Frieren: Who Are Ehre & Scharf? Meet the Two Members of Wirbel’s Party!

Frieren: Who Are Ehre & Scharf? Meet the Two Members of Wirbel's Party!

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End has perfectly combined Japanese fiction’s artistry with Western fiction’s tropes to create a wonderful fantasy work that is extremely popular worldwide, and for a good reason. While the protagonists are the story’s focus, in this article, we will discuss two other characters from the series, two skilled Mages who debuted during the First-Class Mage Exam and will have more appearances later. Both of them were members of Wirbel’s 8th Group and fought against Fern’s group. They are Scharf and Ehre, and in this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know about the two of them as they appeared in the series.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Scharf and Ehre are both secondary characters introduced in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. They are a Third-Class and a Second-Class Mage, respectively, and both were members of Wirbel’s party.
  • Scharf is a skilled Third-Class Mage who fought against Land when Wirbel’s group attacked their party. His signature spell, Jubelade, allows him to turn flowers into deadly weapons.
  • Ehre is a Second-Class Mage who faced Fern when the two groups clashed. Fern judged her to be the strongest Mage of the two groups. Her signature spell, Dorgatte, allows her to use rocks as weapons.

Scharf is a skilled Third-Class Mage who can make flowers become deadly

Scharf 1

As far as Scharf goes, he is a character we don’t know much about but who did leave a mark on the series, as he played a relatively major role during the First-Class Mage Exam, which is why we have decided to reveal more about him, despite having a limited set of information that we can actually work with in this case. But, as always, we are going to do our best to bring you the most reliable texts out there.

Scharf is a Third-Class Mage, who is a skilled mage. He seems to be very friendly with Wirbel, as he volunteered to join his group for the First-Class Mage Exam; when they rushed to steal the Stille from Fern’s group, he attacked them without mulling it over, actually, regardless of the fact that he was the weakest member of Wirbel’s group.

He seems to be a cold and calculated individual who is always composed and approaches the problem rationally. He doesn’t seem to be a coward, and regardless of the opponent, he won’t back out from a fight. As we’ve done it with other characters as well, we won’t be spoiling too much of his story here so as not to rob you of the experience of discovering it for yourselves in the upcoming episodes of the anime and the chapters of the manga.

What is Scharf’s Jubelade spell?

Scharf’s name means “sharp” in German, and that is well-related to his signature spell. His signature spell is called Transform flower petals into steel: Jubelade, and as the name suggests, it allows Scharf to transform petals into sharp weapons. This is what he did when he was fighting Land, although the latter was not impressed. The petals become lethal, and they are the core of Scharf’s offense. But, since he does depend on the presence of flowers when he is in spaces where there are no flowers present, he often brings bouquets, which he then uses as a source for his attacks.


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Ehre is Lernen’s granddaughter and is stronger than she lets on

Ehre 1

As far as the female member of Wirbel’s group is concerned, we have to confirm that Ehre is much more than she lets on. She is a Second-Class Mage, and while she does seem to be below Wirbel in the hierarchy, it is quite possible that she is stronger than him. The two of them are of the same rank, but Fern immediately judges Ehre to be stronger than him, despite the fact that Ehre brushes it off by saying that Wirbel has much more experience and is a more skilled fighter.

Ehre is Lernen’s granddaughter and is very knowledgeable about magic and spells, which is why she was able to immediately observe Fern’s way of fighting, comparing it to her grandfather’s. Fern explained that Frieren taught her that she should only use basic magic when fighting human Mages, as it was unnecessary to use stronger magic.

She seems to be a nice person but is on good terms with Wirbel and is loyal to him despite the fact that he uses underhanded methods. As mentioned earlier, we won’t be spoiling too much of her story to allow you to experience it for yourselves as you watch or read the series as it comes out.

What is Ehre’s Doragatte spell?

Unlike other Mages, whose names are symbolically related to their powers, Ehre’s name means “honor” in German and is a reference to her personality, not her skills. Her signature spell is called Rock Pellet Conversion Magic: Dorgatte, and it allows her to levitate herself and then a series of rocks around her, which she is then able to send at her opponents like projectiles. This makes for a good offensive spell, but based on Fern’s remarks, she seems to be even stronger than this.

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