‘Fast X’ Trailer Breakdown: One Last Ride… Again!

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Despite having almost equal numbers of fans and haters, the Fast & Furious franchise is one of the most profitable film franchises of all time. Since it began in 2001, the franchise has spawned nine major motion pictures, one spin-off film, an animated series, and a few video games that really aren’t worth mentioning.

There were some initial plans to conclude the franchise with the tenth installment in 2021. Still, then the spin-off delayed the ninth film, then the pandemic happened, and then Universal decided to announce another eleventh film which is actually considered the second part of the tenth installment, which should seal the franchise for good this time.

The penultimate film of this blockbuster action saga will be released in May 2023, and today we finally got the first, almost 4-minute-long trailer that shows us what kind of adventure Dominic Toretto’s family will be in this time. After taking down mercenaries, armies, trains, tanks, submarines, and satellites in space, the family is ready for a new challenge. What could surprise them this time?

You can watch the official trailer for Fast X below. Continue reading to see our analysis of the first trailer for Fast X. Let’s see what we can expect from this movie.

‘Fast X’ Trailer Breakdown

The family is back together

FastXTrailer 1

We all know how the Fast movies are about family, blah blah blah. So, just like every other Fast & Furious movie, the trailer for this one doesn’t hesitate to show us how the family is back together before a new big threat arrives. Here we get to see many familiar faces during Toretto’s backyard barbecue; Roman, Tej, Letty, Han, Mia, Ramsey, and Brian Marcos, son of Dom and the late Elena Neves.


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There is one new character we meet in the first scene of the trailer, and that is Dominic Toretto’s grandmother, played by Rita Moreno. As it usually happens, it always seems that the family can finally start a normal and peaceful life, but no, because there is always a new villain waiting around the corner.

Jason Momoa plays Dante, the new villain

FastXTrailer 2

Since playing Khal Drogo in HBO’s Game of Thrones, Jason Momoa has become one of Hollywood’s A-listers. Since 2016, we have seen him as Arthur Curry/Aquaman in the DCU, and at the end of this year, he will reprise that role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Momoa is one of those actors that commercial blockbuster audiences love to watch, and Fast & Furious looks like the perfect new chapter in his career.

Momoa will play the villain known as Dante, who appears to be another super spy, master assassin, and high-performance driver that Dom and the family usually go up against. The trailer shows us part of Dante’s history. Although we didn’t see him there, he was present during the climax of Fast Five, when Dom and Brian O’Conner stole a $100-million vault from corrupt businessman Hernan Reyes in Rio de Janeiro. Dante is Reyes’ son, and you know how that goes. Dante is out for revenge. Clearly, no one had taught him not to mess with Dom’s family.

Explosions, flying cars, and wrecking balls? Sure, why not?

FastXTrailer 3

The Fast & Furious franchise is already globally known for its impressive but unrealistic action sequences that are filled with a lot of adrenaline. Those sequences are why this franchise has so many fans and haters. Because while some people can never get sick of watching such impressive stunts, others say that it’s just too much and that the franchise has turned into a superhero franchise, which is not wrong to say at all.

But if one thing cannot be denied about this franchise, it is its truly amazing and visually impressive action. Even better, most of these sequences were shot using practical effects and professional stunts. The trailer for the next installment of the saga shows us that there will be a lot of action, and given that the Fast & Furious franchise is all about that now, we are very aware of what we will watch when we enter a theater in May.

Some new, and some old faces

FastXTrailer 4

Like any other film franchise, this one has its roster of characters we know and love, and with each new installment, the franchise does the best job possible of adding new names and faces. As previously announced, some of the new faces we’ll see in Fast X include Brie Larson, Alan Ritchson, and Daniela Melchior. The trailer gave us a first look at all of them. Also, the trailer officially confirmed the return of John Cena as Jakob Toretto, the main villain from the previous film, and Dom’s brother, who appears to be another former villain who will be fighting for the good guys this time around.


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Not much is known about these new roles. It was previously announced that Larson would play Tess, who could be either the hero or the villain (or both), but it’s still hard to tell even after the trailer was released. Ritchson will play a character named Agent Rimes, but his role also remains a secret, and Melchior will play some unknown racer. We’ll have to wait for more information, but one thing’s for sure, these new characters will be involved in a lot of action, especially Tess, who really looks like one of those badass female characters that this franchise is full of.

Troubles for Letty

FastXTrailer 5

Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty Ortiz Toretto is the main female character of this franchise. Letty has been a part of the franchise since the beginning. After seemingly being killed off in the fourth installment, she returned in the sixth and has remained one of the franchise’s leading characters ever since. As of the seventh episode, Letty is married to Vin Diesel’s Dom.

Of course, Letty will return in the tenth part, and it seems that a whole series of new troubles will be waiting for her. As shown in some of the previous installments, Letty is a very skilled rider, especially on a motorcycle. One of the scenes shows that it looks like Letty will be arrested, which will open up one of the additional storylines in this movie.

Han and Deckard team-up

FastXTrailer 6

Okay, let’s be honest. This is something that has us excited for Fast X even more than we should be. Fans of the franchise know everything that happened between Sung Kang’s favorite character Han and Jason Statham’s former villain, Deckard Shaw. Shaw was initially responsible for Han’s murder in the seventh installment of the franchise, and because of that, the fact that Shaw later joined the good guys didn’t sit well with fans.

However, Han is revealed to be alive in the ninth installment, and he and Deckard finally come face to face in the post-credits scene, hinting at what could happen next. The trailer for Fast X gave us our first glimpse of them teaming up for… we have no idea what, but now they’re working together, and that’s enough to get us excited.

Brian Marcos will be kidnapped… again

FastXTrailer 7

One of the highlights of the eighth installment of the franchise was that Elena Neves, Dom’s ex-girlfriend, gave birth to their son, Brian Marcos, shortly after Dom’s true love, Letty returned from the dead. The main villain of the eighth installment, Charlize Theron’s Cipher, kidnapped Elena and her son in order to force Dom to work for her, and although Dom found a way to save his son with Deckard’s help, Elena was executed by Cipher’s henchman Rhodes.


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Dom and Letty raised Brian Marcos isolated from the world so Cipher couldn’t find them, but it looks like Jason Momoa’s villain, Dante, will also try to use Little B to take advantage of his nemesis. This will surely be his biggest mistake in the war against the House because he should never mess with the man’s family.

Some old-school racing

FastXTrailer 8

The Fast & Furious franchise began as a series of racing films. And while old-school racing is still a part of each installment, the franchise turned more into an unrealistic action thriller with the fifth installment, and it remains so to this day. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some old-fashioned racing in Fast X, though.

The trailer showed us that Dom would return to the streets of Rio de Janeiro, where he made a total mess with the vault in Fast Five. Now he will hit the streets again in an old-school race that will also feature Jason Momoa’s Dante and Daniela Melchior’s unknown character. The racing scenes in these movies are always particularly interesting, so we can’t wait to see this one as well.


FastXTrailer 9

We’ve already talked about the franchise’s old habit that the laws of physics there simply don’t exist. Although the franchise was criticized by some audiences for this, the franchise continued to do more and more crazy stunts. In the ninth film, the franchise finally reached space, and while this next film may not go that far again, there are sure to be a lot of crazy scenes, which actually look impressive if you don’t try to overthink them.

From the trailer, we see that Dom will again jump out of the plane with his Dodge Charger. He did something similar with his teammates in the seventh installment, and although this time the plane won’t be as high in the air, it’s scenes like this that make this franchise what it is today.

Return of Cipher

FastXTrailer 10

When we first watched the trailer, we were left wondering where Cipher was. The cybernetic terrorist, played by Charlize Theron first joined the franchise in the eighth installment and was the first major villain of the franchise not to be killed or arrested after being defeated (for now, at least). She returned in a minor role in the ninth installment, and now she’s ready for another round.

We must say, although she had a minor role in the ninth part, it seems that her role in the tenth film will be much more interesting. Especially since the last scene of the trailer showed us a scene where she and Letty are locked up in some sort of high-tech lab, and of course, typical of this franchise, a big fight ensues between two strong female characters. Michelle Rodriguez’s character has previously fought Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey in the franchise, but this promises to be one of the franchise’s best hand-to-hand fights.

Directed by Louis Leterrier, Fast X is set to be released on May 19, 2023.

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