Free COD Points in Call of Duty: Warzone (2023 Guide)

Free COD Points in Call of Duty: Warzone (2022 Guide)

The Call of Duty franchise has been around for almost a decade, with a ton of fans still amped to take on everything it has to offer. But, getting your hands on Call of Duty (COD) points can be tricky – especially when you’re looking to acquire COD points for free!

Call of Duty: Warzone players can earn free COD points (CP) by completing the Battle Pass. The Free version will provide 300 COD points while the Premium version will provide 1,300 COD in addition to extra content. Players can also receive free COD points as bonuses when purchasing a COD points bundle.

Although getting some free COD points might seem impossible, there are a couple of ways players could actually get free in-game currency to use on all the content and cosmetics they could ever dream of. Stick around to find out how to get free or discounted COD points for Call of Duty: Warzone.

Editor’s note: This guide has been updated to reflect the current state of the game, this is still the right way to get free COD points!

COD Points

If you’ve already been playing Call of Duty: Warzone for a while, then you’ll probably know just how important COD Points are for just about any player. But, if you are new to the game and are trying to find ways to spice up your character where possible, you’ll be happy to know that acquiring COD points can seriously increase the game’s enjoyability.


The gaming franchise has a few special mechanics and systems in general, and the same can be said for the hefty Call of Duty: Warzone as well as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. These titles use their own in-game currency called COD points, which are somewhat similar to the coins seen in Apex Legends.


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COD points can be used to acquire cosmetics such as weapon skins or even character skins, as well as the seasonal battle pass. It’s one of the many ways Activision keeps their fanbase entertained while playing these epic titles, offering unique and more gratifying rewards to the most dedicated players.

How To Get Free COD Points

With so many amazing cosmetics up for grabs, it’s really no surprise that acquiring COD points is no easy task. COD generally costs real-world money and can exclusively be purchased through in-game microtransactions – of course, developers and game creators do need to make some profit off of their masterpieces.

Still, many Call of Duty: Warzone players wonder if there are ways to get some COD for free. Thankfully, there are a couple of methods for you to try out in 2022!

COD Point Bundles for Free Bonus COD Points

On rare occasions, you may actually find the opportunity to buy COD points at a discounted price. Unfortunately, the odds of this occurring are pretty slim since Call of Duty: Warzone is a popular title – there is really no reason for the developers to reduce standard prices.

call of duty cod points

That being said, the best way to get free COD points while spending real-world money is to choose to buy a COD points bundle. Buying bundles will give players substantially more than what they would have paid for without the bonuses.

For comparison, buying 200 COD points would cost $1.99 while buying 500 COD points would cost $4.99. Below are the COD point bundles you can purchase as well as their prices and bonuses, according to the Battlenet Shop.

COD Points BundleBonus COD PointsPrice
1,000 COD Points100$9.99
2,000 COD Points400$19.99
4,000 COD Points1,000$39.99
7,500 COD Points2,000$74.99
10,000 COD Points3,000$9.99
15,000 COD Points6,000$149.99

As with many video games featuring microtransactions, the deal gets better the more money you choose to spend – which can be understandably tempting. If you choose to buy COD points, then purchasing the bundles would essentially “save” you money and result in you getting a ton of COD points for free, although it’s not “completely” for free.

Finish The Battle Pass

Getting through the Battle Pass in Call of Duty: Warzone is by far the most reliable and guaranteed way to get your hands on COD points in the game – apart from buying them. Call of Duty: Warzone has its very own Battle Pass System that will reward players with a variety of items as they progress, such as skins and a bunch of other items, similar to many first-person shooter video games.

battle pass

But, another perk that comes with progressing through the Call of Duty: Warzone Battle Pass missions is the reward of COD points. Of course, there will be a difference between free-to-play players and pay-to-play gamers here, and players who spend money will end up getting more COD points overall.

Although, players are not technically required to spend money at all since the free Battle Pass will still reward F2P players with 300 COD points. In comparison, players who spend money will end up getting 1,300 COD points in total by completing the Call of Duty: Warzone Battle Pass missions – topped off with an assortment of extra content as well.

COD Point RewardBattle Pass TierFree vs. Premium
100 COD PointsTier 6Free & Premium
100 COD PointsTier 12Premium
100 COD PointsTier 17Premium
100 COD PointsTier 23Premium
100 COD PointsTier 32Premium
100 COD PointsTier 41Premium
100 COD PointsTier 48Free & Premium
100 COD PointsTier 56Premium
100 COD PointsTier 66Premium
100 COD PointsTier 74Premium
100 COD PointsTier 82Premium
100 COD PointsTier 91Premium
100 COD PointsTier 98Free & Premium

Although you will get a hefty amount of COD points if you choose to buy the premium version of the Battle Pass, this may not be worthwhile for everyone – especially considering that the premium Battle Pass costs 1000 COD points to start with.


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It is a great option for some players and may be worth your points if you grind Call of Duty: Warzone quite often. You would end up getting the 1,000 COD points back after your finish all of the Battle Pass missions, plus 300 extra COD points that you can use on whatever you’d like.

Use GameKit for Steam Gift Cards

Steam is an amazing platform and has become a staple in countless video gamers’ lives over the years. While the platform is by no means perfect, there are a few key attributes that really make it so well-loved – apart from all of the incredible games it has to offer.

steam 1

One of these features is the Steam Gift Card system, which allows players to use credits that they can redeem for a variety of awesome games. But, it’s even better when it’s paired with Gamekit, which provides an amazing opportunity for dedicated gamers to earn something back while playing their favorite titles.

Gamekit is a great option if you’re looking to get some passive rewards that you can use to get COD points in Call of Duty: Warzone. Players will simply have to play games and complete quests in order to collect points, which can then be exchanged for gaming currency – in addition, you could even use the points to buy skins as well, or even full games!

There are some methods that can help you get your hands on COD points by helping you make some extra cash as well, such as by doing online surveys, through reward apps, or by earning cash back through online shopping, for example. But, these methods would still require you to spend real money, and most sites that advertise tasks in exchange for COD points, in particular, are typically unreliable.

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