Where Was Netflix’s ‘FUBAR’ Filmed? Filming Locations Revealed

Arnold Schwarzenegger in FUBAR filming locations

It is a great time to be alive for Arnold Schwarzenegger fans as the Terminator Star makes his Netflix debut as Luke Brunner in FUBAR. The Netflix series is also Schwarzenegger’s first-ever scripted TV series. With the lead actor being more famous than the series itself, the interest in the Spy-adventure was high since production was announced. So, many people followed the production to know where FUBAR was being filmed.

FUBAR was announced in 2020 as an untitled Spy Adventure commissioned by Skydance before Netflix won the rights to stream it later that year. Netflix chose the Prion Break creator Nick Santora as the project creator, aided by Phil Abraham, who also produced Daredevil and Ozark, as the executive producer. Most of the filming was reportedly done in Antwerp, Belgium, and Toronto, Canada, between April and August 2022.

With Top Gun Maverick star Monica Barbaro acting as Schwarxenegger’s onscreen daughter, the pairing feels like the past meeting the present. Their performance creates a balance that makes FUBAR a real spectacle to watch. There was lots of news about the team’s adventure on multiple sets worldwide, so, let’s look at where all the scenes were filmed.

What is FUBAR about?

Fubar Poster Monica Barbaro and Arnold Schwarzenegger

FUBAR (F*****d Up Beyond All Repair) follows Luke Brunner, a retired CIA agent, Who is called back into the service to save an operative in danger.

Luke is shocked to discover that the operative he is supposed to save is his daughter, Emma, whom he never knew was working for the agency.

The two are now forced to work together to complete a mission while dealing with the fact that they have been lying to each other their whole lives since Emma never knew that her father was a CIA agent either.


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The awkwardness of the mission is astounding, as father and daughter don’t know whether to feel guilty or angry.

Survival is also on the line, though, so each of them has to put anger aside as they focus on the mission to stay alive.

They also realize that they don’t know each other and therefore use the mission as a chance to get to know each other again.

The murky world of betrayal and violence also plays a big factor in bringing the father and daughter closer.

The series retains Schwarzennegar’s swagger and sense of humor in intense action scenes as the father-daughter team takes on the greatest threats to humanity worldwide.

FUBAR Filming Locations

Toronto, Canada

Schwarzenegger on the FUBAR Set

Toronto Filming shared photos of Schwarzenegger along Victoria Street in Toronto, where the structures housing the set of FUBAR were located.

Schwarzenegger was seen multiple times in the city, including being seen in a FUBAR-branded T-shirt alongside his friend Tom Arnold who also guest stars in the series.

Schwarzenegger shared the images on his socials, probably predicting the title change for the series from Utap to FUBAR, although many didn’t figure it out at the time.

Victoria Street was just one of the many locations around Toronto used by the production team for the series, which was still being called Utap at the time.

Ontario also hosted many scenes in multiple locations, including a house in Guelph which is believed to have filmed certain scenes for a few days.

Hamilton, Ontario, also played host to the FUBAR cast and crew as the production team was spotted at a warehouse on Brockley Drive in East Hamilton.

Antwerp, Belgium

FUBAR filmset in Antwerp Belgium

Many fans hoped to see Schwarzenegger in Antwerp in April 2022, but they were disappointed because most of the scenes in the location were done by his stuntman.

The series was recorded under the working title Utap, with many people going to the named filming locations hoping to glimpse the former California governor.

An assistant explained that only the stuntman was shooting the dangerous car racing scenes in Antwerp while Schwarzenegger did his recordings in the studio in Toronto.


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Lambermontplaats hosted a popular car racing scene involving many cars fitted with front and back cameras.

Other locations around the city include the route from Brabo Fountain to Lange Nieuwstraat, which hosted a car chase.

Other locations in Antwerp were used to film street fight scenes and maybe indoor scenes as well, although the details were not disclosed.

Other Filming Locations

Other scenes of the hit show were shot in other cities in Belgium and around Europe between April and June, although the details of the exact addresses have not been revealed.

Belgium and Canada are the only countries whose filming locations were revealed, so it is unclear whether other scenes might have been shot in the USA.

Who stars in FUBAR?

FUBAR Full Cast

FUBAR is a star-studded series starting with the creative team which is led by Nick Santora, the creator of Prison Break, The Sopranos, and Scorpion, among other great TV shows.


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The executive producer is Phil Abraham, whose greatest works include Daredevil, Breaking Bad, Ozark, and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbaro are the lead actors in the roles of the onscreen father-daughter partnership as Luke and Emma Brunner.

Other popular names joining them in the cast include Andrew Buckley Jr., who plays David Wallace in NBC’s The Office.

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