50 Cool Fire Superhero Names (From Comics & Made-UP)

Flame Feature

Fire is an awesome element to control, and any hero who wields this particular element usually takes a seat in the main character slot. For this article, we’ll be talking about 30 Superheroes from comics who wield flames and 20 made-up fire-wielding heroes that I came up with.

First, we’ll talk about 30 fiery heroes who have impacted comic book history. Just like their element, they show strong personalities and unwavering determination. Here are the heroes who have pretty cool names and can control flames.

30. Sun Boy (DC)

Sun Boy

A superhero created in the 30th and 31st centuries of DC’s Universe. His real name is Dirk Morgna, and he has the ability to unleash internal solar energy. Furthermore, he can control up to what temperature he releases.

29. Fire (DC)


Occasionally also called Green Flame. She can exhale mystical green fire. Fire isn’t her only ability; she can also fly, change her clothing and create hallucinations.

28. Sunspot (Marvel)


It’s more of energy than fire itself. Sunspot can absorb solar energy and then use that energy to enhance their physical abilities. He can also create solar blasts that he can later hurl at enemies. So, while it’s more of a type of light controlling power, we can’t ignore that it’s still somehow related to flames. 

27. Sunfire (Marvel)


After his encounter with Ironman, Sunfire turned over a new leaf and is now an ally to the world. He has aided several foreign heroes throughout his lifetime, most notably the X-Men. Like other heroes with “sun” in the name, he can absorb energy from the sun. he then uses the energy to project Solar Fire and use it to sheath his body in flame without getting burned.

26. Burnin (My Hero Academia)


When you think about it, manga counts type of comic, and My Hero Academia has a lot of cool hero names to offer. For example, Burnin is a flame-based pro-hero in Endeavors Agency. Her fire-like hair is her power, and she can pull it off and hurl it towards enemies. It seems her flaming hair also grants her the ability to fly.

25. Hummingbird (Marvel)


Not exactly her main ability, but Humming Bird can generate Sacred Flames. She can project balls of mystical fire that can destroy demons. She is more known as a Telepath and Empath and can even learn languages through her abilities.

24. Firestar (Marvel)


A hero with a tough childhood, Firestar found a home first with the White Queen in Massachusetts Academy. However, once Frost started to abuse her, she left and joined the superhero group New Warriors. She can tap into the electromagnetic field of the earth and transform it into microwave radiation emissions.

23. Firelord (Marvel)


To be honest, I’m not really sure if he’s evil or one of the heroes. He has fought some of the heroes at the same time. He has also aided them on several occasions. Firelord was an ordinary Xandarain man until he was given mastery over cosmic flames. Due to this gift, he now wields a flaming staff and can project energy through his eyes and staff.


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22. Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon)


Most of us probably know her for her Mars Flame Sniper, which is perhaps her strongest fire-based attack. She has a pretty strong affinity with the element of fire. She is even shown to be able to manifest future sight through images of flames, but she isn’t strong enough yet.

21. The Human Torch (Marvel)

Fire Force

Just based on his looks, you can immediately tell that his name fits him perfectly. He is a member of the Fantastic Four who gained his powers when cosmic rays hit his spacecraft. When he activates his power, his body is usually engulfed in flames, and he will be allowed fly, absorb fire, and even control nearby fire sources.

20. Celsius (DC)


Just like her name, Celsius has thermal power. Her ability allows her to control her core temperature from hot and cold. On top of that, she’d be a formidable martial artist. She is also one of DC’s first superheroes with a South Asian heritage.

19. Jubilee (Marvel)

Jubilee 1

It might just be a nickname, but the name “Jubilee” fits her abilities nicely. She can generate something that appears to resemble fireworks. She can also control these explosions as a simple harmless light show to something that can destroy hard materials. She can also absorb her fireworks without harm.

18. Flame Alchemist (Full Metal Alchemist)

Flame Alchemist

It’s more of a title over a superhero alias, but Roy Mustang is a hero in his own right. Some even call him the Hero of Ishval. What earned him the title of hero was his unique style of fire-based combat alchemy.

17. Ghost Rider (DC)

Ghost Rider

None of the Ghost Riders are villains, but they do play the roles of either a hero or an anti-hero. A Ghost Rider shares the same traits with the others. They are all humans who can transform into a skeletal creatures wreathed in flame. The flames aren’t just for show because Ghost Riders have Hellfire Manipulation.

16. Rising Sun (DC)

Rising Sun

Not only does it say the character has powers from the sun, but it also screams this hero is from Japan. The hero is a longtime member of the Global Guardians who absorbs ultraviolet radiation and then blasts streams of flames from his hands.

15. Human Lantern (DC)

human lantern amalgam

Not a lot get to see him often, but the Human Lantern is a member of the All-Star Winner Squadron, and he just wanted to use his mystical flames to help his teammates. One such incident caused him to use his mystical flames for baking a cake, but it looks like it wasn’t well-received by his fellow heroes.

14. The Blue Spirit (ATLA)

Blue Spirit

The Blue Spirit shows in both the animated series and the comic. It was an alias Zuko used when he rescued Aang and then later Appa. In reality, the mask is that of the Dark Water Spirit, but since Zuko is the person behind the mask, he would sometimes use fire bending.

13. Zauriel (DC)


Zauriel is more than a hero. He is an angel that has protected the souls of countless women since the dawn of creation. Zaurial believed in humankind so much he gave up being an angel to fight for the earth. Like several angels, he is also depicted with a flaming sword.

12. Phoenix (Marvel)

3541948 phoenix hed

While it’s not her alias, she is deeply associated with the Phoenix and would sometimes be referred to as the Phoenix. When she taps into the Phoenix’s powers, she can cause destruction via her flames.


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11. Starfire (DC)


Her hero name Starfire was actually just her English translated name from her actual name Princess Koriand’r. Most of us are familiar with her using beams or Starbolts, but the rays are as hot as fire and can also ignite or cause things to explode.

10. Inferno (Marvel)


He has abilities similar to the Human Torch, but he had additional molten earth properties. But unlike the Human Torch, who doesn’t seem to experience side effects, Inferno does get damaged due to his abilities.

9. Dawnfire (DC)


She is a member of The Kingdom, a superhero group of African heroes. She had pyrokinetic abilities in the group, but she was killed after her retirement.

8. Endeavor (My Hero Academia)


He is also called by his longer title, Flame Hero: Endeavor. His hero name means “attempting to achieve goals,” and when you look at the character’s history, it fits him very well.

7. Scarlet Witch (Marvel)


Fire isn’t her primary ability. Scarlet Witch has all sorts of magic that she can use. However, throwing flames and other fire-based spells is only a few of them.

6. Toro (Marvel)


Two heroes in the Marvel Universe have taken up the name Toro, but the one who can burst into flames like the Human Torch is the first Toro. He was the assistant to Phineas Horton, the creator of the first Human Torch.

5. Firebird (Marvel)


She can cause atoms to combust at will. She got her name due to igniting the air around her that causes her to look like a bird with flames.

4. Sunpyre (Marvel)


Both she and her brother were born mutants with identical fire abilities. Her brother took on the name Sunfire, while Leyu named herself Sunpyre. She has aided the X-Men using her sun and flame abilities like her brother.

3. DynaMight (My Hero Academia)


It took Katsuki Bakugo time to decide on a final hero name. He combined a word similar to his explosive abilities plus took the last part of his favorite hero’s name as a way to pay homage.

2. Magma (Marvel)


She can cause Magma to rise and break through the earth’s surface and can even throw magma blasts at her opponents. She also has something called a Magma Form, where her body takes a molten-like appearance and seems to be resistant to any form of heat.


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1. Firestorm (DC)

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Made Up Super Hero Names

Now that I’ve gone through the names of official heroes, here are some hero names that I’ve made up that I think would fit the flaming hero image. Some of these names might have already been thought up by other people in the past, but I still wanted a shot in trying to make hero names.

20. Firefly

19. Fira

18. Ignition

17. Apollo

16. Flameshot

17. Fire Nova

16. Pyro

15. Vulcan

14. StormFire

13. Sol

12. Solar

11. Drago

10. Drakkon

9. BloomFlare

8. Blaze Kid

7. Hellfire

6. Wildfire

5. Sunrise

4. Night Fire

3. Ember

2. Heat Wave

1.  Inferno