to escape to the mainland, where they got to Ishigami Village.

She died due to exhaustion after giving Soyuz to the villagers. Since then, Ibara ruled the Petrification Kingdom with an iron fist, using the petrification device against anyone who found out about what he did to their true leader.

When Senku and his friends got to the island, they soon surveyed the area and saw that it was mostly round and had steep cliff shores. At the center of the island is a mountain, which is the reason for the inclination of most of the island. This mountain may be a volcano. The entire island is covered in forest and trees, similar to mainland Japan. Several small villages in the Petrification Kingdom can be found all over the island. 


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Of course, the name “Treasure Island” was one that Senku himself came up with because he knew that there was a treasure chest that Byakuya left on this island and that it contained the platinum that they needed to create nitric acid, which was important for the Revival Fluid or the de-petrification formula.

Senku likely named the island as such due to how symbolic it is to them, as it contained valuable treasure. Of course, the name of the island was likely inspired by the real-life story of Treasure Island, which was quite famous among sailors hundreds of years ago.

Treasure Island became the site of the conflict between the small team from the Kingdom of Science and the antagonists running the Petrification Kingdom. They fought Ibara across the island to obtain the petrification device that gave him power. Luckily, they won and returned to Ishigami Village to use the device on Tsukasa. And it was through this petrification device that Senku and the others learned about the mysterious “Why Man,” who was living on the moon and was likely the reason for the entire petrification event thousands of years ago.

Where Is Treasure Island Located in the Real World?

Dr. Stone is set in a fictional counterpart of the real world, and we can see that the earlier part of the storyline mostly takes place in Japan. That means there’s a good chance that Treasure Island is a real-life place. However, Senku and the others never mentioned where this island is and its real name, as the only thing we know is that it was named about the story of Treasure Island.


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However, there’s a good chance that this island is Aogashima. While there is a real-life island called Treasure Island (Takarajima), located in the Kagoshima Prefecture, its location in the real world does not match the location of the Treasure Island in Dr. Stone.

As such, it is possible that the Treasure Island in Dr. Stone is Aogashima, an island just as big as the one in the anime and has a volcano. The location of Aogashima is also much closer to the approximate location of Treasure Island in Dra. Stone.

Aogashima is located south of Japan and in the northernmost area of Micronesia. It is also the southernmost island of the Izus, which are generally part of Japan but aren’t necessarily part of the Japanese archipelago. Aogashima is close to the Philippine Sea, even though it is part of the Japanese administration.

As such, because Aogashima fits the description and approximate location of Treasure Island, it is possible that this was the island where the Petrification Kingdom is located in the Dr. Stone storyline.

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