Frieren: Who Are the Seven Sages of Destruction & What Happened to Them?

Frieren: Who Are the Seven Sages of Destruction & What Happened to Them?

Being a fantasy manga, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is naturally filled with all kinds of fantasy creatures, including demons. We have so far seen only a small number of the villainous demons that will appear in the series. Still, aside from the Demon King, the ruler of the demons killed by the Hero Party, we’ve also heard of another group of powerful demons known as the Seven Sages of Destruction, who have yet to appear in the anime but have been mentioned more than once. In this article, we will tell you who the Seven Sages of Destruction are and what happened to them in the series.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Seven Sages of Destruction are a group of exceptionally powerful demons loyal to the Demon King and serving under Omniscient Schlacht. Each of them had a special trademark spell.
  • So far, only four of the Seven Sages of Destruction have been identified, and they are Aura the Guillotine, Immortal Böse, Miraculous Grausam, and Macht of El Dorado. The other three have yet to be identified, although they have been seen in the series.
  • As far as it is known, after Frieren killed Aura, Macht of El Dorado is the last surviving among the Seven Sages of Destruction in the present timeline.

The Seven Sages of Destruction are a group of exceptionally powerful demons

During his time, the Demon King had a very powerful army at his side. He was an exceptionally powerful and authoritative leader, so even the most potent demons obeyed him and were part of his army.

Among them was a very special group of seven extremely powerful demons known as the Seven Sages of Destruction. These powerful demons served under the Demon King and were important and powerful generals in his army. They commanded areas of interest in the north, thereby also protecting the Demon King’s Castle. They were under the command of Omniscient Schlacht, the Demon King’s confidant and a powerful demon.

Over the course of history, the Seven Sages of Destruction were taken down. The Hero of the South defeated three of them, while Himmel and his Hero Party took down two (one of whom is known, see below). Aura and Macht were the only ones who survived and went into hiding. Aura soon made her presence known and was eventually taken down by Frieren. At the same time, Macht ended up being sealed in El Dorado and is currently the last surviving among the Seven Sages of Destruction, as far as it is known.


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This is their story in short, as the authors haven’t revealed many additional details about them either. But, we are now going to tell you about the members of this group so that you know all there is to know about the Seven Sages of Destruction.

Only four of the Seven Sages of Destruction have been identified so far

As we have said in the title, only four of the Seven Sages of Destruction have been named, although we have seen all of their designs. They are (of course, once more sages are introduced, we are going to update this article):

1. Aura the Guillotine

Aura is a powerful female demon who became one of the Seven Sages half a millennium ago. She is extremely wicked and has a powerful trademark spell called Scales of Obedience. With it, she can measure the mana of two bodies and grant the one with more mana dominion over the other.

Her control is nigh absolute, and when she is done with her minions, she decapitates them, hence the nickname. She survived the battle against the original Hero Party and hid, resurfacing later before being defeated by Frieren.

2. Immortal Böse

Immortal Böse is a relatively enigmatic demo that was only seen in flashbacks. He had armor, and his horns grew on the sides, which made him look even more menacing. He was quite powerful, but little is known about him and his trademark moves. Himmel and the original Hero Party killed him. So far, he was only seen in flashbacks.

3. Miraculous Grausam

Grausam is likewise an enigmatic character who is only seen in flashbacks; we don’t even know what happened to him in the story, but it is assumed that he is dead. He was powerful, and he was, back in the old days, used to threaten Macht to comply with Schlacht’s will, as Grausam’s magic was the worst match-up with Macht’s. But, sadly, we don’t know what kind of magic he was able to use. He was only seen in Macht’s memory so far.

4. Macht of El Dorado

Macht is the last surviving Sage of Destruction and was said to be the most powerful among the Seven Sages. His trademark spell was called Di Agölze (Universal Golden Transmutation magic) and was notorious for being invincible.

It could not be detected, analyzed, or dispelled, and whatever he turned into gold (and it was a special type of gold, different from the one occurring in nature) was indestructible. Still, he preferred physical fighting over magic and used a sword more often; he was so powerful at the time that he was one of only eleven mages who had the honor of defeating Frieren.


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Despite being powerful, he hated fighting and actually wanted to understand human emotions despite repeatedly failing to do so. He is currently alive and is said to be the last surviving Sage; he is sealed in the Great Barrier of El Dorado, along with the Fortified City of Weise, a city he destroyed during one of his failed attempts to comprehend human emotions.

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