Flash vs. Goku: Who Would Win in a Fight?

flash vs goku

While they both belong in different fictional universes, we know for a fact that both the Flash and Goku are incredibly fast and are two of the fastest fictional characters we have ever seen. Of course, they both have different types of speeds, as Goku’s speed is more physical compared to the Flash. Nevertheless, they are incredibly fast and have a host of different abilities as well. But who between Flash and Goku would win in a fight?

Goku will win a fight against the Flash, and it’s not even close. Even though the Flash can quite possibly match Goku’s speed, he cannot match him in all of the other areas that matter in a fight. Simply put, Goku is stronger, has more powers, is more durable, and is the better fighter.

Even though the Flash is a great superhero with his own unique powers and abilities, the fact is that he cannot do anything to defeat Goku. If he can’t even defeat Superman in a fight, he won’t have a chance against a much stronger opponent in the form of Goku, who is exponentially stronger than Superman. In that regard, let’s look at this battle in greater detail.


The Flash’s main power is his ability to harness the power of the Speed Force, which is basically a cosmic force that is capable of pushing time and space forward. In that regard, it grants him speed but not super strength. Nevertheless, the Flash is capable of augmenting his own strength through the use of his speed as he has shown the ability to hurt Superman whenever he is moving fast enough. Of course, this is due to the fact that an object that moves faster is capable of generating more force.

One of the things that we know about Goku is the fact that he is extremely strong to the point that it is quite easy for him to be able to carry incredibly heavy objects or even destroy entire planets with his punches. In fact, Goku’s punches when he was in his Super Saiyan God form created shockwaves so strong that they echoed throughout the universe. As such, he can easily destroy a planet with a single punch if he really wants to do so.

goku beerus 1

There is no way that the Flash’s strength can compete with Goku’s strength. A single finger is all that Goku needs to match the Flash at his strongest. As such, there is no doubt that this round goes to Goku.

Flash 0, Goku 1


The Flash’s main superpower is his ability to move incredibly fast due to the fact that he can channel the power of the Speed Force, which has the ability to accelerate time and space forward. In that regard, the Flash is a lot faster than Superman and Supergirl, who are both capable of moving incredibly fast. He is so fast that he can clear out the entire population of a huge city like Tokyo in just 30 seconds. But the cream of the crop is the fact that he could run so fast that he is capable of breaking through time and space and traveling through time.

flash speed

Throughout the entire Dragon Ball continuity, Goku’s speed has increased to the point that he is capable of moving without his opponent even noticing that he even moved from his spot at all. For instance, Gohan snatched a bag of Senzu Beans from Cell in his Super Saiyan 2 form. Goku, at this point in time, is already exponentially faster than Gohan was during the Cell Saga. On top of that, whenever he is in his Ultra Instinct form, he is able to throw punches from a distance while seemingly not moving in place due to how fast he is.


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In battle, Goku is perhaps faster than the Flash because of the fact that he has long exceeded the speed of light. However, the fact that the Flash can move through time and space is what makes this round a tie, even though we do believe that Goku is still physically faster.

Flash 0, Goku 1

Powers and Abilities

The Flash, thanks to the Speed Force, has a lot of different powers and abilities under his command. On top of the fact that he can run extremely fast and even break the time-space barrier with his speed, he has electrical abilities that are generated by the Speed Force whenever he is running. He is also capable of vibrating himself through matter whenever he is moving incredibly fast. Of course, his mind is also capable of thinking as fast as his movements.

A lot of Goku’s powers and abilities are battle-oriented, and there are a lot of them. His signature technique is the Kamehameha, which is essentially a wave of destructive ki that he is capable of channeling and releasing. Goku is also capable of augmenting his own powers by accessing different Super Saiyan transformations and by entering Ultra Instinct. And while a lot of the things that Goku can do are battle-oriented, he can move through time and space at will by using the Instantaneous Transmission technique, which allows him to travel from one planet to another or even from one universe to another in a second.


It might be true that the Flash has a lot of powers and abilities that can prove to be useful in any kind of situation. But in a straight-up fight, he doesn’t have anything in his arsenal that he could use to defeat Goku, who simply has powers and abilities that he could use to defeat the Flash in a second.

Flash 0, Goku 2


Throughout the entire history of the character, the Flash has shown superhuman durability thanks to the protective Speed Force aura that surrounds him. He is capable of withstanding kinetic force that can easily kill or crush a regular human being. Even if he does get injured, the Flash is also capable of healing at rates much faster than regular human beings due to the fact that his healing is also accelerated. He can heal crushed bones in almost an instant.

Goku’s durability has only increased exponentially as the entire Dragon Ball series proceeded. He is so strong that attacks that can instantly destroy an entire planet won’t even leave a scratch on him. The only thing that could damage Goku is an attack that exceeds his own power or whenever he doesn’t have his guard up. However, Goku has also proven himself to be quite resilient as he could come back from stamina-draining fights in an instant and is capable of fighting through pain and fatigue.

goku jiren

Even though the Flash is incredibly durable and has the ability to heal quickly, Goku is simply much more durable and is just about invulnerable to any attack that is weaker than his own attacks.

Flash 0, Goku 3

Fighting Skills

Even if he wasn’t a superhero, the Flash could still fight really well because of the fact that he received advanced combat training as a police forensic scientist. This means that he can more than hold his own in a straight-up fight without having to rely on his powers. But when he uses his powers in conjunction with his fighting skills, he becomes an even better fighter because his moves are so fast for anyone to comprehend.


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Ever since the start of the Dragon Ball storyline, Goku has always been a martial arts addict that trained insanely in different forms of martial arts. While he was mainly a student of the Turtle School, he began branching off to different styles of martial arts as he traveled the world and even the universe. As such, he is arguably the best martial artist in the entire Dragon Ball continuity because he uses sound techniques in a fight despite the fact that he is powerful enough to basically brawl his way to a victory.

goku chi chi

The Flash knows advanced combat, but Goku had mastered a lot of different forms of martial arts and was already a martial arts prodigy when he was a kid. When paired with his godlike physique and strength, he is simply better than the Flash in terms of his fighting skills.

Flash 0, Goku 4

Flash vs. Goku: Who Would Win In A Fight?

As you can see, the only area where the Flash can contend with Goku is speed because he is one of the fastest characters in the history of the fiction world. Nevertheless, Goku is not only just about as fast as the Flash, but he is exponentially stronger than him and has a lot of different techniques and fighting skills at his disposal. So, if the Flash can’t even defeat Superman, there is no way he could even put a scratch on Goku, who many believe is far stronger than the Man of Steel himself.

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