Echo’s Ancestors Explained: Here’s How Maya Got Her Powers

Echos Ancestors Explained Heres How Maya Got Her Powers

The inaugural adult-rated show in the MCU, ‘Echo,’ has made its debut, unveiling the origin story of Maya Lopez. Beginning as a slighted henchwoman for Kingpin, Maya undergoes a transformative journey, evolving into a heroic figure determined to rescue her family from imminent peril. Family emerges as a prominent theme in ‘Echo,’ serving as both the source of Maya’s strength and the catalyst for her superpowers. Delve into the narrative to explore how Echo acquired her abilities and the ancestral connections that shape her extraordinary powers.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Maya Lopez gained her superpowers through her ancestral link, tracing back to the first Choctaw woman known as Chafa.
  • Maya inherited strategy from Lowak, cunning from Tuklo, ferocity from Chafa, and love along with healing powers from her mother, Taloa.
  • The ancestral powers appear to course through every woman in Echo’s family, evident when both her grandmother and cousin exhibited glowing signs on their hands during the conclusive battle against Kingpin’s henchmen.

Echo has different powers in the MCU

Even before the release of ‘Echo,’ director Sydney Freeland confirmed that the character, Maya Lopez, would possess a distinct set of superpowers in the show. In the comics, Maya shares the same skill set as Taskmaster, allowing her to recall and replicate enemy moves flawlessly. Despite showcasing exceptional combat skills in the show, Maya is infused with a touch of superpowers.

Upon returning to her hometown, Maya begins to experience visions—magical glimpses that arrive precisely when she needs an extra push to accomplish her mission. This becomes evident in the second episode when Echo successfully dislodges her prosthetic leg from a stuck train cart, accompanied by a faint golden glow in her palms. Maya continues to receive visions from unfamiliar women and unfamiliar places, each occurrence coinciding with moments of need or danger.

During a conversation with her grandmother Chula, Echo learns that all Battiest women, herself included, possess these visions and abilities during crucial times. Chula recounts her own experience, revealing that during Maya’s mother’s birth, she faced a life-threatening situation in the hospital. The tribe members took her to the forest to enhance her connection to her ancestors, ensuring a successful birth. Taloa, born with the power of healing and, like the significant women before her, regularly encountered visions.

Describing it as the ancestors “Echoing” through her, Taloa, Echo’s mother, received an extra push or warning when needed the most. What powers did Echo inherit from her ancestors? Let’s explore.


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1. From Chafa, Maya inherited her strength and durability


In the series, our initial encounter with an ancestor brings us to the first progenitor of the Choctaw people, Chafa. In a pivotal moment, Chafa saved herself and the entire tribe from a cave-in, emerging from beneath the surface as they transformed from clay or mud into human beings. Described as a fierce individual and an authentic leader, Taloa elucidated that Echo inherited ferocity from Chafa. This inheritance can readily translate to remarkable durability and strength.

2. From Lowak, Maya inherited strategy and tactical skills


The second ancestor introduced was Lowak, a Choctaw woman facing potential banishment from her tribe unless she won a crucial competition against the tribe leader. Through meticulous planning and flawless execution of her moves, Lowak emerged victorious, ultimately saving her people. In the episode where Echo strategically executed her mission to disrupt weapon delivery, resulting in the demise of several of Kingpin’s men, Lowak’s influence appears evident. It can be inferred that in this scenario, Lowak bestowed upon Maya a perfected tactical mind and a keen sense of timing for her maneuvers.

3. From Tuklo, Maya inherited ranged weapons mastery and stealth


The third ancestor introduced was Tuklo, a woman living in the 1800s amid a perilous era when Indian territories were plagued by dangerous criminals. Faced with the need for protection, native tribes established their own police force known as the Lighthorsemen to defend the innocent against these outlaws. Despite her fervent desire to become a Lighthorseman, Tuklo’s father opposed the idea, asserting that a woman’s role was to create life, not take it. Undeterred, Tuklo braided her hair—a gesture typically reserved for male warriors—and took it upon herself to deliver justice to the land.

In a particularly hazardous situation, Tuklo’s father found himself ambushed, facing the risk of losing his life. Fortunately, Tuklo intervened, ambushing the attackers and utilizing ancestral empowerment to thwart them with precise shots.

It is presumed that Maya’s exceptional skills with ranged weapons and her stealth powers find their origins in Tuklo’s legacy.

4. From Taloa Maya inherited healing abilities

taloa healing bird

Lastly, Maya’s final ancestor is her mother, Taloa, who tragically passed away when the brakes in her car were tampered with—an incident that young Maya blamed herself for. Chula revealed that throughout her life, Taloa possessed an extraordinary gift for healing, a fact substantiated by Maya’s memories.

During her childhood, Maya once used a slingshot to injure a small bird, bringing it to her mother in hopes of saving it. Although Maya initially fibbed about the bird falling from a tree, Taloa saw through the deception. She imparted a crucial lesson to Maya about the sanctity of life, emphasizing the importance of preserving it rather than taking it. Shortly after, Taloa cradled the injured bird in her hands, miraculously healing it—an undeniable manifestation of her superpowers.

In the concluding episode of ‘Echo,’ Maya attempts to employ her mother’s healing touch to alleviate Wilson Fisk’s lifelong trauma, showcasing the continuation of Taloa’s extraordinary abilities.

What traits did ‘Echo’ inherit from her grandmother?

‘Echo’ did not inherit any superpowers from Chula as she is still alive. It is assumed that ancestral empowerment can only be utilized after the ancestors in question have passed away. When the day comes for Chula’s passing, ‘Echo’ will likely be able to see her in visions and harness empowerment, similar to how she draws powers from her deceased mother. This connection would not be feasible if Chula were still alive.


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What prevented Maya’s mother from healing her hearing?

The reason for Taloa’s inability to heal Maya’s hearing was never clarified. It is presumed that her healing abilities are limited to minor physical injuries, with the effectiveness decreasing for more complex diseases or injuries. Given that Taloa’s powers are primarily associated with love, it’s conceivable that they are most potent in addressing mental trauma, suggesting that this is the essence of her healing capabilities.

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