Every Futoku no Guild Character’s Age, Birthday, Height, & Voice Actor

Every Futoku no Guild Character's Age, Birthday, Height, & Voice Actor

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Futoku no Guild is a Japanese manga series by Taichi Kawazoe. It has been published in Square Enix’s Monthly Shōnen Gangan since June 2017, and ten bound volumes have been released as of October 2022. An anime series adaptation produced by Japanese studio TNK was announced and began airing in October 2022. Futoku no Guild is a fairly popular series and that is why we have decided to tell you a bit about its characters in this article.

What we are about to tell you is a list of the most important Futoku no Guild characters and their heights, ages, birthdays, and voice actors. The data we are going to use refers to the canon data we have from the manga, which is currently ongoing, so things are certainly going to change, but we are going to focus either on the data at the time of a character’s death or the current in-universe time. Before we approach each of the characters individually, here is a quick overview:

CharacterAgeBirthdayHeightVoice actor
Kikuru Madan 20UnknownUnknownKatsumi Fukuhara
Hitamu Kyan18Unknown152 cmKarin Isobe
Maidena Angers 15Unknown140 cmAyano Shibuya
Tokishikko Dana18Unknown159 cmYō Taichi
Hanabata Nohkins18Unknown178 cmYuna Kamakura
Noma Rune UnknownUnknown163 cmSaho Shirasu
Enome 31Unknown163 cmRumi Okubo
Eshune 11UnknownUnknownYuyu Shoji

Kikuru Madan 

Kikuru Madan 29

The main protagonist of the story. He is a young hunter who has been forced to train hard since he was a child and began real combat at the age of 18. He laments missing his “golden teenage years”. He dreams of entering college, enjoying campus life, and having a girlfriend like his classmates.

Hitamu Kyan

futoku no guild

Hitamu is a martial artist who is the first member of Kikuru’s group. She has the unfortunate luck of attracting and being humiliated by monsters more than others. Hitamu is a lively, happy-go-lucky person who acts according to her emotions rather than logic. Because of this, she has an interesting but troubled personality. Although she is calm and direct, she is notoriously shallow, as when she lunges at an enemy without thinking of backing away. Her wacky behavior, like falling down in battle, always gets her into erotic accidents. She begins to develop feelings for Kikuru.

Maidena Angers 

maidena 1024x576 1

She is a healing magician who joins Kikuru’s group. Despite having a frail appearance, she is 15 years old. At first, she misunderstood Kikuru as a pervert and took a cold attitude, but she gradually begins to open up to others.


‘Futoku no Guild’ Watch Order

Tokishikko Dana

Senza titolo 1 32

She is a dark mage. Although she can use powerful attack magic with her staff, her reflexes are dull due to lack of exercise, making it difficult to hit the enemy. As a result of using a great ability to throw a spear, she may end up self-destructing or making friendly fire. Toxico has a generally laid-back attitude and struggles to stay focused. She has an unexpectedly kind side and is also sometimes naughty.

Tanabata Nohkins

Futoku no Guild Hanabata Nohkins GQCA cp

A paladin who is the daughter of the president of the famous weapons manufacturer Norkin Sports and Tokishikko’s childhood friend. Her weapon is a hammer with a petal-shaped tip, which leaves a petal-shaped mark on the opponent it hits. Dignified and courteous, with superhuman strength, fighting ability, and a strong work ethic, she at first glance appears to be a decent fighting force, but she has the serious drawback that she will lose control if she becomes one.” crazy flower.

Warriors can use the “Insanity” ability to send mana from their entire bodies into their brains, and in exchange for losing their sanity, they release their limiters and produce intense power. It causes “mana sickness” that exceeds the allowed amount, and the mana that has gone out of control circulates in the body at high speed and turns into a “crazy flower” that strengthens the organism. At that time, her behavior and facial expressions become childlike as if she was drunk with alcohol. Like her groupmates, she has feelings for Kikuru.

Noma Rune 

5833e1edab131d0cf9279cd6ebe67c631664520577 main

A boy of the elven race who uses attack and healing magic. Because of his delicate appearance and personality, many believe that he is a woman.



The guild’s receptionist and Eshune’s mother. She is 31 years old despite looking very young and having a well-endowed body. Because she has been kind to Kikuru, he develops feelings for her, but Enome only sees him as her brother. Learning that Kikuru plans to retire to enjoy her youth, she arranges for him one beautiful girl after another to form a group of adventurers. Because her husband has been away for a long time, she doesn’t talk about him much.


‘Futoku no Guild’ Watch Order



She is the daughter of Enome and helps out in the guild. She is 11 years old. She is characterized by wearing three pins, which look like a winking emoticon. She closely resembles her mother in her appearance. She hates her father, whose face she doesn’t even know, and tries her best to get her mother and Kikuru together so that the two of them will get married one day.

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