Game of Thrones (& House of the Dragon) Houses [Ranked]

Game of Thrones (& House of the Dragon) Houses [Ranked]

The House of the Dragon is incredibly close to its premiere on HBO Max, and fans couldn’t be more excited – especially after the new teaser trailer dropped recently. As we know, it will be a prequel to the world-famous Game of Thrones, putting House Targaryen and their dragons into the show’s focus.

That being said, we know that there are numerous Houses in Westeros that hold special spots in the power hierarchy of George R.R. Martin’s books. That hierarchy changed over the years, but some Houses simply stood out through history. Without further ado, here’s a ranked list of the best Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon Houses ever. Enjoy!

20. House Reyne

House Reyne

We start off our list of the best Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon Houses with House Reyne. House Reyne was a small family that served a bigger purpose in the books. In the TV show, we’ve never seen the House or any of its members, but there’s a song speaking about House Reyne, and we all know it well. It’s the theme song of the Lannisters, “The Rains of Castamere.”

As the song says, the Reynes were a family who boasted their wealth, comparing themselves to the Lannisters – even crossing them at one point they counted themselves among the great houses. Their arrogance was their downfall, as the Lannisters took that as a challenge, came to the House Reyne castle, and completely destroyed them. After that, House Reyne ceased to exist, as all the members were killed.

19. House Frey

House Frey

House Frey is – well, was – probably the most hated House in the entire Game of Thrones lore. Their leader was Walder Frey, and the House was actually quite big and powerful for a while and they rightfully counted themselves among other great houses of Westeros. However, after Robb Stark tried getting out of an arranged marriage with the Freys, the Red Wedding happened.

Then, Arya Stark came for revenge and poisoned virtually anyone even loosely related to House Frey, leaving it in ruins. It’s unclear if House Frey even survived, but it’s certain that it’ll never regain the old glory it once had.

18. House Seaworth

House Seaworth

House Seaworth is one of the few Houses in Westeros that hadn’t gained status due to wealth or power but due to accolades and honor. The Seaworths are a new House that came to be after Davos Seaworth proved his worth and loyalty to Stannis Baratheon in the battle for Storm’s End.

That being said, Davos’ son was killed, and he joined the Night’s Watch, so we don’t know if the rest of his family is alive or not, so perhaps House Seaworth will disappear as quickly as it emerged.

17. House Reed

House Reed

House Reed is a small but mighty House in the North, being allies of the Starks for years. When Bran Stark went north of the Wall, Jojen and Meera Reed went with him to protect him, during which Jojen lost his life. Meera Reed was in Winterfell for a while after before heading a bit south to reunite with her family.

Howland Reed, their father, didn’t have other male children, so House Reed was in grave danger of being ended. Still, they are a very loyal, righteous House and family that deserves praise, so this spot on the list is just about perfect.


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16. House Mormont

House Mormont

The Mormont House is similar to House Reed, only a bit more mighty if you ask me – at least throughout their history. They were also loyal to the Starks and Winterfell, being their long-term allies. Although House Mormont isn’t big, they provided some of the bravest, mightiest warriors the North had ever seen.

Even after nearly all the Mormonts were lost, a ten-year-old girl, Lyanna Mormont, took over the reins due to her mother’s death at the Red Wedding. Despite being just a kid, Lyanna showed admirable bravery, leadership, and spirit, which her people recognized, and followed her until the end.

Lyanna died during the Battle of Winterfell against the White Walkers when a wight giant (possibly in the body of Wun Wun) crushed her in his fist. It’s unclear who’ll become the Lord of Hosue Mormont after her, but several members are still alive.

15. House Bolton

House Bolton

Honestly, House Bolton is my least favorite House in Game of Thrones – so much so, I’d say I hate them, all because of one guy – Ramsay Bolton. That’s the guy who tortured Theon Greyjoy, called him Reek, and cut off his, well, you know.

They were a strong, prominent House, but Ramsay first killed his father Roose to take control of the House from him, then killed his step-mother and her infant child. Virtually, he killed everyone who could claim the Bolton throne from him. So, after the Starks took over Winterfell and killed Ramsay, it was virtually the end of House Bolton that was once a force in Westeros.

14. House Umber

House Umber

I dislike Houses like the Umbers because they don’t really have a standpoint – they go as the wind blows. However, they were once loyal to the Starks until Jon Snow let the wildlings from beyond the Wall inhabit the North. Smalljon Umber then betrayed House Stark, pledging loyalty to House Bolton instead, despite the Starks needing him more than ever.

Luckily for him and House Umber, Jon Snow was different, even from his father, Ned Stark. Instead of killing Smalljon for his betrayal after the Boltons were defeated, Jon Snow spared them and allowed their alliance to be reinstated. House Umber is one of the largest in the North, but I despise their MO, so I refuse to rank them any higher.

13. House Karstark

House Karstark

House Karstark was also one of the Northern Houses that were loyal to the Starks. However, after Robb Stark killed their leader for treason, they broke the alliance and abandoned House stark as allies. That proved to be a wise move, as they were one of the few Houses in the North completely unaffected by the Red Wedding – they simply weren’t there.

Like House Umber, the Karstarks pledged loyalty to House Bolton after abandoning the Starks but were also spared by Jon Snow when the Boltons were exterminated. The long-time alliance was back, and the Karstarks still remained among the most powerful Northern Houses, led by Alys Karstark, the daughter of Harald Karstark.


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12. House Tarly

House Tarly

Probably the most popular, well-known member of House Tarly was a guy who wanted nothing to do with fighting and killing – Sam Tarly, Jon Snow’s loyal friend from the Night’s Watch. House Tarly was always small, but they were incredibly strong, powerful warriors and worked for the wealthier, bigger House Tyrell for a long time.

However, they decided to switch fielty and join the Lannisters, which ultimately led to their downfall. Daenerys Targaryen caught them as prisoners and told them to kneel before her, which the Tarlys refused. It resulted in them getting cooked by her dragon.

11. House Clegane

House Clegane

House Clegane virtually doesn’t exist anymore. They were always followers instead of leaders and worked for larger, more powerful families. However, they were among the most powerful warriors in Westeros.

House Clegane came down to two brothers – the Hound and the Mountain. One had a burnt face and had no interest in prolonging his lineage, while the other was an undead monster. The two brothers eventually fought each other and fell to their deaths together, ending House Clegane forever. 

Still, the Hound is one of my favorite characters, and such a high spot on this list is in his honor.

10. House Tully

House Tully

House Tully was one of the Northern Houses that weren’t really powerful during the Game of Thrones events but had a history of strong leaders and powerful alliances. Catelyn Stark, the wife of Ned Stark and mother of Sansa, Aryna, Bran, and Jon, was actually a Tully before marrying Ned.

Her brother, Edmure, was the heir to House Tully and the last of the Tully lineage. He was the guy that suggested he should claim the Throne before Sansa so epically put him back into his place. At least he’s got Riverrun, still, which is more than many Great Houses of Westeros on this list can say.

9. House Royce

House Royce

House Royce rose to prominence by chance, emerging as one of the strongest Houses in Westeros. They usually worked under House Arryn, but things changed after Littlefinger’s short stint in power. After Baelish, Robin Arryn was left as the Lord of House Arryn.

However, due to his lack of experience and knowledge, Yohn Royce, the leader of House Arryn, served as his guide and warden. Essentially, all the major decisions went through him and his House. It proved to be a good strategic move, though, as they didn’t participate in most battles, so now, their army is huge compared to other armies in Westeros.

8. House Arryn

House Arryn

House Arryn might not be the coolest House in Westeros in terms of its member, but it’s by far the coolest in terms of location. The Eyrie is located on steep, tall mountains and contains a Moon Door – a hole in the floor that literally tosses you down into oblivion.

After Lady Arryn’s demise, her young, inexperienced boy, Robin Arryn, was left to rule the Vale. However, due to his inexperience, he was left under the guidance of Yohn Royce, the leader of House Royce, a long-term ally of the Arryns in the Vale.

7. House Baratheon

House Baratheon

The Baratheons are very well-known in Westeros, but their star burnt bright and burnt out fast. Robert Baratheon claimed the Iron Throne by slaying the Mad King of House Targaryen. However, his stint didn’t last for long, as Cersei Lannister claimed the Throne not long after him. She was his wife who remained the Queen after he was killed by a wild boar.

The Baratheons were among the great houses of Westeros and were ruling from Stormlands, with their headquarters in Storm’s End. However, they were all killed or died, and the House was saved only thanks to Gendry, Robert’s bastard son, who returned to rule at Storm’s End and gave the mighty House Baratheon a much-needed fresh start.


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6. House Tyrell

House Tyrell

Had they any more battle experience and notable warriors other than Loras Tyrell, House Tyrell would be even higher on this list. Their wealth supersedes virtually any House in Westeros. Their seat, the Highgarden, is in the South of Westers, known as the Reach.

They used their money to rise to power, but it can only get you so far. Eventually, all of them were killed – Margaery and Loras first, leaving only their grandmother, Olenna Tyrell, who was eventually poisoned by the Lannisters in the act of revenge.

5. House Martell

House Martell

The Martells were always far from trouble and far from the petty schemes of the other Westeros Houses. They lived in Dorne, a far-south realm of Westeros that is essentially built in a desert. Sand, heat, and sunshine are their everyday life, which is probably why Dorne was rarely attacked – the conditions were just horrible.

That being said, House Martell was away from war with others, but their inner conflicts were essentially their downfall. Many wouldn’t agree with me putting House Martell in the top five, but Oberyn Martell is by far my favorite Game of Thrones character despite his short-lived role in the series, so to speak.

4. House Greyjoy

House Greyjoy

What is dead may never die a famous saying in Iron Islands – the Greyjoys are among the most rugged, raw warriors in the entire Westeros, especially when it comes to sea combat. They don’t really depend on anybody but instead live on the Iron Islands and act according to their will, ravaging villages or living off of what they have. 

They are fearless warriors from Iron Islands but had inner conflicts that divided House Greyjoy between Euron Greyjoy, who wanted to join the Lannisters, and Yara Greyjoy (Theon’s sister), who was pro-Targaryens. They aren’t as powerful as they once were, but House Greyjoy from Iron Islands is historically definitely among the best houses in Westeros.

3. House Lannister

House Lannister

The Lannisters haven’t really been the most notable warriors – with a few exceptions, of course. However, they had more money than god, allowing them to be one of the most powerful Houses and families in Westeros. Cersei was on the Iron Throne for the majority of Game of Thrones before she and her twin brother/lover, Jaime, died in the ruins of King’s Landing. The Lannisters were ruling the gold coffers of other noble houses in Westeros from Casterly Rock.

Tyrion Lannister, the dwarf brother of the two, remained the Hand of the King in the end. Although House Lannister is not as powerful as it once was, nor will it ever be again, I believe the best of the Lannister remained with Tyrion. He drinks, and he knows things.

2. House Targaryen

House Targaryen

House Targaryen IS the House of the Dragon – the House that the new prequel series is all about. Historically speaking, the Targaryens are the most powerful House in Westeros, and it’s not even close. Why? Because they are also known as Dragons. Their motto “Fire and Blood” is as gruesome as their history.

They bred and rode dragons throughout history, which enabled them to rise to power and rule the Iron Throne for years. The Targaryens could also survive any flame without even a mark on their body. Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, gave birth to the last three known dragons in Westeros.

Their time on the Throne was cut short several times, sometimes due to inner-family conflicts and sometimes due to the madness of their Kings. I can’t wait to see more about the golden age of House Targaryen in the upcoming TV series.

1. House Stark

House Targaryen

Last but not least on our list of best Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon Houses, House Stark is by far the best House in Westeros. They ruled the North from Winterfell, and they were always loyal, righteous, phenomenal warriors, and overall just good people, starting with Ned Stark. Robb Stark – the oldest brother – passed away, but the Starks that remained was just as incredible as Robb, if not even more so. Their official motto Winter is coming became the most famous in the show!

Arya Stark became one of the best warriors the world has seen as the Faceless Man. Sansa Stark displayed phenomenal leadership skills and cunning intelligence. Bran Stark became the Three-Eyed Raven and eventually sat on the Iron Throne – well, at least in the series.

Jon Snow, who belongs to House Stark, was one of the few rulers in history who wasn’t hungry for power but rather gave up the Thron in the North to live his own life beyond the wall. Overall, House Stark is just awesome and by far my favorite House in Game of Thrones.

I’m not sure if we’ll see them in the House of the Dragon Series – but I bet the fans would at least appreciate a reference. I know I would.

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