Dragon Ball: Did Goku Ever Cheat on Chichi?

Goku chichi

The world of Dragon Ball is quite unique because of how the characters have different personalities that fans simply can’t get enough of. Goku is the story’s main character and is married to Chichi, with whom she has two children. Nevertheless, he hasn’t always been around his family to support his children and be a present father to them. So, does that mean that Goku has been cheating on Chichi?

Goku has never cheated on Chichi in his life because he has never been the type to actually have any romantic relationships with other people. He seemingly doesn’t have a sexual bone in him, which means he is unlikely to find sexual or romantic comfort in a woman other than Chichi.

The thing about Goku is that he hasn’t always been the best father because he would rather fight and train than actually raise his children and be there for his wife. That is why Goku may seem like he is cheating on Chichi. But the truth is that he is cheating on her through his love of fighting. So, with that said, let’s look at whether or not Goku has ever cheated on Chichi.

Goku’s Lack of a Romantic Side

Ever since Goku was introduced as the main character of Dragon Ball during the original Dragon Ball anime, one of the things that fans were quick to notice about him is how unique of a young boy he was and how he didn’t understand the way the world works. Of course, Goku’s innocence was carried over to his adult life, where he could find a romantic partner in Chichi and start a family with her.


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But while Goku may be married to Chichi and has two children with her, the one thing that fans know is that he was never the romantic type. Even the way that Goku proposed to Chichi wasn’t romantic at all. When he was just a child, he met Chichi, the Ox-King’s daughter. He promised to make Chichi his bride but didn’t even understand what a bride was at that time as he thought this was related to food.

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In that regard, a grown-up Chichi confronted Goku in the World Martial Arts Tournament to remind him of his promise to her, to which he agreed as he wasn’t going back on his word even though he didn’t understand what a bride was at that time. As such, he and Chichi got married but without a hint of romance from Goku, who has never been the type to be romantic.

On top of that, Goku has never shown any kind of sexual attraction to anyone in the Dragon Ball storyline. Of course, he and Chichi were sexual because they bore two sons together. But there was never a point where Goku actually showed any kind of romantic or sexual attraction to anyone, as he was almost always innocent about the way that the world works and what romantic relationships between people were supposed to be.


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Nevertheless, Goku was never short on influences that had sexual and romantic bones in them. His best friend, Krillin, knows how romance works. Meanwhile, Master Roshi, the man Goku trained under, has always been the biggest pervert in the entire Dragon Ball storyline. And while Goku did show a perverted side during his younger years, what seemed to be perverted actions were just products of his innocence and how he didn’t understand anything sexual at all.

As such, Goku was never the type to show any romantic or sexual sides. This isn’t even a product of his Saiyan blood because Vegeta shows his romantic side occasionally regarding his love for Bulma. It’s just that Goku is an innocent and somewhat idiotic character who doesn’t know how the world works and is more focused on training and fighting than anything else.

Goku Cheats on Chichi in a Different Way

Goku was never someone who would look at another person romantically or sexually. Chichi might be the only one he looks at in a romantic sense, as he wouldn’t have been able to procreate with her twice if he wasn’t sexually attracted to her. But the thing about Goku is that, while he is never the type to cheat on Chichi romantically and sexually, he does cheat on her differently.

We’re not talking about the conventional romantic, sexual, or emotional cheating on her because that is never what Goku is all about. Instead, Goku cheats on Chichi by focusing more on training and fighting instead of playing the role of a husband and a father. And that’s because you could only count the times that he tried to be a good husband to Chichi and a present father to Gohan and Goten.

Goku cheats on his family whenever he would rather spend time training and fighting. In Dragon Ball Z, his lack of attention to his family wasn’t highlighted much because he was either dead or missing during the extended periods he was away from Chichi and his sons. However, in Dragon Ball Super, it was clear that he would rather train and fight than spend time with his family.

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Many times, Goku would rather train with Whis and Vegeta than go home and spend a few days with Chichi and his sons. On top of that, he also preferred to fight strong fighters during his free time instead of doing his role as a husband and a father. Of course, it is understandable why he would want to continue to train and fight, as he knew that there would always be threats that could pop out at any given moment. But there were instances when he would try to find any lame excuse to escape from home so that he could go training.


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Chichi always got infuriated at Goku whenever she noticed he put more effort into training than supporting his family. His family had gotten used to it already, as Chichi continued to support his sons, while Gohan grew up to become a good man who wanted to become a scholar to provide for his family. Nevertheless, nothing would ever be an excuse for that Goku has always been a bad husband and father, even though he has never actually cheated on his wife and family.

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