‘FUBAR’ Ending Explained: Do Luke and Emma Manage to Defeat Boro in the End?


Welcome to the Ending Explained for FUBAR, Season 1. This is a new comedy action-adventure show; it’s coming to Netflix this week and represents the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the screen. The Austrian legend is back with all his charisma to lead a cast of younger actors in what ends up like a very nice reprise of True Lies. The entire premise could have been molded into a True Lies sequel, but FUBAR is okay the way it is. Some jokes are hit, or miss, and the entire plot feels very cliché, but there are still enough twists and turns to keep people watching.

The series is the brainchild of Nick Santora, who lately has also achieved great success with Reacher’s new adaptation on Amazon. The series stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Monica Barbaro, Milan Carter, Jay Baruchel, Aparna Brielle, and Gabriel Luna. The series tells the story of a secret CIA agent who ends up taking on one last mission, only to find that his daughter is also a CIA agent. The premise makes for a perfect scenario to mix these two mismatched characters and still have a good excuse to create action sequences. The action is very simple, so don’t expect any sort of Warrior or The Raid type of sequences here.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for FUBAR, Season 1. Read at your own risk.

Why Are Luke And Emma Forced To Work Together In The First Place?

The series begins by introducing us to our main character, Luke. He is a veteran CIA agent who is sent only to the most dangerous and vital missions. However, Luke is old, very old, and he is thinking about retiring very soon. We also meet his handler, a technician pop culture nerd named, Barry. Together, they make a great team. Luke ends his final mission and retires. Now, his plans consist in spending more time with his family, which he neglected for decades because of his work. Luke also wants to recover his ex-wife, Tally, the love of his life.

However, these plans won’t be easy to execute. Tally is about to get married to another man named Donny. Luke doesn’t like him, of course. Luke still seems to have a great relationship with his daughter Emma. Emma plans to travel to Colombia and do some volunteer work there. She seems like a very successful and happy woman, and she is in a relationship with a man named Carter. Luke doesn’t like Carter. Unfortunately, Barry gives Luke some bad news. He has received orders from the top, and they need Luke to do one last mission before finally retiring. Luke accepts against his will.

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The mission has been given to Luke because it relates to him on a very personal level. You see, he is ordered to extract another agent who has been compromised. This agent was tasked with spying on a very dangerous terrorist named Boro. Boro was the son of another bad man whom Luke killed many years ago. Out of guilt, Luke took Boro under his wing and supported him as much as he could, even more than he did to his actual family. However, Boro insisted on following his father’s steps, and he is now planning something terrible just like his father did. Because Luke knows Boro, the CIA thinks he will be able to go inside his organization.

When Luke arrives at Boro’s compound, he is received with open arms. Boro loves Luke for everything he did for him as a kid. However, Boro believes Luke was his father’s friend instead of his killer. Luke is shown around, and there he meets his daughter, Emma. She is actually the agent he was supposed to extract, Both father and daughter discover that they have been lying to each other, and also that they don’t really know each other at all. Luke’s identity as a spy is discovered, and both father and daughter escape with their lives from the compound.

Boro swears revenge on both Luke and Emma for their betrayal.

Do Luke And Emma Manage To Defeat Boro In The End?

The series progresses and pits both characters with the challenge of working with each other until the moment Boro is brought down. At first, the relationship between both of them is quite hostile, but as the series comes to a close, they become more acquainted with each other, and the father-daughter relationship flourishes. It is actually quite cute to see it happen. The series also introduces several more characters working for the agency. Some of these characters include Aldon, whom Emma begins a relationship with, and Tina, who hooks up with Barry.

Our heroes manage to corner Boro at one of his secret lairs, and after a huge explosion, Emma and Boro are separated from Luke just about moments before the entire lair explodes. Emma and Boro decide to work together to escape, and Emma promises to let him go to fight another day. They manage to escape, but in one last betrayal, Luke leaves Boro behind. Luke reasons that if left alive, Boro will never stop chasing them, and he cannot live knowing that Emma will always be in danger. They leave Boro behind to die in the explosion.

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When they return home, they are given medals for their service, and Luke is finally okay with Emma following this line of work. Emma also believes that working with his father was also a good thing, as they managed to get to know each other in ways that would not have been possible otherwise. Luke receives a phone call, and it is bad news. It seems Tally has decided to marry Donnie, ending Luke’s mission to get her back. Luke even visits the house on the wedding day to make peace with Tally. Emma in anger wakes his father up by telling him that it is clear her mother still loves him and not Donnie.


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Luke goes to the church and meets Tally before the ceremony begins. Luke tells him he still loves her more than anything and tells her the truth about him being a CIA agent. At that moment, Boro returns with his men and shoots the church down. However, Emma and Luke manage to kill every terrorist, including Boro, once and for all. Tina warns them that everyone’s identities have been compromised. They all go inside a van and leave the church’s premises. Luke explains that they are in danger and that every single one of them is being followed by hundreds of terrorists. The situation is totally FUBAR.

The show also reveals that Tina is not who she says she is. She is shown to probably be a spy working inside the agency for some third party that is still working from the shadows.

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