Excalibur vs. Raiden: Warframe vs. Metal Gear, Who Would Win?

Raiden vs. Excalibur

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What happens when we set two cyborgs against each other? That is exactly what we’re going to see in this epic showdown of Excalibur vs. Raiden. Both are technically cyborgs, both are fictional characters of rather successful game franchises. And both are pretty even in their displays of power. So in a battle of Warframes vs. Metal Gear, Excalibur vs. Raiden, who is stronger, and who would win?

Excalibur would win. Considering both Raiden and Excalibur are based on the same fictional concepts their powers are pretty similar too. Both are incredibly fast, near invulnerable, and possess superhuman senses and reflexes. So the fight would pretty much depend on the fact who has a better arsenal of weaponry at its disposal. In that case, Excalibur is a definitive winner, his arsenal is light-years more advanced than Raidens. Excalibur’s Glaxion has the ability to stop molecular movement and is a direct counter to Raiden’s High-Frequency blade, and thus his strongest weapon is rendered completely obsolete.

Now that we’ve given you the short answer it’s time to analyze the matter in more depth. There’s still a lot to be said about both Raiden and Excalibur and their abilities, so keep reading!

Excalibur – The First Warframe Origin & Abilities

Excalibur, while not technically a cyborg is a Warframe. Warframes are conceptual weaponized armors controlled by a Tenno through which they channel their void powers. They are incredibly high-tech and incredibly powerful and Excalibur is one of the strongest of them all. Named after the well-known and famous sword from Arthurian Legends, he is true to his namesake and is known as the “Master Swordsman”.

His standard in-game abilities include superhuman speed (Slash Dash), and Radial Blind which is the ability to emit a flash of light powerful enough to blind all enemies close to him. He has Radial Javelin which impales his enemies to the walls and probably his strongest ability – the summoning of Exalted Blade, it’s basically a sword made out of pure light.

Excalibur from Warframe
Excalibur as seen in Warframe

When it comes to his hypothetical abilities since he is perhaps best described as a high-tech weapon himself. It’s understood that his strength, speed, and reflexes are above that of an average human by far. He is also near invulnerable able to regenerate his “health”, immune to elements and most man-made poisons. It’s understood that he is probably virtually immortal. Being a piece of metal he is immune to soul manipulation and mind manipulation. His machine nature makes him durable, incredibly resistant, and powerful.


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As we already mentioned previously he has a unique, futurist, and massive arsenal of weapons at his disposal capable of manipulating the laws of physics when it comes to matter and energy.

Glaxion gun
Glaxion Gun

Raiden aka Jack The Ripper Origin & Abilities

One could say that Raiden’s destiny was decided for him on the day of his birth. Born in Liberia, and adopted by Solidus Snake, Raiden was trained to be a soldier literally since he was a child. During his training, he was subjected to various cruel brainwashing and “toughening” tactics. He learned early that killing was his business and that he was extremely good at it. So good that in fact, he earned himself a couple of nicknames such as Jack the Ripper and “White Devil”.

The story gets interesting when Raiden begins his transformation into a true blue cyborg in every sense of the word. First, a high concentration of nanomachines was implanted into his cerebral cortex, then his natural blood was replaced with a nanite blood substitute. The final step toward the transformation was when the Patriots captured him and unfortunately grafted his head and spine onto a new synthetic body making him a cyborg.

Raiden in his custom cyborg suit as seen in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Raiden in his custom cyborg suit as seen in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Being only technically human has its advantages. Raiden is due to his metallic exterior near-immortal, near invulnerable, and has enhanced reflexes and speed. And that’s just the beginning. Raiden can enter so-called blade mode that can slow time to a near standstill. Like Excalibur, he is immune to the elements, and most man-made calamities, and using his cyborg stealth camouflage he can turn himself invisible. Really practical when it comes to espionage.


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His suit enhances his strength and deflects damage due to artificial carbon muscles, and has built-in radar, night vision, and Jam Grenade.

When it comes to his arsenal, at his disposal he has various nanotechnology, explosives, and grenades but nothing comes close to “High Frequency” Blades. It’s his strongest weapon, one capable of disrupting atoms at a quantum level. High-Frequency Blades are so powerful they can cut through almost anything, and deflect bullets. It’s powerful enough to cut through carbon nanotubes from which Metal Gears are made.

High Frequency Blade
High Frequency Blade

So, Excalibur or Raiden, Who Is Stronger?

When it comes to this scenario it’s not a matter of strength it’s a matter of tech. Both are non-organic beings technically and are not subject to usual rules. They are evenly matched when it comes to usual parameters such as speed, and stamina. But not so much when it comes to strength and durability. Excalibur vastly overpowers Raiden and is much more durable than Raiden’s man-made suit.

The main thing that makes the difference is the technology and Excalibur is a clear winner when it comes to that. His weaponry is incredibly advanced and futuristic, his Glaxion Gun is a direct counter to Raiden’s most famous weapon – High-Frequency Blades.

Even if Excalibur didn’t have Glaxion at his disposal it’s questionable whether Raiden’s Murasama would be able to cut through Excalibur’s shell.

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