Every Ouija Movie Ending Explained

Every Ouija Movie Ending

The Ouija movies aren’t exactly the best or the most popular horror movies of the 2010s, but they are certainly fun enough to warrant some scares for those who love horror films. Despite the apparent weaknesses of these movies, you can still enjoy the scares that they offer you. But there are some who might get confused about how the movies ended. That’s why we are here to look at the ending of every Ouija movie.

Ouija (2014) Ending Explained

The lore that surrounds the Ouija board has long been something that people often talk about when it comes to paranormal and supernatural things. The Ouija board has long been a part of the paranormal culture, and that fact makes it seems odd that it took until the 2010s for someone to think of a movie that’s based on the Ouija board.

Basically, a Ouija board is a board that people use to communicate with people in the afterlife, as the glass piece on the board is supposedly going to move to spell out the letters of what the person they are trying to contact is trying to say. And this is where the Ouija movie focuses.

The first Ouija film, released in 2014, centers on Laine and her group of friends who are trying to use a Ouija board to contact Debbie, a friend who died after hanging herself. Their goal was to try to get answers to the circumstances surrounding her death. However, in doing so, they ended up freeing a dark and malevolent spirit instead.

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While the group of friends was using the board to try to speak to their dead friend, they didn’t know that it was actually the Ouija board that made their friend kill herself in the first place, and this is where it got complicated for them as they have to deal with the consequences of trying to make contact with the afterlife.

When trying to contact their friend, Laine and the rest thought that they had successfully made contact with Debbie because the board spelled out “Hi friend.” But after saying their goodbyes, the problem was that they ended up getting haunted by the “Hi friend” phrase that followed each member of the group wherever they went.

As the spirit continued to haunt them, they soon discovered that this wasn’t Debbie but was an evil spirit. This discovery came when one of the members of the group, Isabelle, died while she was brushing her teeth as the spirit possessed her and made her hit her head on the bathtub.

Isabelle’s death prompted the friends to find a way to stop the evil spirit haunting them. This led them to investigate the past as they discovered that there was a mother who was accused of killing her child in Debbie’s home. They found out that this mother had another daughter named Paulina, who was living in a psychiatric ward, as they tried to learn more about the house and the Ouija board to find out more about the circumstances behind the evil spirit that was haunting them.


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Paulina, at first, was friendly toward Laine while telling the story about how her mother went crazy and killed her sister. She said that her mother was a medium who was using the Ouija board to talk to spirits and that this malevolent spirit could be her mother. Because Paulina’s sister got her mouth sewn shut by their mother, she said that the only way for them to stop their mother’s spirit was to search for her sister’s corpse in the basement and cut the stitches from her mouth.

However, when Laine cut the stitches from the corpse, what they discovered was that it wasn’t the mother who was haunting them. Instead, it was Doris, the sister, who was stalking them. And when Laine went back to Paulina, she discovered that the mother was trying to stop Doris, and that’s why she had to kill her.

Laine sought advice from her own grandmother, who told her that the only way to destroy the spirit once and for all was to burn both the Ouija board and the body. She is able to do so with the help of Debbie’s spirit. However, Doris still ends up killing two more members of the group of friends.

In the end, only Laine and her sister survived the encounter with Doris’ spirit. Nevertheless, the ending was open-ended because the final scene showed Laine finding the conduit of the Ouija board on her desk.

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In a sense, the ending of Ouija was pretty much straightforward because there wasn’t anything too confusing. However, the movie still ended with a scene that allowed us to wonder whether a sequel was in the works or if the movie was basically telling us that Laine and her sister were not yet out of the woods. As such, this open-ended conclusion opens a lot of opportunities.

Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016) Ending Explained

After the success of the first Ouija movie, which earned over a hundred million at the box office despite its low budget, a much better sequel was warranted. However, Ouija: Origin of Evil is actually a prequel film that tells the story of what led to the events of the first Ouija movie. And you’ll be surprised by how high-quality this film is compared to its predecessor.

Like its predecessor, Ouija: Origin of Evil is produced by Blumhouse, which is the same company that has produced some of the most popular horror movies that have dominated the modern-day. Remember that Blumhouse, with a budget of $15,000, earned hundreds of millions with Paranormal Activity, and this allowed them to produce movies such as Insidious and Purge, among others.

That said, Ouija: Origin of Evil brought in Mike Flanagan, who has become one of the best directors when it comes to horror movies, so that they could make sure that this movie won’t end up becoming a dud like the other movies that we have seen from Blumhouse. Flanagan is currently known for amazing horror movies and shows that came after Ouija: Origin of Evil. This includes The Haunting series, Midnight Mass, and Gerald’s Game. And you’ll see how good of a director he is when you watch Ouija: Origin of Evil, which became somewhat of an audition for him to earn the great horror movies and shows that he has made with Netflix, among others.


While the first Ouija movie was a hit at the box office, it was still somewhat of a dud in terms of its critical performance. Nevertheless, the fans were able to overlook a lot of its flaws because it still offered scares that are good enough for most horror movie fans. But bringing Flanagan over made Ouija: Origin of Evil not only an attractive movie for horror film buffs but also for critics. And Flanagan was given the creative freedom to do whatever he wanted to do with this film.

In Ouija, we followed a group led by Laine as they got themselves chased around by a malevolent spirit that they freed when they tried to contact a departed friend using a Ouija board. The spirit started killing them one by one until Laine discovered that this spirit was a girl named Doris, who was a malevolent girl that her mother killed years ago to prevent her from wreaking havoc. Origin of Evil tells the story of Doris and her family.

The story of Ouija: Origin of Evil follows the story of Alice Zander, a fake psychic, and her daughters, Lina and Doris. In their act, they brought a Ouija board to convince people that they were indeed psychics. However, Doris, who actually had psychic abilities, became possessed when she used the board on her own.


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Concerned about what had happened to her daughter, Alice brought her to a local priest who said that Doris had been taken over by a vengeful spirit of an immigrant who was experimented on by a scientist in the basement of the home a long time ago. The only way for them to save her was for them to burn the board.

However, the possessed Doris ends up killing the priest. This led Lina to sew her sister’s mouth shut so that they could prevent her from speaking, which was something she used when killing people. When Lina sewed Doris’ mouth, this ended up killing the girl. The spirit ends up possessing Paulina herself as she ends up stabbing her mother to death.

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The events led to Lina getting admitted to a psychiatric hospital, where she made her own Ouija board using her blood. While she was in her room, a doctor could be seen observing her through a window. The doctor, however, was unaware that Doris’ evil spirit was running across the ceiling to reach him as the movie ends with that scene.

In that regard, the movie is directly connected to the first Ouija movie, which tells the story of how Laine went to Lina (Paulina) in the psychiatric hospital to ask about what happened in the basement of the home they once lived in. The ending of Origin of Evil connects us to the events of the first movie, which basically tells the story of how Doris’ evil spirit was possessing people and killing them in the process after it was freed when Laine’s group used a Ouija board found in the basement. 

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