Following Hawkeye’s Premiere, Kevin Feige Reveals He Loves Mixing MCU With Christmas

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Hawkeye, the newest Disney+ show set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe premiered today with the first two episodes. One of the things that makes this show recognizable in MCU is that it’s the first MCU project set during Christmas time after Iron Man 3. Although Iron Man 3 wasn’t fully about Christmas (and it was released in the middle of the summer), while Hawkeye is all about Yuletide Cheer.

Now, in an interview with Collider, Kevin Feige reveals that he loves mixing MCU with Christmas, and Hawkeye seems like a perfect show to go into a full Christmas mode.

“This is fun because it is a Christmas story that is taking place during the holidays. It also is based on early discussions about a limited time period and about setting a series in not quite real time, but essentially in a six-day period. With six episodes and six days, will Clint make it home for Christmas? That was fun and a breath of fresh air, after world ending stakes and celestials bursting out of planets and multiverse shenanigans. Like Hawkeye himself, this is a grounded, family-based show.”

“I’ve always loved films or shows or specials that take place over the holiday season. There’s a heightened amount of emotion and a heightened amount of conflict and tension that can occur in this glorious season. I have always, honestly, been looking for opportunities.”

Kevin Feige for Collider

Last December Marvel announced the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special which is set to debut on Disney+, and that’s showing how much Feige loves the concept of Christmas in his movies. After all, that Holiday Special will show us how is Christmas celebrated in the other parts of the galaxy.

The first two episodes of Hawkeye are now available on Disney+. The series will consist of six episodes.

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