‘Fanático’ Ending, Explained: Does Lazaro Achieve The Success He Wants?


Fanático is the newest Netflix TV show coming to Netflix from Spain. The series goes deep into the darkest side of the music industry and shows how fame, long work hours, drugs, and many other factors can chip away at the soul of an artist. The series presents all these subjects very openly, and it reveals this dark reality without apologies. The show is quite entertaining and very short, which makes it a quick watch if you need something to entertain you for a couple of hours.

The show stars a great cast of young talent, which includes Lorenzo Ferro, Eva Almeida, Fernando Valdivielso, Carlota Urdiales, y Dollar Selmouni. The first season only has five episodes, with five more coming in the future. The series has some problems when it comes to developing the characters properly. The show is just too short for what it is trying to do, and many of the characters feel like afterthoughts. However, the series remains an entertaining watch.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for all episodes of the first season. Read at your own risk.

Does Lazaro Achieve The Success He Wants?

The show begins by introducing us to Quimera, a famous rapper in Spain who seems to be having a rough time in life. Using a powerful montage, we see how Quimera records music, performs at concerts and has fun with his co-workers and friends. Quimera has many fans, and they all worship him as a rap god. Sadly, Quimera is also immersed in the world of drugs and excess. His girlfriend does his pictures and his best friend manages his social media accounts. They are all leeches from his hard work.

At the same time, we are introduced to Lazaro, a young man working as a delivery man for an Uber Eats-type company. Lazaro is having a bad time as well, but for different reasons. He doesn’t have money, and his life sucks. He has a wonderful girlfriend named Carla, who loves him with a passion and is very supportive, even when Lazaro gives her no reason to be that way. They dream of living together in a big house where Carla can have her own terrace.


Quimera and Lazaro could not be living more different lives, but their sadness is not the only thing that unites them. For some reason, both of them are basically doppelgängers. They look absolutely similar to each other, except for the fact that Quimera dyes his hair pink, while Lazaro does not. After losing his job, Lazaro joins his friends at a Quimera gig, and there he sees a version of himself on stage. Unfortunately, Quimera died while performing.

There is a big funeral, and everybody is mourning the young and successful artist. However, for some reason, Eva and Lazaro decide to change their appearance to look more like Quimera. Perhaps as a sort of homage to the rapper. Eva gives him a tattoo on the cheek and dyes his hair pink. Lazaro goes around and people start noticing he looks too much like Quimera. Could Quimera be alive? Lazaro ends up crashing a party where Quimera’s friends and business partners are remembering Quimera.

Does Lazaro Become Famous In Fanático?

Quimera’s best friend, Pompa, takes Lazaro under his wing, and he begins introducing Lazaro to record executives, including Quimera’s old manager, Hector. They come up with a crazy idea. Because Lazaro looks so much like Quimera, Lazaro should take his place and continue Quimera’s career. Lazaro doesn’t sing, make music, or have any talent, but he looks the part. Mira, Quimera’s girlfriend, looks in disgust and doesn’t approve, but she realizes she can continue to work in this way.

Lazaro is taken to a meeting with the record executives, and little by little, Lazaro starts enjoying the fame of being the new Quimera. The insiders and the audience know he is not Quimera, he is someone new, and yet, they keep treating Lazaro as if he was something special. So special, he starts to believe it. Carla keeps calling him, but he rejects each phone call for some reason. At a party, Carla arrives, and Lazaro is surprised, maybe ashamed, that she is there. He ends up having sex with Mira.


Lazaro quickly learns that being rich and famous doesn’t come for free. He has to work long hours, and his time is not his own. He also starts taking drugs and drinking a lot, which transforms his physical appearance, and he doesn’t look healthy at all. Hector separates him from everyone, and Pompa calls him a traitor. Mira also tells him not to get confused; he isn’t Quimera, so she doesn’t feel anything for him.

Lazaro goes back home and visits her mother. There, he tries to apologize to her and to Carla for having been away for so long. He tells them that he will finally be able to buy her a house. Carla doesn’t want it, because it is clear he doesn’t really want to be with her. That is why he just didn’t answer her calls or make contact with her all these past weeks.

The show ends with Lazaro finally making his debut as the new Quimera. He is nervous, on drugs, and doesn’t know what to do, so he just mimics what Quimera did in his last performance. The final shot of the show is of Lazaro finally performing as the people cheer around him.

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