Frieren: Meet Lawine & Kanne – The Two Mages in Frieren’s Group!

Frieren: Meet Lawine & Kanne - The Two Mages in Frieren's Group!

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End has perfectly combined Japanese fiction’s artistry with Western fiction’s tropes to create a wonderful fantasy work that is extremely popular worldwide, and for a good reason. While the protagonists are the story’s focus, in this article, we will discuss two other characters from the series, two skilled Mages who debuted during the First-Class Mage Exam and will have more appearances later. These two female Mages ended up with Frieren in the same group. They are Lawine and Kanne, and in this article, we are going to present them to you and well you all you need to know about them!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Kanne and Lawine are two female Mages who were paired with Frieren during the first part of the First-Class Mage Exam. They are friends despite the fact that they have very different personalities.
  • Lawine is a Mage specializing in ice magic. She is very skilled, but she also has a very cold and sometimes overly rational personality. She tends to bully Kanne from time to time.
  • Kanne is a Mage specializing in water magic. She is a kind and polite girl, somewhat insecure in her abilities, although she has a lot of skill. She is very close to Lawine.

Lawine is the ice magic expert and a very skilled mage


When the First-Class Mage Exam started, Frieren was paired with two female mages in Group 2. The first of these two Mages was Lawine, a young human Mage who specializes in ice magic; this makes sense since her name in German means “avalanche,” so the type of magic she specializes in makes a lot of sense. But this doesn’t tell us much about her, so allow us to introduce Lawine to you in a proper way.

Lawine was introduced as a Third-Class Mage who came to Äußerst to take the First-Class Mage Exam and become stronger. She came there with her friend, Kanne; Kanne is the only person who calls her Winne. The two of them have known each other since childhood and have a friendly relationship; Kanne looks up to Lawine, and Lawine often bullies her when she becomes too emotional or clumsy, but this is quite comical and should not be interpreted in a negative light. Lawine is very intelligent; she behaves calmly and rationally and doesn’t show her emotions very often or not at all.

On the other hand, she is exceptionally skilled. His rational approach gives her a lot of benefits in battle, and Lawine is able to combine her mind with her skills to become even better. She is also a skilled tactician. Her specialty is ice magic, a form of elemental magic, as she is able to manipulate her surroundings (especially water surfaces) and turn them into ice. This is why she works so well with Kanne; since Kanne’s specialty is water magic, the two can combine their powers to become even more dangerous. Her signature attack is Arrows of Ice: Nephtear, which allows her to create sharp spears of ice and attack her opponents with them.


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There is a lot to tell about her story as well, but we won’t be spoiling too much here, as we’d like to allow you to explore these things for yourselves while the series is running.

Kanne is Lawine’s friend who specializes in water magic


Kanne is the other half of our duo. She is also a very skilled and powerful Third-Class Mage who came to Äußerst to take the First-Class Mage Exam, along with her childhood friend Lawine. It is unknown how the two of them became so close, but they are, indeed, close friends, and they travel together as well.

Kanne has a completely different personality than Lawine. She is kind, gentle, and very friendly, as well as open towards others. Alongside that, she expresses her emotions more freely than Lawine, and when she gets too emotional or silly, Lawine often bullies, as we’ve said, but that is not something that should be perceived as bad – it is very funny, actually. She is also less secure about her abilities than Lawine, although she is quite skilled.

Kanne’s specialty is water magic, which is also good on a symbolic level, as Kanne means “jug” or “pitcher” in German. She is, thus, also a user of elemental magic, and she is able to actually manipulate water around her, regardless of whether it is a small or large amount. She has a limit, though, which is related to the level of her skills. Due to the fact that Lawine can manipulate ice, the two of them make up a pretty good team, as they can combine their elemental manipulation skills to create powerful attacks.

Her signature spell is called Water Manipulation Magic: Reamstroha, and it actually embodies the essence of her skills and her elemental magic.

As with Lawine, there is a lot we could tell you about Kanne’s story in Frieren, but we don’t want to rob you of the experience you’ll get by watching the series, so we won’t be spoiling anything in this article, which has come to its end.

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