Former Blade Star Wesley Snipes Supports Mahershala Ali As The New Blade

July 2019, San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel’s Panel. That was time and location when Phase 4 of Marvel Cinematic Universe was officially announced by Marvel Studios, and one of the surprising announcements was the reboot of the Blade franchise.

Mahershala Ali was officially announced as the new Blade back then. That movie, which will be set in Marvel Cinematic Universe has been in development ever since. Earlier this year it was reported that Bassam Tariq is Marvel’s first choice for a director. The release date is still TBA.

Mahershala Ali, a two-time Oscar winner (Moonlight and Green Book) made his MCU debut in the post-credit scene of Eternals, where we didn’t see him, but we could hear his voice, which was later confirmed as Blade’s.

Although he’s a two-time Oscar winner, some Marvel fans were skeptical about this casting because they aren’t believing that he could be as good as Wesley Snipes. But now, Snipes wrote a tweet, showing his support to Ali with one simple sentence: “He will do great.”

Wesley Snipes played the role of Blade in the original trilogy that started in 1998 and concluded in 2004 with Blade: Trinity. All three movies were written by David S. Goyer. Famous director Guillermo del Toro directed the second movie Blade II.

It is unknown when will the next Blade movie hit theaters. It is known that the movie is in active development, but with so many projects closing in, who knows when it’s gonna arrive. It surely won’t be before Fall 2023, considering that currently the last MCU movie with an official release date – Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – is set to be released in July 2023.

A half-mortal, half-immortal is out to avenge his mother’s death and rid the world of vampires. The modern-day technologically advanced vampires he is going after are in search of his special blood type needed to summon an evil god who plays a key role in their plan to execute the human race.

Blade (1998), official synopsis
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