13 Strongest Titans in Attack on Titan (Ranked)

strongest titans in attack on tita

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan has rapidly become one of the most popular animanga franchises of the modern area. The post-apocalyptic, dark fantasy story of the humans fighting off the monstrous Titans while fighting for their own survival has attracted a large audience and has certainly become a modern classic. But, despite the humans being more relatable, the Titans are undoubtedly more interesting. This is why I have decided to rank the strongest Titans in Attack on Titan universe.

13. Pure Titans

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In all their towering glory, the Pure Titans undoubtedly find their place on our list, and their historical significance cannot be understated. With origins tracing back to the manipulation of Marley during the Great Titan War, they’ve been pivotal players in the cruel game of warfare.

By converting the unfortunate Subjects of Ymir into these Titans, entire wars were reshaped, landscapes altered, and a perpetual state of fear maintained outside the Walls on Paradis Island. When observed, these Titans bear an uncanny resemblance to their original human form, making their transformation all the more haunting. The major limitation, however, is their mindlessness.

Unlike other Titans, they lack strategic thought or specialized skills, relying primarily on their primal instincts. While they present an undeniable threat due to their size, power, and sheer number, they don’t possess the unique capabilities that set other Titans apart. Their predictability, combined with their singular goal of consuming humans to regain their humanity, keeps them from climbing higher in the ranking.


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12. Abnormal Titans

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Abnormals stand out as enigmatic figures among the Titans. While they inherit some traits from the regular Titans, their unpredictable behavior is what sets them apart. These Titans, at times, disregard isolated humans, but this doesn’t mean they are less dangerous.

In fact, their preference for targeting strategic locations can result in more significant devastation. From exhibiting unique behaviors like speed-walking, making exceptional leaps, or displaying the eerie ability to vocalize human languages, they are a wild card in any scenario.

Their variation, whether it’s in intellect or sheer size, makes them formidable foes. But what places them here, above the Pure Titans, is their unpredictability. However, despite their mysterious attributes, they still don’t hold the specialized and strategic capabilities inherent to the higher-ranking Titans on our list.

11. Wall Titans

Wall Titans in Attack on Titan

The Wall Titans are monumental entities, both in terms of stature and the roles they play. These behemoths, embedded within the Walls of Paradis Island, are central to the island’s defense and lore.

With a semblance to the Colossus Titan, their exposed muscle tissue grants them a fearsome appearance, while their ability to harden serves a dual purpose: both as a means of protection and as the literal building blocks of the Walls. But what truly makes them a force to be reckoned with is their unparalleled speed. Their agility on land, and surprisingly in water, makes them an unpredictable and vast threat. Their participation in the Rumbling, a potential apocalyptic event, speaks volumes about their importance.

However, their placement here is influenced by their lack of autonomy. They act primarily on the command of the Founding Titan. While their sheer number and capabilities are awe-inspiring, their lack of independent action and specialized abilities puts them on our list.

10. The Cart Titan

Eren threatens to kill Bertholdt

The Cart Titan is an extremely powerful shifter that certainly deserves a spot on our list. He has very high endurance and is the second fastest among the Titans, so he is usually utilized as a very powerful, bloodthirsty all-terrain vehicle.

And while he is extremely powerful against humans and can cause massive-scale destruction – especially if equipped with additional weapons – we couldn’t place him higher on our list because he would almost certainly lose to every other Titan major titan in a one-on-one fight.


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9. The Female Titan

Female Titan uses hardening ability

Whether or not this Titan is gender-specific – as its name suggests – or not is irrelevant since it’s still enormously powerful. The Female Titan is an all-rounder who is equally good in offense, defense, and durability. While it may not be as fast as some other Titans, it can run large distances in its Titan form, which is an amazing feat.

Still, its crystallization powers make it stand out among other Titans; namely, it can harden its body to both attack and defend itself and protect its “pilot,” which is a rather unique ability among the Titans. It also has an extremely powerful scream-based attack.

8. The Jaw Titan

Ymir roars

In the anime, The Jaw Titan was used by Ymir who is known for being one of the most powerful Titans if he could get the drop on its opponent. He is the fastest among the Shifters. He is likewise very agile and has teeth so sharp that they can tear through any material.

He is, though, the smallest among the major Titans, which can be both an advantage (he can easily sneak up on his opponents) and a disadvantage (his short stature makes him an easy target for the stronger Titans).

7. The Armored Titan

The Armored Titan roars

The Armored Titan is defensively great as he can create armor around his whole body. He uses that armor for defense but also for offense, as he can use his hardened body to inflict serious damage and pierce through almost anything. So, why isn’t he higher on our list?


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Well, it turns out that the Armored Titan is quite slow and moves so awkwardly that he is a relatively easy target when approached with a good tactical approach. Also, it turns out that his joints cannot be covered with armor, giving you a decent weak spot that you can exploit.

6. The Attack Titan

Eren battles the Female Titan

This guy is as mysterious as he is powerful. There are three different iterations of the Attack Titan, whose introduction to the series also gave its title a completely different meaning.

He is an extremely powerful all-rounder, but not much is known about him besides that. We know that he is powerful and that he can defeat the ones before him on the list, but that is pretty much it when the Attack Titan is concerned.

5. The Beast Titan

Beast Titan Fullbody

The Beast Titan doesn’t just look scary. He is very scary. This Sasquatch-like Titan is enormous, exceptionally strong (especially his throwing abilities), can harden, and has various other animal-like characteristics that make him an enormously dangerous foe in battle.

And yet, this is not even close to being his most fearsome trait. Namely, while under Zeke’s control, the Beast Titan can turn any Eldian into a Pure Titan if he gives them a bit of his spinal fluid and controls them as well. Just imagine the level of power of such an army.

4. The War Hammer Titan

War Hammer Titan character image Younger sister of Willy

The War Hammer Titan has yet to appear in the anime, but he is certainly one of the toughest and quite possibly the most difficult to defeat among the Titans. War Hammer Titan can create objects with its hardening ability. This includes everything from spikes from the ground to the namesake War Hammer and even flexible weapons like a bowstring.


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As far as it is known, this is his unique manifestation of the hardening ability. He is also extremely difficult to defeat because he can be operated from a distance by using a line of hardened Titan flesh connected to its owner, like a sort of extension cord. If you add his ability to protect its operator with its hardening ability, you’ll certainly get a very strong and fearsome Titan.

3. The Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan at Wall Rose

The Colossal Titan is one of the most powerful Titans out there but has been seriously underused. Namely, its original operator lacked proper creativity during the battle. He knew how to utilize his Titan’s strength but not his full potential, and believe us – the Colossal Titan has so many – possibly even more than any other – abilities that even we don’t know all of them.

There are so many ways he can be utilized in battle that we need to wait for a proper operator to see how powerful he exactly is, i.e., whether he could move up a spot or two.

2. The “Combination Titan”

Combined Titan Eren Jaegar

Okay, so remember our mysterious Attack Titan from spot six? Well, here he is again, but this time in a less official manner. Namely, the “Combination” Titan doesn’t really exist, but we needed him for our list, so we divided his two forms into two separate entries.


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The “Combination” Titan has both the Founding Titan and the Attack Titan inside him, along with drinking fluid from the Armor Titan, which seems to have massively boosted his hardening abilities. Just imagine him also having the Beast Titan under his control. He could control absolutely every Titan in the whole universe!

1. The Founding Titan

Frieda Reiss Anime character image Founding Titan

Well, it only makes sense to put the Founding Titan on top of our list. Why? Well, this Titan is – as the name suggests – the “father” of all Titans. It can control all of the Titans, it can create new Titans, and transform regular Titans into colossal ones, and as if that wasn’t enough – the Founding Titan is also exceptionally strong.

Due to its powers, its full potential can be unlocked only by members of two royal families, which is a relatively good thing because imagine what would happen if a genocidal maniac came upon such power.

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