This Guy Finished Candy Crush: Here Is What Happens

what happens candy crush end

Candy Crush is one of those iconic video game titles that has managed to completely take the world by storm, totally revolutionizing the way many enthusiasts play games. Although this game has felt impossible to clock for ages, there are quite a few players who have actually managed to finish Candy Crush – many people are curious to see what happens after Candy Crush’s last level as a result.

Once you finish the last available level of Candy Crush, players may be met with a special screen that says congratulations or “to be continued”, after which the player will be informed that more levels will be coming soon. King releases brand new Candy Crush levels often, typically every week, so there is no way to really finish the entire game.

While beating Candy Crush by finishing the last level is definitely a major achievement for any gamer, the events after you get to the end are quite surprising. Stick around to find out about the situation for those who have finished the last level of Candy Crush, as well as what exactly happens after you finish the game.

Can You Really Finish Candy Crush?

Candy Crush has been around for only a few years, but has become one of the most thrilling games of all time with millions of active users every single day. There’s a ton to love, however, with captivating graphics, adorable flashing colors, wonderfully satisfying effects, and endless levels – levels that seem impossible to finish off.


It initially started off as an incredible pastime game for Facebook users, but soon blossomed and started flourishing on a ton of other platforms. Countless people now enjoy playing Candy Crush on a variety of platforms, the most popular of which is mobile.


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Considering how many gamers have played Candy Crush with ample dedication over the years, it’s understandable that quite a few people have managed to see the ‘end’ of the game. In addition, the ‘last level’ that players will need to get through would also depend on the version that they are playing since some versions have more levels available than others.

Players can also get their hands on some nifty badges for certain level milestones, according to the King Community:

“Welcome to Sweet King Community!
That was great and thank you for your playing Candy Crush Saga!
Let’s post your screenshot of your current level on these badges’ threads and claim your milestone level badges.”

But, since the developers have stated that Candy Crush is technically endless with the frequent addition of new levels, it’s impossible to finish the game entirely. As a result, players who do get through the last available level will need to wait for more levels.

What Is The Highest Level of Candy Crush?

Quite a few sources have reported fewer levels than expected in Candy Crush, generally fluctuating between 10,000 and 12,000 levels with between 600 and 700 episodes for HTML5 (the mobile version of Candy Crush). This has been paired with 105 additional levels on the Windows 10 App version.

However, according to the Candy Crush Wiki as of August 2022, there are currently 12275 levels and 819 episodes within the Candy Crush saga. That being said, this is specifically related to the HTML version since there are 90 additional levels on the Windows 10 App version of Candy Crush.

The primary gameplay journey in Candy Crush is pretty linear since all of the levels are generally grouped into episodes and worlds, as seen in the figures above. The overall level count for Candy Crush changes weekly since the developers typically add an average of around 45 new levels on a weekly basis.

How Many People Have Finished Candy Crush?

Some people have been smart and gifted enough with Candy Crush to actually finish all of the available levels. Only a handful of Candy Crush players have managed to finish the game – at least, for the time being.

Check out the video below by Skillgaming, a YouTuber who just finished level 12275 only a couple of hours ago without using any boosters:

But, after this point, players would need to wait since more levels are automatically added quite often. King, the mastermind company behind Candy Crush, releases episodes and levels every week, generally on Wednesdays.

This means that anyone who finishes the game would need to consistently keep on finishing the next levels each week. This may be possible, but it would certainly be difficult, especially considering that the company can add anywhere between 30 and 60 levels at a time, depending on what feedback they get from their fans and gaming community.

What Happens If You Finish Candy Crush?

One may be expecting grand fireworks and a giant gold star after clocking this iconic game – and, that is kind of what happens if you finish Candy Crush, according to posts on Quora. But, the outcome may be surprisingly conservative for many players, which can be somewhat disappointing – especially when you think back on how much effort it took to get there.

candy end 2

Players will be greeted with a celebratory graphic banner that says congratulations in some way or says “to be continued”, followed by a notice to say that the player will need to keep an eye out for the newer levels.

candy end 1

In some cases, players may not even get a congratulations banner – nothing might happen, and players may just have to wait for the next level either way.

candy continued

However, if you understand the entire framework of Candy Crush and know that there isn’t actually an end, getting a special congratulations at least seems pretty fair. The odd and somewhat anti-climactic ‘ending’ of Candy Crush is possibly one of the main reasons why most players choose to take their time with the game – apart from the fact that getting through all of the Candy Crush levels is downright tough.


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Having to wait for new levels every single week just to continue playing one of your favorite bright and sweet games can be a burden. Still, grinding through a few new levels each week may just be worthwhile if you love Candy Crush that much!

Although there isn’t anything ridiculously spectacular after you reach the end of Candy Crush by finishing the last available level, that’s part of the beauty of this game. The whole point is to have an endless gaming journey with infinite possibilities and experiences – there’s always a reason to stay tuned for even more challenging, sweet, and edge-of-your-seat Candy Crush action.

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