Final Destination Movies in Order: Chronological Watch Order

Final Destination Movies In Order: Chronological Watch Order

Since 2000, the Final Destination movies have carved out a place in the horror genre by putting teenagers through a succession of complex and brutal ‘accidents.’ In the flicks, a series of young people are killed off in ostensibly random encounters, in the ultimate game of survival.

If you haven’t watched the Final Destination movies before (or you just want to rewatch them), here is the chronological watch order to see this horror franchise.

How Many Final Destination Movies Are There?

There is a total of five Final Destination films produced over a span of 11 years. Here is the list of all Final Destination movies in order of release:

  • Final Destination (2000)
  • Final Destination 2 (2003)
  • Final Destination 3 (2006)
  • The Final Destination (2009)
  • Final Destination 5 (2011)

Final Destination Movies in Chronological Order

If you want to watch Final Destination movies in order, there are two options: release order and chronological order. The ideal method to watch Final Destination movies is in the sequence they were released; otherwise, you will miss the tension and excitement of how each film is linked. Here is the list of all Final Destination movies in order of release:

1. Final Destination (2000)

Final Destination Movies In Order: Chronological Watch Order

The film opens with a high school class boarding an aircraft to Paris for a class trip. One of the pupils, Alex (Devon Sawa), gets a vivid and horrifying vision of the plane exploding in mid-flight. 

He leaps up to get off, gets into an argument with another student, and is removed along with five other students and a teacher. The plane then lifts off and, you guessed it, explodes in mid-air.

This scenario, of course, is in the worst possible light in light of the actual tragedy of TWA Flight 800, which was also destined for Paris with students aboard. I’ll take note of it and not dwell on it. The explosion serves as a set-up for the rest of the film, in which it appears that the survivors are also designated for death—and that Alex is psychic and can predict their deaths.

Can he truly? This is where the film becomes intriguing since instead of exploiting his spooky precognitions as a gimmick, it allows the characters to express their sentiments of impending doom and powerlessness.

“Final Destination” isn’t all conversation, and there’s a strange mismatch between the words and the action. The characters die one after the other, nearly invariably as a result of a weird series of related occurrences.

To explain them would be to ruin the fun—if there is such a thing—because lightning, natural gas, knives, trains, power lines, and flying metal shards are all orchestrated by fate.

2. Final Destination 2 (2003)

Final Destination Movies In Order: Chronological Watch Order

Kimberley Corman and her friends are heading to Daytona Beach for spring break when she gets a premonition while waiting to merge onto the interstate. This foreboding set-piece is a favorite of many series fans, and it’s simple to understand why.

A cargo of enormous logs falls from a truck, resulting in a big pile-up with visual flare and incredibly horrific casualties. It’s an impressive-looking sight that demands you to suspend your disbelief to experience it genuinely.

When Kimberley’s premonition finishes, she realizes she hasn’t yet left the entry point. She panics and parks her car in the middle of the road, preventing anybody else from entering. Most of the individuals she saw murdered in the pile-up are in the cars behind her, and they are all furious at her.

While Deputy Marshal Thomas Burke is speaking with her, a pile-up occurs ahead. Kimberley’s pals, who stayed in the car, are killed when a speeding truck crashes them.

We now understand how this works. Death does not like to be deceived, therefore the survivors Kimberley saved all die in accidents. Some of the series’ most innovative and humorous (in a morbid sense).

Kimberley starts to see indications and warnings, but it’s always too late. At first, none of the other survivors believed her. However, after a few too many coincidental events, they all agree to attempt to avert their fate.

Final Destination 2 has flaws. One that strives for a larger and better sequel aim but is stymied by a plot-hole-ridden tale and an early fixation with over-the-top murders. By the conclusion of the film, you will have become entirely desensitized to the brutal visuals.

Here, the character count increases just to allow for more fatalities. It’s not a major problem, but most of the characters are so uninteresting that you won’t care what happens to them.

3. Final Destination 3 (2006)

Final Destination Movies In Order: Chronological Watch Order

A group of teens enjoying a senior night at a carnival devote their evening to general immorality (as teenagers are want to do). Wendy joins her dumb pals in snapping photographs for the yearbook. She takes photographs of each of her classmates while they are playing games or waiting in line for rides.

As the night winds down, a huge group of people (including everyone who had their photo shot) decide to ride “The Devil’s Flight” roller coaster. Wendy gets a bad premonition as they board that all of the riders will be horribly injured in a roller coaster crash when the tracks unexpectedly destruct (as roller coaster tracks are want to do).

At this time, the surviving party is aware of the stakes, and the rules are normal Final Destination: there is an established order of who dies first if you are saved, death skips you, and if death does not skip you, you get screwed really horribly.

Without going into too much detail, there is a clash during the town’s tricentennial in which a horse runs wild and (among other things) Iwo Jima-style impales someone. Wendy, Kevin, and Wendy’s younger sister are the only ones left from the original group after the dust settles. They are safe for absolutely unknown reasons.

We hop ahead nearly two years to a New York metro train. Wendy is with her housemates as they go about their daily lives. When she goes to get off the train, she runs into her sister, and the two briefly catch up before the train departs.

They soon noticed Kevin seated in the front seat of the automobile. When the three are reunited, Wendy has another terrifying vision of the subway vehicle derailing and killing everyone on board.

However, the doors have already closed and the train has left the station this time. She may be aware of what is about to happen, but none of them can escape.

4. The Final Destination (2009)

Final Destination Movies In Order: Chronological Watch Order

While watching a motor race at McKinley Speedway, Nick O’Bannon gets a vision of a vehicle collision that would kill many people, including numerous spectators. Nick persuades his fiancée Lori, as well as his buddies Hunt and Janet, to leave.

Nick is followed out by a security officer named George Lanter, a bigot named Carter, a woman and her two boys, and numerous other individuals. Nick’s prophecy comes true shortly after they leave. Death, on the other hand, will not take no for an answer.

And the images continue to be awful as the crash survivors die in increasingly horrible ways one by one. Now, Nick must figure out how to avoid death once and for all before he, too, arrives at The Final Destination.

When survivors begin to perish, Nick, his buddies, and George must strive to locate and save the other survivors before it is too late.

The last trilogy grossed more than $150 million, and the new thriller is shot in frightening 3D by the same writing, directing, and producing team that worked on the hugely successful second sequel.

5. Final Destination 5 (2011)

Final Destination Movies In Order: Chronological Watch Order

This is the narrative of young people who try to avoid death and think they’ve gotten away with it until death catches up with them. Sam is one of the employees attending a corporate retreat with his buddies Peter, Molly, Olivia, Candice, Nathan, Isaac, and Dennis.

They board the bus on their way to the retreat, and Sam gets a vision that the bridge they are going to cross will collapse, killing everyone save Sam’s girlfriend Molly. He persuades his companions to get off the bus, but the bus driver continues to drive, and the bridge collapses, killing his comrades.

Sam and his companions are terrified, and they can’t believe they escaped death. They all go to their coworkers’ funerals, and a guy appears to warn them that death is now chasing them, which they ignore. Candice then dies the next day at a gymnastics session, Isaac dies while receiving acupuncture, and Olivia dies while undergoing eye surgery.

They begin to understand that death is indeed pursuing them and that there is no way out. Then it’s Nathan’s time, who escapes death on a work site when his friend Roy is slain instead, and Dennis is killed by a wrench.

Peter begins to lose it and is prepared to go to any length to maintain surviving. He shows up at Sam’s restaurant, where Sam is with Molly and attempts to murder them, but he is shot and killed.

Sam and Molly are next on a plane to Paris when a man begins shouting, claiming he has a premonition the plane will explode. Sam and Molly are terrified, but the plane takes off; the plane then explodes, killing them both.

As it turns out, the man on the plane who kept screaming is from the first two Final Destination films. Nathan is the only one who is still alive and believes he has escaped death, until the jet that just exploded falls into the pub where he is drinking, killing him.

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