Frieren: Who Is Aura the Guillotine & What Happened to Her?

Frieren: Who is Aura the Guillotine & What Happened to Her?

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Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is a manga and anime series currently among the most popular anime airing. It has perfectly combined Japanese fiction’s artistry with Western fiction’s tropes to create a wonderful fantasy work that is extremely popular worldwide, and for a good reason. You can understand that various characters and types of characters appear in this fantasy series, among them demons, and in this article, we are going to discuss one of them. The topic of this article is going to be a very powerful Demon, Aura the Guillotine, who is also one of the last remaining Sages of Destruction.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Aura the Guillotine is a powerful female Demon and is one of the last surviving members of the Seven Sages of Destruction.
  • While fighting against Graf Granat’s town, Aura is forced to face Frieren, and the powerful Elven mage is able to defeat her and kill her.
  • Aura is a pretty powerful Demon, and her trademark spell is the Auserlese, which allows her to scale the mana levels of two people and then grant the stronger one control over the weaker ones.

Aura the Guillotine is one of the last surviving members of the Seven Sages of Destruction

The powerful Demon King, until his downfall, had many demons under his rule, and the most powerful of them were known collectively as the Seven Sages of Destruction. They were the most powerful Demons in his army and were generals in that army. Among them was Aura the Guillotine, who became a member of the Seven Sages around 500 years prior, making her one of the younger members of the group.

Now, not much about Aura’s story has been revealed, but we do know that she definitely earned her spot in the Demon King’s army, as she was an extremely powerful Demon who was known for her ruthlessness; the fact that she decapitated her subordinates earner her the nickname Aura the Guillotine, as she was ruthless as a guillotine cutting off the head of a convict.


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As for her story, we know that Aura witnessed the downfall of the Demon King, which means that she was acquainted with the original Hero Party, whose members she saw. She somehow managed to survive these events, unlike most of the Sages and ended up going into hiding for some time until the situation calmed down. It is not known what she was doing while in hiding, but from what we know in the present, we can assume that she was building an army so that she could once again attack her enemies.

This is how she ended up warring with the villages and towns in the North; Graf Granat’s town posed a big problem for Aura, as she was unable to breach its defenses, which had been set up by Flamme some time ago, so she tried to trick Granat into lowering them. She failed and eventually faced Frieren, who defeated her and killed her in battle.

How powerful is Aura the Guillotine?

Aura is a powerful female demon who became one of the Seven Sages half a millennium ago. Although we haven’t seen much of her in the series, we definitely know that she is powerful, as even Frieren, who said herself that she was stronger, acknowledged Aura’s power; her subordinates also held her in high regard, showing that she was, indeed, a powerful Demon.

On top of that, as a member of the Seven Sages of Destruction, she simply had to be powerful, or the Demon King would not have given her a position in the group.

She is extremely wicked and has a powerful trademark spell called Auserlese, also called Scales (or Spell) of Obedience; this is why she carries a weighing scale with her, which has become a trademark of hers.

With it, she can measure the mana of two bodies and grant the one with more mana dominion over the other. Her control is nigh absolute, and when she is done with her minions, she decapitates them, hence the nickname.

The rest of her powers are unknown, but seeing how Aura managed to command a whole army and some very powerful Demons were completely loyal to her, we assume that she was an exceptionally powerful Demon and that she was well above average in terms of her powers and abilities. Still, she was no match for Frieren in the present timeline.


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