13 Strongest Titans in Attack on Titan? (Ranked)

Who Is the Strongest Titan in Attack on Titan? (Ranked)

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan has rapidly become one of the most popular animanga franchises of the modern area. The post-apocalyptic, dark fantasy story of the humans fighting off the monstrous Titans while fighting for their own survival has attracted a large audience and has certainly become a modern classic. But, despite the humans being more relatable, the Titans are undoubtedly more interesting. This is why we have decided to rank the strongest Titan in Attack on Titan universe.

The Founding Titan is by far the strongest one in Isayama’s Attack on Titan. Reserved only for specific “pilots”, the Founding Titan can control all other Titans and even create new ones, which makes him superior to all others.

Attack on Titan is a manga series created Hajime Isayama. It is set in a world where humanity lives within cities surrounded by enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans; the story follows Eren Yeager, who vows to retake the world after a Titan brings about the destruction of his hometown and the death of his mother. Attack on Titan has become a critical and commercial success. The manga has been adapted into an anime series, live-action films, video games, novels and several manga spin-offs.

Now that we know the basics, we can continue with the list. We’ll order the strongest Titans from weakest to strongest so enjoy!

NOTE: The short biographies used in the article refer mostly to the anime versions of the Titans, which will account for the possible differences from the manga versions of the characters. This, of course, applies only to those Titans that have appeared in the anime.

13. Pure Titans

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Name: Pure Titans
Height: 3 to 15 meters

Subjects of Ymir used to turn into Titans after being injected with Titan spinal fluid, which caused a near-instantaneous transition.  Marley used to take advantage of this during the Great Titan War, when he converted unfavorable Subjects of Ymir into Titans to use for war or to wander aimlessly outside the Walls on Paradis Island. 

Titans mostly resembled their initial human bodies, while people who were transformed into Titans lost most feminine body characteristics.

Titans relied on the sun as their primary source of life, since they were inactive when exposed to it. Specific Titans were influenced differently by the lack of sunshine. 

During Hange’s experimentation, the captured Titan she nicknamed “Sonny” became docile and completely calm after just an hour of being Sun starved, while Hange’s other captive “Bean” retained a high degree of behavior three hours after last seeing sunlight.

These Titans, who ranged in height from 2 to 15 meters, made up the overwhelming majority of Titans seen. They just looked like people, albeit with different degrees of deformity. Their only thing in common was that they were all mindless. 

They harassed local humans mindlessly, rendering them possible to fool. They were still deadly, though, because of their height, physical power, and sheer numbers. Eldia in the past and Marley in the current used them mostly as tools of war.

Many of them were recognized by their nicknames, such as the Smiling Titan, whose real name was Dina Fritz. Dina’s Pure Titan was tall and resembled a male human, as do most normal Pure Titans. 

This Titan’s most distinctive trait was its recognizable grin, with its lips spread wide open, revealing its teeth and gums at all times. Dina’s Pure Titan had a slim, emaciated body of stocky proportions and visible ribs, as well as an extraordinarily long jaw. It had blonde hair that barely touched its neck and short gray eyes sunken into the face that never blinked..

Nevertheless, nobody would like to see a Pure Titan in real life, even if they are the last on our list. They are dangerous enough when not manipulated with their only goal of devouring humans. We must forgive them though, they are only doing it to become humans again whether they are aware of it or not.

12. Abnormal Titans

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Unlike the standard Titan, who invaded and devoured humans on sight, rare Titans can prefer to disregard single or scattered humans and display erratic behavior, which can result in greater harm when they destroy sensitive strategic locations. 

Any of these unusual activities included speed-walking, racing, incredible leaps, and even speaking human languages.

Abnormals may differ from regular Titans in a variety of ways. This ranged from wisdom, such as the talking Titan, to enormous proportions, such as Rod Reiss’ Titan, who stood twice the height of the Colossus Titan, to certain titans who could sprint really fast or climb very high. 

As a result, they are considered more dangerous than pure titans simply because they are less predictable.

11. Wall Titans

Wall Titans in Attack on Titan

These Titans resembled the Colossus Titan in that their surfaces were all covered in muscle tissue and lacked skin. Both Wall Titans had the power to harden, but it was likely that they only did so when the Founding Titan told them to. 

The hardening was used to form the surface of the Walls, with the Wall Titans serving as central pillars. They stopped hardening after they were removed from the Walls.

And if they are enormous, they are not the same as the Colossal Titan. Their land pace was calculated to be faster than that of a galloping horse.

They could even achieve this pace in the water, as shown by the fact that the whole horde crossed the ocean between Paradis Island and the mainland in a matter of days. As a result, they act as a means of defense and assault, and play an important role in the Rumbling.

Willy Tybur states in his speech that when King Fritz constructed the walls, he signed a pact with the Founding Titan to forego any future wars. 

He did, however, give an alert to the nations on the mainland: if the Island was attacked, tens of millions of Colossal Titans will be unleashed on them. 

Willy refers to this nightmare as The Rumbling – a frenzy of millions of Colossal Titan footprints, or, to put it plainly, the apocalypse if it is triggered.

10. The Cart Titan

Eren threatens to kill Bertholdt

Name: Cart Titan (Japanese: 車力の巨人, Shariki no Kyojin)
Height: 4 meters
Inheritor(s): Pieck Finger
Allegiance: Marley

Abilities: high endurance, quadrupedal form, great speed, speech


The Cart Titan first appeared during the Scout Regiment’s expedition to Shiganshina District in 850. The night before the Scout Regiment arrived, the Cart Titan monitored the movement of the Scouts in the deserted areas of Wall Maria south of the Trost District. After the Cart Titan has seen the advancing soldiers, it returns to the ruins of Shiganshina and informs fellow warriors Zeke, Reiner and Bertholdt of their approach.

Later that day, the Cart Titan stays with Zeke’s Beast Titan and serves as a kind of cargo mule for the warriors’ various supplies. Erwin Smith notices his presence and correctly deduced from the luggage on his back that this Titan does not belong to the recently transformed pure Titans, but must be an intelligent Titan and the warrior’s scout. Bertholdt is kept hidden in a barrel on the back of the Cart Titan as a plan B against the boy scout regiment.

After Reiner’s defeat by the Scouts’ Thunder Spears, Bertholdt is removed from the Cart Titan and taken to town by the Beast Titan. Shortly afterwards, the cart Titan picks up rocks nearby, which the Beast Titan can use against the scouts. The scouts decide to carry out a suicide attack on the Beast Titan to give Captain Levi time to counterattack. When Zeke decimates the scouts, he is quickly defeated by Levi, who suddenly catches him. Before Zeke can be captured by Levi, the cart Titan comes to Zeke’s rescue and carries away his dismembered human form.

Zeke sits on the back of the Cart Titan and leads the Cart Titan to Shiganshina to save Reiner and Bertholdt. They find Bertholdt incapacitated and captured by Eren Jaeger, but after seeing Levi on the wall, they leave him for dead. The Cart Titan searches elsewhere in the district and saves Reiner from capture before climbing onto Wall Maria, where the warriors are safe.

The Cart Titan is characterized by its four-legged shape, which makes it possible to carry cargo and equipment on its back, and like the Beast Titan, it is capable of intelligible speech. The Cart Titan also has great speed, which was used during the Battle of Shiganshina to rescue a defeated Zeke Jaeger and Reiner Braun and at the same time catch Levi and Hange, two of the most talented soldiers in the Scout Regiment, off guard.


The Cart Titan is an extremely powerful shifter that certainly deserves a spot on our list. He has very high endurance and is the second fastest among the Titans, which is why he is usually utilised as a very powerful, bloodthirsty all-terrain vehicle. And while he is extremely powerful against humans and can cause massive-scale destruction – especially if equipped with additional weapons – we couldn’t place him higher on our list because he would almost certainly lose to every other Titan major titan in a one-on-one fight.

9. The Female Titan

Female Titan uses hardening ability

Name: Female Titan (Japanese: 女型の巨人, Megata no Kyojin)
Height: 14 meters
Inheritor(s): Annie Leonheart
Allegiance: Marley

Abilities: adaptation, Titan attraction, versatility, hardening (crystalisation)


During the Scout Regiment’s 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, the Titan first appears when she leads a group of Titans to conquer Eren. The Titan advances further into the formation and meets Armin. Armin, Jean and Reiner team up and conclude that it is aiming to catch Eren, realizing that it may have responded to incorrect information as part of Erwin’s plan. The three can conclude that Eren is more likely to be in the middle column. the safest place in the formation. Together they coordinate a plan to distract the Titan and give the other soldiers time to regroup.

Before they can attack it, however, it can outmaneuver them. At this point he manages to incapacitate Armin. Before it is able to kill Jean, a bloody Armin tries to distract him by nicknamed Eren the “Suicide Bastard” while falsely claiming his death. This makes the Titan hesitate and Jean escapes just as Reiner tries to attack her.

Moving on towards Eren’s location, the Titan encounters various soldiers of the Boy Scout Regiment and kills them in various brutal ways. Though the formation penetrates the forest of giant trees, the Titan follows suit and eventually catches up with Eren and the Special Operations Squad when they try to escape. The Titan is eventually lured into a trap where her movements are stopped by artillery fire armed with harpoons. This causes the Titan to temporarily cease her pursuit while Erwin and members of the Boy Scout Regiment attempt to damage her hands in various ways in order to pull her out of her Titan form.

As Eren and the Special Operations Squad continue to flee, Annie transforms into the Titan for the second time and continues her quest to capture Eren. Although Eren initially wants to engage her in his Titan form, the Special Operations Squad manages to convince him to trust him when they begin to engage the female Titan in combat. Although the Special Operations Squad appears to gain the advantage of injuring them and pushing them against a tree, they are suddenly outsmarted by the Titan for showing their ability to selectively regenerate and their ability to create a crystalline substance to protect their necks. The Titan systematically kills Eld Gin, Petra Rall and Oruo Bozad, causing Eren to turn around and eventually bind her into his Titan form.

The two lead a brutal battle using hand-to-hand combat techniques, in which the Female Titan succeeds in incapacitating Eren by beheading her Titan. Tired and exhausted from the battle, Eren is captured by the Titan. Although the female Titan begins to flee, Mikasa pursues her as he attacks her in a fit of rage after witnessing Eren’s capture by the female Titan. Although the female Titan tries to fight back, she is overwhelmed by the attacks Levi made, allowing him to incapacitate her while he is given the chance to cut open the mouth of her Titan form and save Eren from within.

When Mikasa and Levi decide to withdraw with the unconscious Eren, Levi sees Annie’s female Titan form, who sits motionless while crying. After the events of this Mission, the Titan returns to the Stohess District to escape a group of Boy Scout members trying to capture her human form intact. However, she transforms with her ring to escape and capture Eren. When he switches to his Titan form to fight it, the Titan flies to the wall. It is being pursued by Eren’s Titan as well as by Mikasa and several scout regiment squads. The hunt continues until the woman reaches a flat land with no buildings.

The Scout Regiment squads and Mikasa do not have a long detour, while Eren takes up the chase alone. The Titan uses this opportunity for a one last attempt to capture Eren, but Eren’s Titan turns dark and fiery. With just one arm and one leg, it attacks the female titan and grabs his hand on the face, causing his eyes to burst. The titan gives a long roar and escapes the titan’s grip by throwing him away. It tries to run away and tries to climb the wall of Sina by hardening its fingers. Eren’s Titan tries to prevent him from climbing over the wall, but fails and rips off his leg in the process. When the female titan is almost up, Mikasa appears and cuts off his fingers, causing him to fall to the ground. Eren then begins to tear the female Titan apart. It bites off the neck and reveals the person inside. In response, the Female Titan begins to crystallize its human form and Eren’s Titan and Female Titan begin to unite until Levi comes and cuts Eren out of its Titan form.


Whether or not this Titan is really gender-specific – as its name suggests – or not is not that relevant, since it’s still enormously powerful. The Female Titan is an all-rounder that is equally good in offence, defence and durability. While it may not be as fast as some other Titans, it is capable of running large distances in its Titan form, which is an amazing feat. Still, its crystalisation powers are what makes it stand out among other Titans; namely, it can harden its body to both attack and defend itself, but also to protect its “pilot”, which is a rather unique ability among the Titans. It also has an extremely powerful scream-based attack.

8. The Jaw Titan

Ymir roars

Name: Jaw Titan (Japanese: 顎の巨人, Agito no Kyojin)
Height: 5 meters
Inheritor(s): Porco Galliard, Ymir, Marcel Galliard
Allegiance: Marley

Abilities: powerful jaw strength, hardened claws, great speed, agility


During the Wall Rose invasion, Ymir was recruited into the Boy Scout Regiment at Utgard Castle when it was overrun by Titans commanded by the Beast Titan. When her commanding officers die before the Titans, Ymir speaks to Christa, reminding her of a promise they made during their days of training. Ymir takes a knife from Conny, cuts his palm and transforms to fight the Titans at the foot of the castle.

In her Titan form, Ymir easily begins slaughtering the Titans around Utgard, using claws on her hands and feet, as well as her teeth. After a short while, Ymir’s Titan is outnumbered and overwhelmed, almost breaking the structure of the tower. Instead of risking the castle’s collapse, Ymir drops her Titan into the Horde until Christa calls her and tells her to destroy the castle if that’s what it takes to survive the Titan Horde.

Ymir then begins demolishing the tower, using brick and stone to fend off the titans until the tower collapses. Ymir climbs the tower and tells the other recruits to hold onto their Titan, which protects the others from falling to their deaths. When the tower is reduced to rubble, Ymir continues to fight the Titans, but they are soon outnumbered and the Horde eats their Titan until the Boy Scout Regiment arrives to finish them all off. Ymir is extracted from her Titan, some limbs are missing and she has severe abdominal injuries.

Christa tells Ymir her real name – “Historia” – before Ymir passes out. The next time Ymir uses her Titan, she wants to help Reiner and Bertholdt in exchange for the safety of Historia. While in a forest, she transforms into the boy scout regiment that has come to rescue Eren, who was kidnapped by Reiner and Bertholdt. Because Conny has already seen her in her Titan form, he prevents the others from attacking her and gives Ymir the time she needs to look around the faces of those present.

When she discovers Historia, she opens her mouth wide and catches her. Ymir then turns and swings from tree to tree to escape. She meets with Reiner and Bertholdt, who are waiting for her at the edge of the forest. When Reiner sees her, he transforms into the Armored Titan and runs off, while Bertholdt and Eren cling to his shoulder. Ymir jumps on his back and carries them all away. During their escape, Commander Erwin Smith leads a horde of Titans into Reiner to stop him, and Ymir is forced to defend Historia. In the chaos they are separated from Reiner and Bertholdt, but they manage to kill a Titan together. As the battle intensifies, Ymir wonders if she’d better be on the side of the Warriors or the Boy Scouts, but whichever way she looks at it, the odds inside the walls are slim.

Together with Historia, Sasha and Conny she fends off the surrounding Titans when a newly freed Eren hits a smiling Titan with his bare hand and triggers something that everyone can feel with the power of the Titans. This results in all of the senseless titans present dropping what they do to devour the one who attacked Eren. When Eren runs away, he screams and sends the Titans to Reiner and Bertholdt. Ymir now realizes why they were after Eren and that the people on the walls could have a future with his power. The Boy Scouts prepare to withdraw during the confusion and Ymir looks back to see that Reiner and Bertholdt are about to be overwhelmed. She reaches for Historia and strokes her hair before apologizing and turning to run back. Ymir arrives in time to stop a Titan from eating Bertholdt and joins them in their struggle for survival.


The Jaw Titan was – in the anime – used by Ymir herself and is actually know for being one of the most powerful Titans, if he could get the drop on its opponent. He is the fastest among the Shifters, he is likewise very agile and has teeth so sharp that they can tear through any material. He is, though, the smallest among the major Titans, which can be both an advantage (he can easily sneak up on his opponents) and a disadvatage (his short stature makes him an easy target for the stronger Titans).

7. The Armored Titan

The Armored Titan roars

Name: Armored Titan (Japanese: 鎧の巨人, Yoroi no Kyojin)
Height: 15 meters
Inheritor(s): Reiner Braun
Allegiance: Marley

Abilities: hardened plates of armour-like skin, hardening, immense strength


The Armored Titan first appears in 845, shortly after the Colossal Titan first breached Wall Maria and participated in the attack on Shiganshina District. Reiner’s Armored Titan captures Eren Jaeger and descends with the recruit in the grip of Wall Rose until Eren transforms into his own battle-ready Titan. The Armored Titan initially overwhelms Eren’s Titan until he applies a technique that Annie Leonhart taught him as a cadet. This allows him to be close enough to deal with the Armored Titan and break off his right arm. Eren retreats to the wall to avoid capture, but the Armored Titan attacks afterwards.

Hange Zoë realizes that the Armored Titan cannot be fully armoured if it can move as quickly and must have weak spots like those in the joints of an armour suit. While the two Titans argue, Mikasa Ackermann cuts the Armored Ttitan’s knee and weakens his ability to fight. Eren’s grip begins to break through the Armored Titan’s coating and threatens to tear off his head. With the impending defeat, the Armored Titan roars, signaling Bertholdt’s Colossal Titan. This gives Reiner a chance to bite Eren off his Titan and flee, while the Scout Regiment cannot stop them.

Reiner and Bertholdt take a break in a forest of giant trees and flee with their omnidirectional mobility gear because Reiner says his Armored Titan is too slow. He refrains from using it until they reach the edge of the forest and then transforms. When they begin to attack, Bertholdt tells him to protect them, and Reiner closes the Armored Titan’s hands over Bertholdt and Eren so they cannot be taken away. However, he does not expect Commander Erwin Smith to lead a horde of titans into him. Despite attempting to storm through, the Armored Titan is overwhelmed and forced to a standstill due to the sheer number of titans seizing it. When Reiner realizes that he will gradually be worn out, he raises his hands to knock the Titans away, although this exposes Bertholdt and Eren and ultimately enables Eren to be saved.

Reiner attacks him, but Eren’s outbreak causes the Titans to focus their attacks on him and Bertholdt. The Armored Titan survives the battle and Reiner retreats to Wall Maria with Bertholdt and Ymir. Some time later, Reiner’s Armored Titan fights against Zeke’s Beast Titan for their next course of action. The Armored Titan is defeated in the brawl, and Zeke explains that instead of trying to save Annie Leonhart, they will wait for the Boy Scout Regiment to arrive in Shiganshina. Three months after the battle for consolation, the Boy Scout Regiment arrives in Shiganshina and seals the southern breakthrough with a new hardening ability acquired by Eren’s Titan.

Reiner is brutally attacked by Captain Levi, but still manages to transform into the Armored Titan after transferring his brain functions to the entire body as a last resort. As the battle begins in Shiganshina District, Reiner hardens his fingers to climb Wall Maria and attack the Scouts’ horses. However, Eren’s Titan shows up in town and Reiner has the choice to face Eren. Armored Titan fights Eren for the second time. Eren’s new ability to successfully harden his Titan’s skin, but the greatest damage is caused by the Thunder Spears, a new explosive weapon. The explosive rips through the armour of Reiner’s neck and destroys his brain, although his transmission of consciousness keeps him alive again. Armored Titan demands Plan B, the Colossal Titan. A short time later, Reiner completely heals his brain and the Armored Titan returns to battle without remembering events that have occurred since early morning. Squad Levi attacks Reiner again with the Thunder Spears, incapacitates him and successfully bursts Reiner out of the Armored Titan’s neck.


The Armored Titan is defensively great as he can create an armour around his whole body. He uses that armour for defence, but also for offence, as he can use his hardened body to inflict serious damage and pierce through almost anything. So, why isn’t he higher on our list? Well, it turns out that the Armored Titan is quite slow and moves so awkwardly that he is a relatively easy target when approached with a good tactical approach. Also, it turns out that his joints cannot be covered with armour, so that gives you a pretty decent weak spot that you can exploit.

6. The Attack Titan

Eren battles the Female Titan

Name: Attack Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人, Shingeki no Kyojin)
Height: 15 meters
Inheritor(s): Grisha Yeager, Eren Kruger
Allegiance: Eldia

Abilities: future memory inheritance


After Wall Maria held the Attack Titan for thirteen years, he is attacked by the warriors of Marley and Grischa decides it is time to negotiate with the founding Titan or to seize him by force. Ultimately, Grisha has no choice but to use the Attack Titan against Frieda’s Founding Titan and overwhelm her, stealing her Founding Titan and killing her along with the rest of her family except her father, who escapes. That night, after Wall Maria’s break, Grischa meets again with his son and forces him to take an injection. The injection causes Eren to turn into a Titan and Grisha to be devoured by his own son.

Eren Jaeger lived his life for five years, unaware that he possessed the power of the titans, until 850 during the battle for consolation. After Eren is captured and eaten by a Titan, his injuries and burning desire to slaughter the Titans trigger his first transformation into his Titan form. In an almost senseless state, Eren wanders through Solace as a Titan, slaughtering many Titans throughout the day without harming the human cadets around him. Completely unaware of the nature of the attacking Titan’s powers, the Consolation Garrison takes Eren into custody and questions him about his Titan nature.

When Eren reaches the boulder needed to seal the gap in Wall Rose, his next transformation goes awry when his Titan falls into a wild state and attacks Mikasa Ackermann before incapacitating himself. The Attack Titan slumbers for a short time before his friend Armin Arlelt succeeds in communicating with Eren himself via the neck of his titan, and Eren regains control. The attacking titan carries a massive boulder through the streets while members of the garrison regiment and cadet corps defend it. He seals the hole in the wall and ensures the first victory of mankind against the Titans.

Sometime later, Eren joins the Boy Scout Regiment after his change of custody was officially announced in a military court. During its first month with the Scouts, Section Commander Hange Zoë’s Attack Titan underwent various studies. It is at this point that the Boy Scout Regiment discovers the reliance of the Titan’s power on a set target prior to transformation in addition to drawing blood. At the end of the month, the scout regiment is on the way to the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission. However, the exploration mission is sabotaged by the arrival of the Titaness. In a forest of huge trees, the attacking titan fights the female titan, but he is defeated. While Eren is later rescued from the female titan, the exploration mission is cancelled and viewed as a failure.

A few days later, the Boy Scout Regiment cornered Annie Leonhart, inheritor of the Female Titan, in the Stohess District and she, as a last resort, turned back into the Female Titan. After some hesitation, Eren fights her a second time with his Titan. When overwhelmed late in the battle, his Titan experiences a sudden change and ignites in a berserk-like fit of rage. The Attack Titan gains the upper hand over Annie, although the attack ends when Annie uses her hardening ability to lock herself in a crystal-like substance to avoid capture. He later fights and almost defeats the Armored Titan, but the battle is interrupted by the Colossal Titan.

During the week after the invasion, Hange Zoë runs experiments on Eren’s Titan in the wilderness, where they discover that Eren is unable to harden his Titan body. Later, he ingests a bottle labelled “armor,” and gains the ability to harden his Titan’s skin in a manner similar to the Titans inside the Wall and Annie’s Female Titan. Eren uses this new armour ability to protect squad Levi from the collapse of the Underground Chapel set in motion by Rod’s transformation. The next morning, Eren uses his powers again to shove gunpowder filled barrels into the mouth of Rod’s enormous pure Titan. The resulting explosion blows apart its body and allows squad Levi to finish the job.

The hardening ability of the Attack Titan becomes an important part of Erwin Smith’s plan to retake Wall Maria. Upon arrival of the Boy Scouts in Shiganshina District, Eren changes into the Attack Titan and uses his ability to successfully plug the hole in the wall. He then returns to human form to hide from the warriors who are suspected of preparing an ambush. The mission is interrupted by the sudden appearance of the Beast Titan and Armored Titan, who begin the battle in the Shiganshina District. The Attack Titan fights the Armored Titan a second time, with this duel ending in Eren’s favor due to its new hardening ability. Before Reiner can be killed, Bertholdt comes to his rescue and fends off the soldiers of the Boy Scout Regiment before he transforms into the Colossal Titan. Eren tries to attack the Colossal, but is kicked against Wall Maria and incapacitated.

Armin brings Eren back to his senses and formulates a plan for him to defeat the Colossal Titan. When Armin Bertholdt distracts, Eren’s Titan falls to the ground near the pierced north gate of Shiganshina and hardens. Bertholdt thinks that Eren has succumbed to a concussion, but soon realizes that he sees the hardened shell of a Titan, and at this moment of vulnerability Eren hits the Colossal Titan’s neck in human form.


This guy is as mysterious as he is powerful. There are three different iterations of the Attack Titan, whose introduction to the series also gave its title a completely different meaning. He is an extremely powerful all-rounder, but not much is known about him besides that. We know that he is powerful and that he can defeat the ones before him on the list, but that is pretty much it when the Attack Titan is concerned.

5. The Beast Titan

Beast Titan Fullbody

Name: Beast Titan (Japanese: 獣の巨人, Kemono no Kyojin)
Height: 17 meters
Inheritor(s): Zeke Yeager
Allegiance: None (formerly Eldia and Marley)

Abilities: various animal characteristics, hardening; under Zeke Yeager’s control, is capable of powerful throwing, can turn Subjects of Ymir into Titans that he can crudely control, speech


When Titans mysteriously appear in Wall Rose, the Beast Titan is among them and is encountered by Miche Zacharius, who immediately notices the strangeness of its properties and believes the Titan is a normal abnormal. When Miche’s horse runs back to him, the Beast Titan grabs it unexpectedly. After noticing Miche, the Beast Titan shoots the horse at him to prevent his escape. After Miche falls on a Titan’s mouth, the Beast Titan orders the other Titans not to eat him so he can question Miche about the Omni-directional mobility gear.

However, a Titan disobeys it and the Beast Titan crushes its head to release Miche. The Beast Titan then interrogates Miche, but since he fails to respond out of shock, it suspects that they actually do speak the same language, but Miche is just too scared to answer. After the equipment is stolen, the surrounding Titans can devour Miche. Miche screams in horror and pain as the Beast Titan is amused to see that he can actually speak.

The Beast Titan is later seen walking around Utgard Castle again, where several members of the Scout Regiment are captured by Titans, although Titans are usually inactive at night. Then it climbs up the Wall Rose and observes the titans who surround the tower from a distance. After the scouts kill most of the larger titans, the Beast Titan throws large stones at the tower and kills Lynne and Henning along with their remaining horses. Shortly thereafter, twice as many titans advance on the tower as the Beast Titan roars at them from on top of Wall Rose. Nanaba notices the unusually strategic method used in their attacks, indicating that the Beast Titan controls the actions of the other Titans.

While waiting in the Shiganshina District, the Beast Titan finally meets with the warriors Bertholdt and Reiner. They try to convince him to work with them to free their comrade Annie Leonhart from captivity, but the Beast Titan refuses. A conflict ensues, and Reiner tries to force the hand of the Beast Titan with his Armored Titan, but the Beast Titan brutally overwhelms him. When Bertholdt helps Reiner , the operator of the Beast Titan emerges and tells the two that Annie can wait until they have saved the Coordinate. He then reveals his plan to raid the boy scout regiment in Shiganshina with their help in order to capture Eren and the Coordinate.

When the Boy Scout Regiment arrives in Shiganshina District, as predicted by Zeke, the Beast Titan appears with a small army of pure Titans. It lifts a boulder and throws it against the wall in a perfect arc, plugging the hole in the inner gate and preventing the Boy Scout Regiment from getting its horses through. Zeke then orders the smaller titans under his influence to attack the soldiers north of the wall. Erwin orders Squad Levi to defeat the armored Titan, but he holds back Levi, whom he assigns to defeat the Beast Titan.

After a short delay, Bertholdt transforms into his Colossal Titan. Meanwhile, Zeke begins a new attack on the Boy Scouts, using crushed boulders as projectiles and sending them into the houses and structures north of the wall. This strategy leaves the soldiers north of the wall completely immobile, and Commander Erwin Smith joins them in formulating a do-or-die strategy against the Beast Titan. As a last resort, the scouts rush towards the Beast Titan with signal flares to obstruct its view, while Captain Levi moves towards the Beast Titan and uses the Titans’ blockade as a way to get there. The bombardment of the Beast Titan hits all but one of the attacking soldiers. In Zeke’s diversion, however, Levi successfully ambushes the Beast Titan and completely dismembers it without Zeke having time to plan a defence. Zeke emerges from his destroyed Beast Titan at Levi’s mercy, but is soon rescued by the Cart Titan.


The Beast Titan doesn’t just look scary, he is very scary. This Sasquatch-like Titan is enormous, exceptionally strong (especially his throwing abilities), can harden and has various other animal-like characteristics that make him an enormously dangerous foe in battle. And yet, this is not even close to being his most fearsome trait. Namely, while under Zeke’s control, the Beast Titan can turn any Eldian into a Pure Titan if he gives them a bit of his spinal fluid, and control them as well. Just imagine the level of power of such an army.

4. The War Hammer Titan

War Hammer Titan character image Younger sister of Willy

Name: War Hammer Titan (Japanese: 戦槌の巨人, Sentsui no Kyojin)
Height: ~15 meters
Inheritor(s): Eren Yeager
Allegiance: Eldia (formerly Marley)

Abilities: structural hardening, remote operation


During the festival play, While Eren Yeager (as Attack Titan) kills and eats Willy, his younger sister transforms into the War Hammer Titan during the festival. However, the Attack Titan interrupts the transformation and hits War Hammer Titan in the face. Eventually, the War Hammer Titan recovers and creates spikes in the ground that immobilize the Attack Titan. The War Hammer Titan regenerates its upper body, completes the transformation and creates a giant war hammer for itself. The Attack Titan is captured and is being shot at by anti-Titan artillery.

He cannot successfully block the War Hammer Titan’s incoming swing and is quickly beheaded. After beheading the Attack Titan, the Wars Hammer Titan prepares to deal a fatal blow when Eren emerges from his neck and asks for its last words. Eren calls for Mikasa Ackerman, who suddenly appears from behind and surprises the War Hammer Titan. Despite attempting to stop them, the War Hammer Titan is bombarded with thunder spears fired by Mikasa, all of which fly into the Titan’s neck, causing a massive explosion that drops him to the ground.

Despite the total obliteration of its neck, the War Hammer Titan stands up again and forms a smaller pike that is fired at Eren and Mikasa via a crossbow. To avoid this, Mikasa attacks the War Hammer Titan again, while Eren suspects that the Heir must not be on the neck and was therefore able to survive the attack. He begins to trace where the heir might be hiding and eventually notices a long cable coming from the titan’s left heel. Eren follows him and transforms into the Attack Titan again. Eren finds Willy’s younger sister in the underground, who is locked in a crystal and attached to the end of the cable.

The Attack Titan disconnects the cord, immobilizes the War Hammer Titan, and then tries to eat the Heir. However, the Jaw Titan (led by Porco Galliard) comes from behind and ambushes the Attack Titan. The following skirmish gives Willy’s younger sister enough time to reform the cable and create a new War Hammer Titan body that traps the Attack Titan in a web of Titan substance. However, the Attack Titan instinctively hardens its arm to protect its neck from the attack. The Assault Titan tries again to devour the War Hammer Titan, but fails because of the crystal barrier that shields the operator. When Eren realizes that the War Hammer Titan has no more power, he frees himself from the neck of the Attack Titan and transforms again.

After Eren ingested the crystal in his new body, the Jaw Titan rushes towards him, triggering a series of attacks with its sharp claws, damaging the crystal. The Attack Titan puts the War Hammer crystal in Galliard’s mouth and forces him to crush it. While the crystal breaks, Eren lets the liquid of Willy’s younger sister drain into his Titan’s mouth and gives himself the power of the War Hammer Titan. While incarcerated, Eren Hange declares that he has eaten the War Hammer Titan and is able to use that Titan’s abilities to leave his prison whenever he wants, no matter how hard and deep the underground cell is . He does so later, using the War Hammer Titan’s abilities to prevent the military from chasing him in order to seal his escape route. During Marley’s attack on Shiganshina District, Eren uses the War hammer Titan’s tempering abilities to great effect. After Eren created spikes from his back to prevent the Jaw Titan from attacking him, he later creates numerous rows of spikes from the ground to incapacitate both the Jaw Titan and the Armored Titan.


The War Hammer Titan has yet to appear in the anime, but he is certainly one of the toughest and quite possibly the most difficult to defeat among the Titans. War Hammer Titan has the ability to create objects with its hardening ability. This includes everything from spikes from the ground, to the namesake War Hammer, and even flexible weapons like a bowstring. As far as it is known, this is his unique manifestation of the hardening ability. Along with that, he is extremely difficult to defeat because he can be operated from a distance by using a line of hardened Titan flesh connected to its owner, like a sort of extension cord. If you add his ability to protect its operator with its hardening ability, you’ll certainly get very strong and fearsome Titan.

3. The Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan at Wall Rose

Name: Colossus Titan (Japanese: 超大型巨人, Chō ōgata Kyojin)
Height: 60 meters
Inheritor(s): Armin Arlert
Allegiance: Eldia (formerly Marley)

Abilities: explosive transformation, significant control over steam emission, enormous size


The Colossal Titan appears outside Wall Maria for the first time, terrorizing the people of Shiganshina and kicks a hole in the southern gate. Soon after, the Titan inexplicably disappears in a cloud of steam. His actions allow the ordinary Titans who wander outside to get to Shiganshina, where they begin to enjoy the many residents, including Carla Jaeger. The Colossal Titan reappears five years later in 850 and breaches the Wall Rose so that its brothers can devour the people inside again. It is attacked almost immediately by Eren Jaeger, but it first repels him and steams him out of his high-temperature body before completely disappearing from view like five years ago. This attack causes the garrison to adopt the Colossal Titan contingency plan for the Trost District.

When, in a moment of exhaustion and desperation, Reiner turns out to be the Armored Titan and Bertholdt is exposed as the Colossal Titan, the two transform themselves into their Titan forms and fight against the Boy Scout Regiment. While Reiner’s Armored Titan fights Eren’s titan, Bertholdt fights the scouts with a partially transformed Colossal Titan.

When the soldiers led by Hange Zoë are ready to land a fatal blow, Bertholdt re-uses his steam emission control to keep them all at a distance, and their ODM gear cannot reach him during persistent gusts of wind. Bertholdt’s Colossal Titan remains in this state of emission for a short time, until Reiner suffers an imminent defeat in the fight against Eren and calls for help. When Bertholdt heard Reiner’s signal, he fell to the ground. This leads to a devastating explosion in which the Colossal Titan evaporates. Bertholdt leaves his Titan and joins Reiner, who managed to capture Eren in the chaos.

The warriors fail to capture Eren and later flee to the ruins of the Shiganshina District. The explosion of the earlier transformation engulfs almost all the Boy Scouts in Shiganshina and levels out the central part of the district, creating a mushroom cloud.

As the Colossal Titan, Bertholdt begins setting fire to Shiganshina’s houses with the heat of his Titan, wreaking havoc on the city. Eren tries to attack the Colossal Titan, but his attempt is short-lived when he is stepped to the top of Wall Maria. Squad Levi tries to attack Bertholdt with their Thunder Spears, but the Colossal’s vapor emission keeps them away.

At this point, however, Armin Arlelt notices the loss of muscle mass caused by each burst of steam and formulates a plan to defeat Bertholdt. Armin brings Eren back to consciousness and informs him of his plan to defeat Bertholdt. Knowing that his ODM equipment won’t stick to the Colossal’s evaporating flesh, Armin reaches for the Titan’s teeth when Eren falls to the ground. Bertholdt wants to kill Armin quickly and gives Armin a huge amount of burning steam that burns him alive until he can no longer hold on to his Titan. Armin falls to the ground and Bertholdt draws his attention to Eren.

He realizes, too late, that Eren’s Titan on the ground is actually just his hardened shell, and at the moment of vulnerability, Eren hits the Colossal Titan in his human form, pulling Bertholdt off the neck while the Colossal Titan collapses in defeat. On the rooftops of Shiganshina, the surviving members of the Boy Scout Regiment have the choice of using a Titan injection in their possession to save either Armin or Commander Erwin Smith from death. The choice is left to Captain Levi and after some hesitation he decides to save Armin’s life. His screams go unheard and Bertholdt is eaten alive by Armin’s Titan, which inherits the Colossal Titan’s power.


The Colossal Titan is one of the most powerful Titans out there, but has been seriously underused. Namely, its original operator lacked any proper creativity when battle was concerned. He knew how to utilise his Titan’s strength, but not his full potential and believe us – the Colossal Titan has so many – possibly even more than any other – abilities that even we don’t know all of them. There’s so many ways he can be utilised in battle that we need to wait for a proper operator to see how powerful he exactly is, i.e., whether he could move up a spot or two.

2. The “Combination Titan”

Combined Titan Eren Jaegar

Name: “Combination” Titan
Height: 15 meters
Inheritor(s): Eren Kruger
Allegiance: Eldia

Abilities: combined skills of different Titans


Since this Titan doesn’t really exist but is just a form of the Attack Titan, we don’t have a bio for him, so we refer you to the biography of the Attacking Titan written above.


Okay, so remember our mysterious Attack Titan from spot six? Well, here he is again, but this time in a less official manner. Namely, the “Combination” Titan doesn’t really exist, but we needed him for our list so that we divided his two forms into two separate entries. The “Combination” Titan actually has both the Founding Titan and the Attack Titan inside him, along with drinking fluid from the Armor Titan as well, which seems to have massively boosted his hardening abilities. Just imagine him also having the Beast Titan under his control? He could control absolutely every Titan in the whole universe!

1. The Founding Titan

Frieda Reiss Anime character image Founding Titan

Name: Founding Titan (Japanese: 始祖の巨人, Shiso no Kyojin)
Height: ~13 meters (varies)
Inheritor(s): Eren Jaeger (several former)
Allegiance: Eldia

Abilities: Titan behavioural control, memory manipulation of Subjects of Ymir, Titan creation


After the fall of the Wall Maria, Grisha Jaeger goes to the Underground Chapel where the Reiss family is and transforms into a Titan. Frieda Reiss also transforms and fights Grisha, but loses and is eaten. Grischa receives the Founding Titan and then kills every single member of the Reiss family except Rod Reiss, who escapes. He later finds his son Eren and injects him with an unknown serum, turning his son into a pure Titan. Eren eats Grisha and inherits the Founding Titan. Before Reiner flees from the scouts in the forest of the giant trees, he explains that the connections between the Reiss family and the Order of the Walls.

Later that day, the warriors’ suspicions are confirmed when Eren lets go of the Founding Titan, slaps the hand of a smiling Titan, yells, and causes all of the surrounding Titans to swarm and tear him to pieces. When Reiner and Bertholdt approach him afterwards, Eren’s outbreak triggers the Founding Titan again and sends the nearby Titans towards the warriors so that the scouts can escape. On the return trip to Wall Rose, all previously encountered titans ignore the scouts and instead run under Eren’s unconscious commands in the direction of the warriors. A squadron of the military police led by Kenny Ackermann kidnaps Eren Jaeger and Historia Reiss and brings them to Historia’s father, Rod Reiss.

After reading a note from Eren about how Ymir came to her Titan powers, Hange Zoë suspects that the government plans to devour Eren in order to gain his power. Eren wakes up bound and gagged in the Reiss family’s underground chapel, the place where power has been passed on for generations. As he slowly wakes up, he has a vision of Frieda Reiss, a former Founding Zitan, who is tufting her hair. Later, Rod and Historia Reiss touch Eren’s back and trigger a series of memories: Eren releases memories of his father, fights Frieda and eats her (inherits the Founding Titan), slaughters the Reiss family and then feeds himself with Eren. Historia releases memories of Frieda, who once used the power of the Founding Titan to erase herself from Historia’s memories.

Two months later, the Boy Scout Regiment is campaigning for Shiganshina District. They come to the cellar of the Jaeger family, where Grisha had kept his secrets for Eren. In one of three books hidden in the basement, they read Grisha’s story of his childhood and when he was learning the nature of the Founding titan. In Grisha’s past he had joined a group of restorers who wanted to take the Founding Titan from the King of the Walls in order to restore Eldia to glory. The organization failed and Grisha alone was hired by Eren Kruger, an Eldian spy in the Marley government, to take over the Founding Titan. As the military of the walls gathers to discuss the discoveries from the basement, Eren recalls the time when the Founding Titan came out in the presence of the Titan who ate his mother. Recalling his father’s memories of his first wife, Dina, Eren notes that Dina’s Titan was responsible for the Founding Titan’s presence. However, Eren decides not to divulge his discovery to the military, fearing the idea of ​​turning a king into a Titan that Eren can come into contact with could endanger Historia Reiss’ life.


Well, it only makes sense to put the Founding Titan on top of our list. Why? Well, this Titan is – as the name suggests – the “father” of all Titans. It can control all of the Titans, it can create new Titans and transform regular Titans into colossal ones, and as if that wasn’t enough – the Founding Titan is also exceptionally strong. Due to its powers, its full potential can be unlocked only by members of two royal families, which is a relatively good thing, because imagine what would happen if a genocidal maniac came upon such power?


And that’s it for today. We hope you had fun reading this and that we helped solve this dilemma for you. See you next time and don’t forget to follow us!