Ending of the ‘Classroom of the Elite’ Light Novel Explained: Here’s How the First Year Ended!

Ending of the 'Classroom of the Elite' Light Novel Explained: Here's How the First Year Ended!

Yōkoso jitsuryoku shijō shugi no kyōshitsu e, abbreviated Youzitsu and best known as Classroom of the Elite, is a Japanese light novel series written by Shōgo Kinugasa and illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose. The original series was published between May 25, 2015, and September 25, 2019, and contains 11 full volumes, which cover the story of the students’ first year in the school. But, after the first year was over, the story was continued in the sequel light novel Classroom of the Elite: Year 2, which has been published since January 24, 2020. In this article, we are going to tell you what happened a the end of the original Classroom of the Elite light novel, i.e., how the first part ended.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The light novel series began publication on May 25, 2015, and the original series ended on September 25, 2019, after 11 volumes. But, a sequel series, which is still ongoing, began publication on January 24, 2020.
  • The original light novel officially ended with Volume 11.5, which was a short volume that concluded the school year, but the final proper volume was Volume 11.
  • The story of Volume 11 covers the final confrontation between Arisu and Ayanokoji, while the supplemental Volume 11.5 covers the end of the school year.

What happened in Volume 11 of Classroom of the Elite?

Since the story is more than straightforward and does not require any complex explanations, here is the official synopsis for the volume, which reveals the story in general:

The final decisive battle of Ayanokōji VS Sakayanagi! Last special exam for the first year started!

While the students have yet to recover from the shock of the very first students being expelled, the last exam of the first year is finally being announced: the “Event Selection Exam”. The exam will test their overall abilities, thus each class has to select 10 events they think they will prevail at including written tests, shōgi, playing cards, baseball etc.

In practice, each class will compete in 7 events chosen at random with one other class. Furthermore, each class will have one leader who seems to receive a special reward if they win, but risk expulsion if they lose.

Ayanokōji is nominating himself to become the leader. And then, just as Sakayanagi wanted, Class A and Class C are chosen to face each other during this exam.

“But, I’m looking forward to this, Ayanokōji. With this, I can finally witness your real abilities.”

The fierce inevitable duel between Ayanokōji VS Sakayanagi is beginning!


As you can see, the main focus of the final narrative volume was the clash between Kiyotaka and Arisu, which happened in the form of a chess match that was part of a larger exam. Arisu won the match and Kiyotaka lost, but he wasn’t scolded by anyone because it was a great match. It is later revealed that Kiyotaka did not play at his highest level, so the two of them had a rematch in the library, which Kiyotaka won. The two then talked about their private lives, and the two bitter rivals became friends… sort of, with Arisu telling Kiyotaka that humans are good and that he should change how he observes them, with the two talking sincerely for the first time since they entered the school.


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What happened in Volume 11.5 of Classroom of the Elite?

As above, here is the official short synopsis for the volume:

The first year of the popular school revelation combo is about to conclude!

Class C has overcome the final exam of the first years without anyone becoming expelled despite the interference from the school. The last event of the year, the graduation exam is approaching.

Horikita is hesitating about meeting her brother for the last time and is given advice by Ayanokōji who is preparing a countermeasure against Interim Board Chairman Tsukishiro. The System has to be countered using the System itself, thus Ayanokōji is contacting Board Chairman Sakayanagi while secretly negotiating with Mashima, the homeroom teacher of Class A, and Chabashira.

On the other hand, classmates are beginning to question his fake persona. Curiosity and desire intertwined, Chiaki Matsushita from class C is starting to track him. It’s still more than enough time left of the first year for classmates to take their relations to the next step—.

A new School Revelation is about to begin, the first year chapter is ending!


The school year is over, and the 0.5 volume focuses more on the private lives of the characters than anything else. This volume actually ends with Kei and Kiyotaka confessing their emotions to each other and, technically, becoming a couple, which signals a lot of complex moments for them once the second year starts.

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