‘Firestarter’ Ending, Explained: What Happens At The End Of Firestarter (2022)?


Firestarter is the new film produced by Blumhouse, the studio behind films like the new Scream, Paranormal Activity, and even the new Halloween sequels. The film is a new adaptation of the classic novel of the same name by Stephen King. The film tells the story of a young girl named Charlie, who discovers that she has several telekinetic and pyrokinetic abilities. And that is not the only thing, Charlie also discovers that she is being hunted by a secret government organization.

The film stars Zac Efron as Charlie’s father, who lets us know how fast time passes. Zac Efron is now of the age where he can be a parent in a movie and everybody can believe it. The film is another remake that tries to cash out, using the original film as an incentive for those who remember it. Is it the best film of 2022? Not at all, but the movie does a couple of things differently from the original novel and the original film that take the story into a different direction.

The following paragraphs are filled with spoilers, so read only you don’t care about spoilers.

What Happens At The End Of Firestarter?

Early on during the film, Charlie discovers that the reason her family moves so much from town to town is that she and her family are being hunted down by very dangerous people from the government. That’s the reason, she cannot have Wi-Fi, or cellphone, her parents explain that they could use those devices to track them down and capture them.

When both her parents were young, they were volunteers who participated in a clinical experiment where some kind of drug was used on them. The result of the drug was that they got telekinetic abilities. They are able to move an object with their minds, and even push on people’s emotions to make them easier to manipulate. Their powers come at great cost, though, as the longer they try to use them, the more they get hurt by them.


Apparently, because Charlie is the combination of both their parents powers, she is a human being with natural telekinetic abilities. Her powers are so strong that her parents, and members of the shady government organization, are unsure if she can be contained. When the family’s cover gets blown, the government send agent Singbird to capture them. Singbird also possesses telekinetic abilities, but she works for the government because he has been defeated in his heart. He sees no other option than obey.

When Signbird arrives at Charlie’s home, he ends up killing Charlie’s mother, not before witnessing the immense power of the young girl. Charlie and her father managed to escape, and they become runaways. Hitchhiking on the highway in order to get away as fast and far as they possibly can. The couple reaches the farm of an old man named Irv and there they are discovered by the government who sends a team of soldiers to capture them.

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Charlie’s dad uses his power to protect his daughter, but the enemy has too much power, and he becomes overwhelmed, and he is captured by Singbird, and taken to a secret facility. Charlie escapes once again, but she is tired of running away. She knows she is stronger than anyone else and the power doesn’t hurt her, like it does to her father. The power actually makes her feel good inside.

Charlie begins using her powers to hunt government agents, and she interrogates them. She leaves burned corpse after burn corpse on her quest to find her dad. When she finally discovers the spot, she goes inside the government facility and starts using her pyrokinesis abilities on everyone, she is unstoppable. She even faces Singbird, her mother’s killer, but she spares when she sees inside his mind. He’s just another victim of the government, just liker her.

When Charlie finds her father she is unable to save him right away, her father asks her to kill everyone including him. That is the only way she can be free and start a new life by herself. In pain, Charlie follows her father’s command and burns everything. She spares no one. As she gets out of the ruins of the facility, she is received by Singbird who extends his hand to her. Charlie grabs Singbird’s hand and they both leave together into the night.

Will There Be A Sequel To Firestarter (2022)

The film ends on a very open-ended note. Unlike the book or the original film, where Charlie goes to the media to tell her story and expose the government experiments that are being done to people, in this film Charlie leaves with Singbird, their fate is unknown.


The open-ended nature of the final moments of the film, leaves room for a continuation, as we could see the pair years later trying to make a new life after the nightmare they had to go through. The possibilities are endless. However, because the film was released on Peacock, it might be a sign that the studio doesn’t see a lot of promise in making this a franchise. Not even the creators have faith that this could go into a series of films or even a TV show.

Firestarter was not very expensive at all, and only the box office numbers will tell us if there is the possibility of a sequel from the business point of view. It would be great to see these characters finding a new life, and maybe even facing new dangers. Only time will tell.

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