Eren Vs. Reiner: Who Is Stronger? (Answered in Season 4)

Eren vs Reiner: Who Is Stronger? (Answered in Season 4)

Attack on Titan‘s rivalry between Eren Yeager and Reiner Braun, two opposing powerhouse characters, each a hero from the perspective of their respective sides. But, who would win, Eren or Reiner? Season 4 finally gives us the answer.

Eren Yeager is definitely the more capable fighter of the two. Eren has better agility, speed, and techniques than Reiner. Reiner clearly lacks these qualities and can only make up for it with his armor. Although Reiner can achieve better speed – by breaking the armor off his legs – and can use toughening, Eren has proven that he can do both (speed and toughening) better.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on the above-given answer, as we are going to compare Eren Yeager and Reiner Braun in more detail. Through several categories, you are going to see who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is, especially in the context of Season 4.

Eren Yeager Vs. Reiner Braun – 1st Fight (Season 1, Episode 4)

The first fight was actually a fight between two humans during their training in Season 1. Reiner and Eren try to grab a wooden knife from each other. The one with the wooden knife is a “criminal”. This should improve their melee skills. However, Eren notes that the better you train to fight Titans, the further away you become from them.

After Reiner challenges Annie, Annie says it’s weird. You don’t even notice who’s skipping. Reiner motivates Eren to fight Annie, but Annie wins out and Eren puts his hopes in Reiner, who also fails.

Points: Eren 1, Reiner 0

Eren Yeager Vs. Reiner Braun – 2nd Fight (Season 2, Episode 7)

With tears in his eyes and enraged, Eren calls them traitors, transforms into a Titan, and punches the Armored Titan in the face as they both fall from the top of the Wall Rose, impacting roughly on the ground. The Armored Titan hits Eren and sends him a considerable distance. As the Armored Titan approaches Eren, Mikasa attacks it with her blades, but realizes that they are just as ineffective against his armor as Eren’s strikes were.

Eren gets up, ready to exterminate the Armored Titan. Furious, he punches Reiner in the face, but Reiner hits him back harder, sending him several meters into the air. Armin yells that it’s useless to fight Reiner hand-to-hand and that he better get closer to the wall, but Eren roars and goes to attack the Armored Titan again.

Both titans throw a punch but Eren dodges it and uses Annie’s technique to throw him to the ground. Reiner tries to throw Eren to get him off of him but Eren grabs his right arm and puts his legs around Reiner’s head, he starts to tighten the technique and notices that it starts to break his armor a bit.

Reiner tries to get up but Eren changes the technique and throws him face to face on the ground and, still holding the Armored Titan’s arm, Eren uses his strength to rip it off. As Eren realizes that walking away is his best option, Reiner starts running towards him, destroying the armor on the back of his legs in the process to gain mobility and speed and rams Eren into the wall making him fall but Eren manages to get up and get away from Reiner.

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Reiner runs towards Eren again to charge him and, knowing that he will not be able to avoid the impact, Eren decides to make a lock on Reiner’s head and places his legs around his torso. Mikasa manages to cut the back of Reiner’s left knee, allowing Eren to put more pressure on his neck and thus breaking part of the armor there.

Knowing it’s a matter of time before Eren decapitates him, Reiner decides to use what little mobility he has left to crawl a bit further before stopping, as Armin notices that he’s positioned himself right under the Colossal Titan but the Armored Titan starts to roar. Eren continues to press on and blood is seen pouring out of the increasingly shattered armor on the Armored Titan’s neck and back.

The Colossal Titan then comes to Reiner’s aid and Reiner uses the commotion to run away.

Points: None (Eren was the better fighter, but he couldn’t beat Reiner)

Eren Yeager Vs. Reiner Braun – 3rd Fight (Season 3, Episode 14)

A duel ensues between the Attacking Titan and the Armored Titan, in which Eren hardens his fists and is actually able to punch through Reiner’s armor. Meanwhile, Team Hangi has equipped the Thunder Spears and is waiting for an opportune moment to use them to bring down the Armored Titan.

In the meantime, Eren has already dealt several blows to the Armored Titan. Although he has the opportunity to counterattack when he gets hold of Eren’s leg and throws him into a house facade, even then Eren still dominates the fight. Meanwhile, Hange and the rest prepare to launch the Thunder Spears – which Hange commissioned to battle the Armored Titan after the fall of the government and Central Brigade.

When Reiner sees the Survey Corps swinging towards him, he thinks he’s safe. Connie, Jean, and Sasha fire some spears into Reiner’s neck, causing the neck armor to shatter. Reiner, too dazed to even react, remains petrified. When Hange orders the final strike against the Armored Titan, Reiner’s former comrades are briefly shocked, but Jean urges them to attack, claiming they knew it would happen one day.

Together they lunge at the Armored Titan, ramming the final volley of thunder spears into his neck and as these are fired into the flesh, penetrating Reiner’s human form and he awakens shocked from his rigid state, the spears detonate in a massive explosion.

Points: Eren 2, Reiner 0 (Eren didn’t finish him off, but was the clear winner in this one)

Eren Yeager Vs. Reiner Braun – 4th Fight (Season 4, Episode 8)

This battle was very short and the winner was obvious. Reiner Braun attacked Eren Jaeger with his Armored Titan, and although he is repelled and his jaw destroyed by the Attack Titan’s hardened fist, he manages to pull the Jaw Titan away, preventing Eren from eating it.

Eren emerges from Titan’s body and comments that they are done. Mikasa tells Eren that they should go home while Reiner tries to get up. She grabs Eren and they leave using her vertical maneuvering equipment.

Points: Eren 3, Reiner 0

Eren Yeager Vs. Reiner Braun: Who Is Stronger?

We have, as you have seen, opted for a different approach here, as it was impossible to properly compare these two characters, as their Titans were very different. This is why we decided to give you an overview of their battles, including the one from Season 4, as it was the best way to actually evaluate their powers.

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From what we have analyzed, Eren Yeager is the better fighter of the two. He is more skilled, he has better fighting skills, he is faster and he was able to defeat Reiner on more than one occasion. Eren Yeager is definitely the better fighter and the fights that we have presented to you have proven that as well.

This is why we can only conclude that Eren wins this one and there should be no further doubt about that.

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