How Many People Play Call of Duty?

How Many People Play Call of Duty?

Call of Duty has a lot of titles under its belt, from the original Call of Duty series to Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and several other standalone games. So, with all of these variations, how big is the Call of Duty player base?

At least 400 million people have at least played a Call of Duty game at least once. Unfortunately, this number was recorded in 2021, and since then, Activision has not revealed any numbers regarding the popular franchise in terms of a collective player base.

In this article, I have compiled data from several sites and reports that will help us see how some of the Call of Duty titles have been doing in recent years. By the looks of it, the franchise is still doing well and trying to adapt to the time by releasing games that appeal to their old and new audience.

How Many People Play Call of Duty?

According to a report, Bobby Kotick, the CEO of Activision, said that at least 250 million people have played any variant of Call of Duty at least once in their lives. But a new report states that the game has at least 400 million sales as of 2021. Call of Duty has always had a dedicated following, but their numbers probably spiked this high when they released Call of Duty: Mobile and Warzone.

YearGlobal Franchise Reach (All Games)
201870 Million
2020250 Million
2021400 Million
Source: Statista

Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty Mobile has invited a new generation of players to an old franchisee. The mobile version, in particular, was received well by a lot of people who prefer mobile gaming over console and PC gaming.

While I do not have all the player counts for all the games, here are the numbers for Warzone, Mobile, and Modern Warfare. Statista managed to record an updated player count of Warzone. According to their records, Call of Duty Warzone hit more than 100 million players as of last year.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty Mobile also hit over 100 million players in just its first two months after the game’s release. While there aren’t hitting a 100 million mark per year anymore, the game is still going strong. Last January, the game amassed 5.94 million new players to add to the already huge number.

Statista also managed to record the number of units Modern Warfare managed to amass for the Xbox. Accordingly, at least 3.5 million games were purchased in North America alone in August 2020.

What’s the Maximum Number of Players per Day?

Since the Call of Duty franchise has a lot of titles under them, I will only cover 3 of the tags and their performance for the last 12 months. First, let’s talk about Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The game had its last recorded count on the month of October in Active Player. Modern Warfare saw peak players on an undisclosed date in August. Its peak player count in a day is 914,806.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty Mobile currently has updated numbers in their Active Player Tracker. In addition, their peak number of players happened in the past 30 days. However, the site does not disclose which date. Over the last 30 days, the game saw a peak number of 6,597,530 in a single day.

MonthMax Players Daily
Last 30 Days6,597,530
February 20226,535,830
January 20226,364,183
December 20216,424,384
November 20216,382,314
October 20216,360,902
September 20216,196,338
August 20216,302,467
July 20216,073,108
June 20215,958,160
May 20215,944,805
April 20215,601,337
Source: Active Player

Unfortunately, there is no tracker for how many players there are for Warzone. Early games made a rough estimate that the game typically gets 250 thousand to 500 thousand players in a single day. As of March 11, 2022, the Player Counter has recorded 318 thousand players online in Warzone.

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Call of Duty Player Count by Country

For Warzone, the United States and China have the most number of active players. America takes 22.22% of the active players, while China takes 5.85% of the Warzone community. Meanwhile, The United Kingdom takes 4.71%, Brazil with 4.61%, Germany 3.40%, and the remaining percentage is shared among different countries and territories.

Modern Warfare is Popular in both the United States and the United Kingdom. The US players are 31.18% of the COD: Warfare community, while the UK represents 5.60% of it. Germany represents 4.85% of the community, Canada is 4.06%, Brazil with 3.30, and the rest of the other countries and territories represent the remaining percentage of the COD Modern Warfare Community.

Meanwhile, Statista managed to get a hold of better-estimated figures for Call of Duty Mobile. This is the data of the game back in 2019. The United States has the most players while India and Brazil follow suit. The US recorded at least 28.5 million players, India recorded 17.5 million, and then Brazil recorded 12 million players.

Call of Duty Player Count by Device

Due to the different variations of Call of Duty, it’s hard to determine what device people prefer to play on. In addition, Activision has yet to leak information regarding the number of players by device each Call of Duty game has. The only device we are sure about is the fact that Call of Duty: Mobile can only be played by Android and iOS users.

An independent study by Dexerto estimated that players prefer to play Warzone on the console. The study says 42.1% use PlayStations, 25.6% use Xbox, and 28.4% on the PC. Meanwhile, 3.9% only represent the Call of Duty: Mobile numbers.

While we have the date for Warzone, it’s hard to determine the numbers or the percentage for other games. However, people seem to gravitate towards the console version of Call of Duty titles more.

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How Many People Have Left Call of Duty?

There’s been a massive decline in Call of Duty games over the last year. Without revealing numbers, Eurogamer reports, Activision has confirmed that interest in the shooter series on both the PC and console is dying. Accordingly, the game series net booking on both devices has declined every year in the 4th quarter.

This might be due to the poor sales of Call of Duty: Vanguard. While it was a popular game for last year, it fell short when put against other Call of Duty titles and their sales. As a result, Activision has decided to put most of its efforts into Infinity Ward to lead the series and work on a new Warzone title.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty: Mobile seems to be doing well enough to survive despite a slight decline in player count. This might be due to players spending for more in-game items and content that it compensates for the inactivity for some of the players. Below is a table showing COD: Mobile’s Monthly Active Users.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMonthly Gain/LossMonthly Gain/Loss %
Last 30 Days56,550,255528,8540.94%
February 202256,021,4011,471,2582.70%
January 202254,550,143-516,003-0.94%
December 202155,066,146360,5990.66%
November 202154,705,547183,5340.34%
October 202154,522,0131,410,5442.66%
September 202153,111,469-909,677-1.68%
August 202154,021,1461,965,9353.78%
July 202152,055,211985,2641.93%
June 202151,069,947114,4770.22%
May 202150,955,4702,944,2646.13%
April 202148,011,4602,109,3504.60%
Source: Active Player

How Much Money Has Call of Duty Made?

Currently, the franchise looks like it fell short due to the unpredicted low sales they had from Call of Duty Vanguard. Activision only said they had a revenue loss but never gave readers the exact number this shooter franchise made. However, a news report managed to get a hold of the amount last year.

According to VGChartz, CEO Bobby Kotick revealed that the franchise has earned $27 billion in revenue. The $27 billion refers to the money generated from the game sales, downloadable content, microtransactions, and several other paid needs a player would want.

Meanwhile, the mobile app seems to be doing well year after year. According to Statista, Call of Duty Mobile has amassed $835 million since its release. The game was an instant hit to those who owned smartphones. In its opening month, it had over 88 million downloads from all over the world. According to the same report, the game generated around $34.96 million in January alone.

While the game can be enjoyed by almost anyone with a smartphone due to it being free to play, several players choose to purchase in-game items and content to have a better game experience.

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What are the Cancelled Titles of Call of Duty

Not all the game concepts made it out to their releases due to some issues in the company. Call of Duty: Combined Forces was one of them. The game was the supposed sequel to Call of Duty: Finest Hour. But the company faced several legal issues with Spark Unlimited that caused the game’s development to slow down. They also had a few production problems. Eventually, the concept was trashed, and none of us ever got to see the game.

Call of Duty: Vietnam is another game fans never got to play. The game is set in the Vietnam War. The game was already in its development phase under Sledgehammer Games but had to stop. Apparently, Infinity Ward needed help finishing, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, so developers needed to shift their focus to the other game.

There are other titles of canceled games, and we’ll never know how these games will affect the numbers of Call of Duty’s player base. The company seems to be in hot water right now due to low sales, but knowing the franchise, it’ll be some time before it’ll entirely go away.

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