Garfield Movies in Order: The Best Watch Order


As far as fictional cats go, Jim Davis’ Garfield is most certainly on top of every list of popularity. Garfield comics are published and read all over the world, and the several animated series that have been produced have also been aired globally, making Garfield one of the most famous fictional characters of the modern era.

There have also been some Garfield movies and in this article, we are going to bring you all the Garfield movies in the proper chronological order. Alongside the chronological order, we are going to bring you some additional info on the movies and the whole franchise, mainly through answering some burning questions, but also through the production info about the movies you’re going to receive.

How Many Garfield Movies Are There?

As of November 2021, there are only two live-action Garfield movies, with a third one being developed, but without a title or a release date. The movies are:

FilmU.S. release dateDirector(s)Screenwriter(s)Producer(s)
Garfield: The MovieJune 11, 2004Peter HewittJoel Cohen
Alec Sokolow
John Davis
Garfield: A Tail of Two KittiesJune 16, 2006Tim HillJoel Cohen
Alec Sokolow
John Davis

Gafrield Movies in Order

Since the animated movies are completely unconnected to the live-action series, we have decided to focus solely on the two live-action movies that have come out so far. This is the list:

Garfield: The Movie (2004)


Director: Peter Hewitt
Writer(s): Joel Cohen, Alec Sokolow
Release Date: June 11, 2004
Running Time: 85 minutes

Garfield is an adult cat spoiled and pampered since he was a puppy by the cartoonist master Jon Arbuckle, who had taken him from a basket of abandoned puppies and now puts him at the center of his attention, also because the cat is very greedy for lasagna, he does not eat mice because they are friends with him, he lazily has fun with the cats Nermal and Arlene and often watches channel 37 dedicated to animals on television.

The program is led by Happy Chapman, a greedy, wicked, and unscrupulous man who always collaborates with the faithful servant Wendell to take or steal some animal that is more famous than his cat.

Garfield’s quiet life is soon ruined when his beautiful vet, Elizabeth “Liz” Wilson, falls in love with Jon, her former high school friend, and makes him adopt Odie, a puppy dog ​​raised in her clinic. From that moment, Garfield begins to lose some attention from Jon and becomes envious of the opposing puppy, as the owner spoils him at home only because he is in love with Liz and unable to tell her.

One day, Jon goes out with Liz taking Odie, and leaves Garfield at home, the latter following them. Jon and Liz go to a dog show (the best show in the United States of 2004) organized by Happy Chapman, who is looking for a dog for his program.

After being spotted in a dance performance, Odie wins and Happy Chapman offers Jon to have his talented dog appear on TV, but he refuses. That evening, Garfield, enraged and disappointed at being forgotten by Jon, throws a ball on a light bulb that causes extensive damage and ends up dropping all the furniture, so Jon chases Garfield out of the house.

Odie goes out to keep him company, but the cat takes advantage of it by leaving the dog out of the house.

Attracted by some dog food machines, Odie runs away from home to follow them, but at some point, after getting tired, he stops at the door of Mrs. Baker, an elderly housewife who decides to publish leaflets the next day in which he says he found Odie. Jon also publishes leaflets (in which he claims he lost Odie), after discovering that the puppy ran away from home.

Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (2006)


Director: Tim Hill
Writer(s): Joel Cohen, Alec Sokolow
Release Date: June 16, 2006
Running Time: 85 minutes

In England, a cat named Prince XII lives a life of luxury in a castle where he is also the king until the death of his noble mistress, Lady Eleanor. Unbeknownst to him, Prince has a look-alike double, Garfield, who lives in the house with his friend Odie and his master Jon, who is preparing a dinner for his girlfriend Liz, during which he would like to ask her to marry him.

That evening Liz confesses to Jon that the next day she will leave for London to visit Carlyle Castle: the woman is part of him and Jon decides to go to London too to surprise her and her two animals sneak into her car.

Meanwhile, at Carlyle Castle, the great Prince XII has just been appointed the new owner of the castle thanks to Lady Eleanor’s will. But Lord Manfred Dargis, Eleanor’s only human heir, doesn’t take it well and takes advantage of it to get rid of Prince XII, throwing him into the Thames.

The Prince arrives in the sewers and emerges from the manhole in a London street. Jon arrives in London and meets Liz, but as he tries to propose to her, Odie and Garfield appear. It is noticed by Smithee, the butler of the castle who, mistaking Garfield for Prince XII, takes him and takes him with him. Odie meets Prince XII: When they are joined by Jon, he mistakes Prince XII for his real cat.

Meanwhile, Garfield is taken to the castle, but the other animals soon discover that the cat is not Prince XII. However, they decide to exploit it and treat Garfield like a real king. Dargis, after noticing Garfield (mistaken for Prince XII) once again decides to eliminate him just before the delegates come to assign ownership.

Do You Need to Watch the Garfield Movies in Order?

Since there are just two-live action movies, there really is no issue with this watching order. You can watch the Garfield movies in the proper release order, which is identical to the chronological order.

Will There Be More Garfield Movies?

As far as it is currently known, Sony is producing a third live-action Garfield movie. The movie doesn’t have a name or a release date as of yet, but it has a crew and will be directed by Mark Dindal from a script by David Reynolds.