How Did Bulma and Vegeta Get Together?

How Did Bulma And Vegeta Get Together

Two of the most important characters in Dragon Ball are Vegeta and Bulma. Of course, Vegeta is often seen as the secondary protagonist of the series behind only Goku himself, and we all know that Bulma has been around for nearly as long as Goku has been on screen because she was his first friend. Of course, Vegeta and Bulma ended up getting married and having a family in Dragon Ball Z. But how did Vegeta and Bulma even get together?

Vegeta and Bulma got together when the Saiyan Prince started living in Capsule Corporation while he was on Earth. Bulma turned to Vegeta for comfort due to her ex-boyfriend Yamcha being unfaithful. That was when they began having a relationship with one another and eventually got married.

The complex relationship between Vegeta and Bulma is arguably the best love story in Dragon Ball because it allows us to see two strong-willed characters getting together and actually having a healthy relationship with one another. Of course, their union led to the conception of Trunks, another popular character. Now, let’s look at how Vegeta and Bulma got together.

Who Was Bulma’s Boyfriend Before Vegeta?

We all know that Dragon Ball has always been a storyline that revolved around Goku and his quest to become stronger than anyone else in the universe. Of course, this wasn’t the case at the very beginning because he was just a child trying to find the Dragon Balls so that he could collect them and make a wish. And during that time, his first friend was a young teenage girl named Bulma.

Ever since Goku and Bulma met, they have become two of the most important characters in Dragon Ball. Of course, Bulma’s importance diminished as the storyline continued, but she was the secondary protagonist in the original Dragon Ball anime as she traveled the world with Goku to search for the Dragon Balls using her Dragon Radar. Nevertheless, it was her close friendship with Goku that made her an incredibly popular character.

As Goku and Bulma traveled the world together, they ended up meeting strong fighters that also became their friends. One such fighter was Yamcha, who was a bandit that tried to rob Goku and Oolong but ran away when he saw Bulma because he had a fear of girls. However, Yamcha managed to overcome his fear of girls when he saved Bulma, and they ended up dating one another.

bulma and yamcha

For much of the Dragon Ball storyline, Bulma and Yamcha were a couple. This relationship extended until Dragon Ball Z when Bulma and Yamcha were no longer teenagers but were already adults. It can be presumed that they were still together until after Mecha Frieza attacked Earth. That means that their relationship lasted for at least a decade.

How Did Bulma’s Relationship with Yamcha End?

As mentioned, Bulma and Yamcha were still together right around the time when Mecha Frieza attacked Earth. Of course, we know that the one that saved the planet from Frieza was Future Trunks, who made quick work of the tyrant and his father. Trunks introduced himself as the son of Bulma and Vegeta, and that surprised everyone because Bulma was still together with Yamcha.


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However, Future Trunks revealed that Bulma broke up with Yamcha because he was unfaithful to her. This was something that was already established back in the original Dragon Ball anime, as Yamcha was getting a lot of attention from different girls after he overcame his fear of them. In that regard, Bulma eventually broke up with Yamcha due to his unfaithful habits and her inability to get over her jealousy.

When Did Bulma and Vegeta Start Dating?

At this point, it is already basic knowledge that Bulma, who used to be the secondary protagonist behind Goku, is married to Vegeta, who is the current secondary protagonist. In fact, they even have a family together and have two children, who are Trunks and Bulla. But how did Bulma and Vegeta start dating?

The relationship between Bulma and Vegeta is quite complex because of the fact that the Saiyan Prince was initially a cruel and evil antagonist that attacked Earth for its Dragon Balls and to destroy the planet. In fact, it was Vegeta’s attack on Earth that led to Yamcha, who was still Bulma’s boyfriend back then, dying together with the other Z Fighters before Goku’s arrival.

Bulma and Vegeta met for the first time on Planet Namek when the Saiyan wanted the Dragon Ball that was in her possession. However, Bulma was too scared of him because she already knew what he was capable of. In fact, Vegeta threatened to kill Bulma, as it was clear that their relationship got off to a rocky start.

vegeta bulma namek

However, after Frieza’s defeat, those who died in the attack of the Saiyans and during Frieza’s rampage in Namek were brought back to life, as Bulma was surprised to see that Vegeta was also brought to Earth after the wish was made. At first, Vegeta didn’t like the idea of having him around their planet, but Vegeta suggested using the Dragon Balls to resurrect Goku, who they thought had perished when Namek exploded.

Because Vegeta had nowhere else to go as he was stuck on Earth, Bulma offered to let him stay at Capsule Corporation. And during that time, Bulma and Yamcha were still dating, even though it was already clear that Bulma was developing some sort of an attraction toward the Saiyan Prince.

Bulma spent the next year searching for Goku in space and even went on to worry about Vegeta, who she admitted to having a dream about. Of course, Bulma was still together with Yamcha at that time but had developed an odd relationship with Vegeta, to who she was clearly attracted.

Everyone was also surprised about the fact that Bulma was able to scold Vegeta, as she was able to tell him to clean up after himself. This was probably due to the fact that she had gotten used to his presence while he was staying with her family at Capsule Corporation.


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After that, Mecha Frieza attacked the planet and was killed by Future Trunks, who revealed to the group that Bulma and Yamcha were going to break up in the future. Trunks also said that Bulma got together with Vegeta when she was still trying to get over her breakup with Yamcha and turned to the Saiyan Prince for comfort. 

As such, over the next three years while the group awaited the arrival of the androids, Bulma did indeed break up with Yamcha and got together with Vegeta, to the surprise of almost everyone in their group when they saw that Bulma was pregnant. But they never got married during that time, as it was simply a romantic affair between the two before they ended up tying the knot. It was only during the time skip between the Cell Saga and the Buu Saga that they got married.

How Did Vegeta Fall in Love with Bulma?

During the three years between Mecha Frieza’s attack and the arrival of the androids, Vegeta started developing feelings for Bulma because she was his emotional support while he was struggling to become a Super Saiyan. Meanwhile, Bulma ended up getting close to Vegeta because she was still trying to get over her breakup with Yamcha. However, that relationship was more likely just a physical and sexual affair between the two.

In fact, Vegeta even said that Bulma didn’t mean anything to him even after Dr. Gero nearly killed her. As such, they became estranged from one another because Vegeta acted as if he didn’t care about her at all. Still, Bulma created a new armor for Vegeta and told him that he was open to having a relationship with him if he also felt the same way about her.

It was only after Future Trunks died during the events of the Cell Saga that Vegeta ended up realizing that he wanted to become a better father. This allowed him to reconcile with Bulma and end up marrying her, as he was now truly in love with her.

In fact, seven years later, Vegeta was quite ashamed of the fact that he abandoned his warrior ways to become a domesticated father. Still, he was deeply in love with Bulma, who felt the same way about him.

Does Vegeta Love Bulma?

Vegeta showed the ultimate act of love for Bulma when he actually attacked Beerus out of rage when he hurt Bulma. Throughout the entire time that Beerus was on the planet, Vegeta couldn’t dare to attack him because he feared the God of Destruction so much.

But when Beerus slapped Bulma, Vegeta’s love for his wife overcame his fear of the God of Destruction as he attacked him and forced him to use a small portion of his power against an enraged Saiyan Prince.

In that regard, Vegeta’s love for Bulma was always genuine. It may not have been clear at first because he alienated himself from Bulma during the Cell Saga. But it was only because he was yet to throw away his Saiyan pride for the sake of love. He eventually learned the value of love when he decided to become a better father and to be there for Bulman and their child.

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